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[AMHU] Feedback Art Friday Summary Feb 3rd

Summary of interesting points on Feb 3rd FBF 

Is there/Will there gonna be a drawing of the King?

  • Jacob says there is one picture of the King on the HitGrab Facebook page. He is silhouetted though.
  • Here is the picture
    (Thanks to Camomiletea)

Why don’t we ever hear of a Queen?

  • She is never mentioned in Lore although that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.

What about Plankrun, is there a portrait of him?

  • Plankrun is the first ever mousehunter although there are no portraits of him he does have various pages of his Journal scattered throughout the Kingdom. Hopefully there’ll be more in the future.

What was your favourite thing to draw for Ronza’s visit this year?

  • The Chrome Rhinobot – It was very challenging for him as he had to apply many of the techniques he had learnt from his Advanced Lighting Class.
  • He explains that drawing something in chrome is like wrapping the object with a mirror as the environment is supposed to be reflected. Because the traps are on blank backgrounds and usually have plenty of different baits he had to make it so it would fit many combinations.

Is the Champion Skin on the Sphynx going to be changed?

  • Yes Jacob said it will be as people weren’t too satisfied with it. Someone posted there own version of the skin and it got a great response so Jacob will use that as inspiration for when he decides to re-draw the skin.
    May not happen right away though.

Are there any plans for seperate HUD’s for the 3 tribes?

  • Yes there are plans to do this as Jacob believes all areas should have one.
  • The completed HUD’s should be live hopefully soon. It’ll probably be done in stages.

Have you thought about changing the art types to make them look more realistic? 3d Models?

  • Jacob says that its not something he’s interested in but maybe something he could look into and consider.
  • He says he will keep it painted although he says his style changes over time. He believes it’s becoming a little bit more realistic.
  • He’ll try and do the mouse that he will draw today to look more “cartoony”
How much gold has Ronza taken from Mousehunters?

  • Jacob doesn’t have any real stats on that but its a substantial amount.
  • It is 100 Billion!!!! (Not kidding)

What Jacob will draw

There are gonna keep the Valentines Event very low key as they have been doing plenty of events recently. There’ll be a new mouse but there won’t be anything big.

After all of that Jacob would then start working on some in-game content!


  • Jacob asks us for some ideas on the new mouse he’ll be drawing for Valentines.
  • Best ideas were: A Forever Alone Mouse & Heart-shaped Chocolate Holding Mouse


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