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[FW] Feedback Friday Feb 10th


  • She took approximately 200 Billion Gold (Geezus)

Apparently Dev Andrew is still owing Dev Michele some gold 😛

Jacob will be doing the Art FBF on the 24th and will disclose some information on an Art Competition he is planning to do.

Month in Preview

A small Valentines celebration

  • In the past they combined the Lunar New year and the Valentines event and more emphasis was usually on Valentines so this year they switched it up a bit.
  • There won’t be a designated area for the event or a mission or storyline. Just event mice, gifts and some loot.

Introduction of the Pgymy Wrangler and Tribal Isles Headers

  • The Pgymy Wrangler will be a permanent addition to the game and will be available in the Jungle of Dread.

Re-organising Collectibles

  • They’ll be organising them into sets so you’ll be able to see them by date, what event etc..

When is Valentines event?

  • Before valentines hopefully… >.<

Tournament Update Pack 1

  • They have been gathering feedback for the past month now and figuring out what’s needs to be polished and changed.
  • They want to release the Endurance Tournament Type.
  • More Tournament team slots
  • More options for Captains (Auto-selecting members and more)
  • HUD warning if you’re in the wrong area
  • See teammates journal
  • Adding a new rank for the top 10% because its not as competitive in 25% bracket.

NOT this month

  • Multiple captains (Assitant captains) maybe later if teams get larger,
  • Updating the scheduler to have more predictable tournaments
  • Title specific tournaments.
  • Solo tournaments

(This is a big project that may or may not feature this month, hopefully it will)

36 hours logs

  • They were a technical limitation that didn’t scale well :S (Couldn’t translate that sorry)
  • They’re getting into the position where they can start thinking about it again.
  • The scoreboard technology will be probably help them to achieve this.
  • Although they haven’t tested it.

Charm Conduit

  • Will be not be coming any time soon.

Trap Checks in tournaments

  • They tried very hard to include trap checks but it brought about errors so they had to remove it.

(You usually get the mice you need on trap checks )

Valentines Trap?

  • Nope just a new mouse with the other event mice, collectibles, gifts and such.

SB+ Sale

  • No they don’t think they’ll be a sale any time soon but its not really up to them.

Feedback Questions

What do you think about doing a preview?

  • The general feeling was that it’s better to know or have a feeling of what’s to come rather than guessing.

What makes an event rewarding and eventful?

  • A mixture of new skins, mice, achieving crowns and new traps.

What do you think of tarnished charms?

  • Apparently there was a mix response but i saw a good reaction.
  • They keep an eye on the stats as to how many people are using them and how many are being sold.


Are tarnished charms going to remain in the marketplace?

  • Yes they’ll remain in the marketplace and based on feedback they’ll decide if it will remain. The stats are looking good so far though.
  • The only way they’ll be removed was if it was hated.

Is there anyway to preview the Ronza song?

  • Yes if you search on iTunes and search “Mousehunt” there is a whole album put together and the track will be there available to preview.

(The devs also play this during FBF at this point)

What about In game content?

  • They sort of “handcuffed” because they have to get out events.
  • [Jacob says he would like to have certain smaller events repeat themselves slightly so they don’t have to change too much and they can have more time for in game content.

New Software

  • They’ve got new software that enables them to edit events and other things easier so they get content out quicker and can make changes a lot faster and smoother.

Platinum Base

  • They were worried that if you had all the best stuff in the game the Gold base may fall short. The Trapsmiths are still working on the Platinum but it’s hard to get.

Will there be an invite to re-catch the Prize mice?

  • Maybe. They’ve been trying to think of another way to introduce them in with a give-away or something.
  • They are still around and are attracted to standard bait (SB+ included)

Will the Toolbar ever make a return?

  • Probably not.

What is Chedd-Ore and will it ever be introduced into the game?

  • It’s part of some updates that is planned for the Mountains but they didn’t have time to finish it.
  • Chedd-Ore

King rewards?

  • They’re pseudo-random so sometimes you will get two close together. Especially if you’ve been on for a long time.

Will solo tournaments be a reality anytime soon?

  • A bit to early to say soon but it’s being worked on.
  • Team sizes will probably be expanded first before this.

Will there be any Valentines tournaments?

  • Sure. They’re not hard to put together.

Charm Pack 2 and Living Gardens

  • No timetable for Charm Pack 2. Some charms that were meant for CP2 like the Mining and Freshness Charm are already in the game.
  • The living Gardens should be here before the year ends. (Hopefully)
  • There might be some higher-level areas than the Living Gardens before it comes out.

SOURCE: http://www.mousehuntgame.com/forum/showthread.php?57818-Feedback-Friday-Review-by-MHCC-10th-Feb
BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Jeremiah Macaulay

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