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Luck Vs Power

What is Luck?

Luck is one of the most useful properties of your trap, it can help you catch some very difficult mice, and it is also useful for collecting loot. Luck is also affected by the power type and effectiveness of your trap, just as power is. Luck is also not a linear property, twice the luck isn’t twice as good, it’s much better than that.Having a little luck is always a good thing, having a lot of luck can make a really big difference, and having a lot of luck for a very effective combination is simply awesome. – analytics

What is Power?

The first thing we’ll look at is the power of our trap, in all cases, we want as much power as possible, but we may have to make concessions to power in order to get more luck or higher attraction bonuses if required. – analytics

So do we want more luck or more power?

I say you will need a sufficing or minimum amount of power to start off with, and addition to that you would like to have as much luck as possible to increase the catch rate. However of course the more power also makes it easier to catch.
From statistic as luck goes higher in the trap setup the catch rate increase, therefore it’s safe to say the more luck the better. Also more luck means more chance of having loots from a successful catch.

Let’s take a step further and look at the equation to calculate the catch rate that foruma.com use:

Trap Power * Effectiveness Multiplier = Modified Trap Power
Luck * Effectiveness Multiplier = Modified Luck

(Modified Power + (Modified Luck)^2) / (Modified Power + Mouse Power) = your estimated catch rate against that mouse.


Since both power and luck are important so how do we decide what to have more or less?
Here is what I think

Against Effortless -> Moderate difficulty mice
– More power (Add on luck if require good loot drops)

Against Moderate -> Difficult difficulty mice
– Balance of power and luck (If power is high go for more luck)

Against Difficult -> Challenging + difficulty mice
– More luck (Require sufficient power tho)

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