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[AMHU] Nutcracker Trap is upgradeable?

So on this feedback Friday, the devs briefly showed us their computer with a News Post that they were planning to release soon, and some addict on the forums enlarged the image and typed up what he saw:

Snow Fortress Beginning to Collapse!
According to the realm’s scouts, the sheer numbers of hunters invading the Snow Fortress have weakened its foundations, and Digby scientists expect it to have completely crumbled by New Year’s Day.

The scouts also reported that they had seen the Mad Elf’s treasure trove inside the Snow Fortress, and they plan to fully salvage it once the Snow Fortress collapses. Inside the trove, according to the scouts, were many copies of a single blueprint. An intrepid scout managed to sneak out a damaged copy of the blueprints. The copy was readable, though the diagrams needed to assemble the trap were missing:

Bedazzling Nutcracker
The original Nutcracker Nuisance is like a child’s toy before this mighty trap, no pun intended. The splintered wood of the original has been replaced by solid platinum, covered by intricately carved gold leaf, and adorned with jewels so bright that they might have come from the King’s Crown itself! The Irradiated LED Shards have been placed by strange orange embers, which smell oddly burnt, and glow with the fire of a dragon’s breath! Even the most powerful mice stand no chance before this trap, which, despite its awe-inspiring strength, still retains the toy-like appearance of the Nutcracker Nuisance. This trap is a worthy addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

Unfortunately, the scientists of Digby are certain that the trap can only be assembled with the complete blueprints, which will only be available on New Year’s Day.

So looks like this will be what we are going to be looking for during New year 😀

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