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[AMHU] Feedback Friday Review Jan 13th

Tournament Questions

 Where is the platinum base?
I… Maybe it’s around… (Either they really have no idea, or something suspicious is going on)
How are the tournaments generated? Are they chosen by the Devs or randomly generated?
We have tools that generates them automatically or we can generates them when it calls for it. 
How come there are 2 team corkboards?
It depends if you are browsing facebook in secure mode or not, because secure mode adds an extra “s” in the url and that generates a different corkboard. We will look into that guy and fix it, but one of the board will disappear. 
Would you PLEASEEE add solo tourneys!
We do want to do that, but balance is a factor. Determining the best way to do that we had to consider it’s not too long or too short or boring and we have tourney that suit for 3 to 5 members.
Will you be taking player’s requested tournaments including set time, length, areas etc?
Most of the tournaments we do plan are in house, so there is definitely a possibility but we want consider what special occasion we want to do that for.
Will you be adding back the tournament style we saw at the Halloween?
We want to use the tournament system more often and for event and special occasions and cool game plays.
Will you adjust the tournaments for different ranks?
Right now the locations determines the difficulties, so a knight only or knight or up area will have a tougher opponents. We are working on more tournament features such as rank base tourney and we also try to keep the tournaments more spread out throughout day so that the afternoon tourneys also appear at night and every gets a fair go. 
So when will be the “endurance/boost” tournaments coming?
They were on hold while we were working on the GWH and other things going on. They are still under testing periods and we want to release them as soon as possible. 

Random Questions

Where is RONZA!?
In the sky! ( =.=|||) The king has strict orders that we can’t reveal any secrets. 
Will every trap has a skin to suit?

Our goal is try to have skin for every trap, but we try to make skin for the most popular trap. We also don’t have any skin for the bases, however we have the technology to do so, so it could happen.

How many Plankrun pages have been dropped by the Silth mouse?
I would actually get that for you, but I didn’t have the time. So this will be answered next week.

Will the IceWing make an appearance for the Chinese New Year of Dragon?

We would wish that would be the case, but we don’t think we will. We are still kinda planning how that is going to go down, there is definitely going to be some new treats for the Chinese New Year of Dragon tho. There is something to look forward to! Addition to that,  we want IcyWing to be “IN” the game other than the event type of thing, in which we want everyone to see it and we want to make an area that is worth of having her.  

Will the winter charm stay in the market place?

Yes because they way they work, people might keep them in their inventory so if they are trade-able now they will be trade-able later. 

Any update to the Muridae Basket getting back to the donation tab or anything similar to that?

This question is for Dave, but … he isn’t here today. So Dave? … lol. Anyway I will put this on my list and we will answer that next time.

Chat Room question

Do you know anything about the Living Gardens?

There are discussions about it. I visited it and it’s nice… it’s nice… 

Any spoilers for the Luna New Year?

It’s this year, it’s this month… We have something in the work.

Do you know anything about the SuperBriefs?

They will be coming back, you will be able to buy them with king’s credit and we will be moving it to an actual location. So don’t sell them, they will be back. 

Have you seen the “Spice Wars” update to the Bazaar or “Glacier Retreat” ideas in the ‘Ideas and Suggestions’ sub-forum?

Yes we have seem them and there are many very popular and well designed ideas and you might see some of that stuff in the future new areas.

Why it isn’t possible to refund the silver and bronze pieces once we got the gold one?

Well they are kinda collectible and you earn them with your tokens and they are there to stay. They are part of the purchase price of the gold one and if you able to refund them and buy the gold base then there is a huge discount on the gold base.

Will there be a Luna New Year kit and stuff related to it?

Yes yes…

More spoilers?

Next week we will plan spoilers for you and guarantee you spoilers next week.


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