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Valentine Guide

As most of you had notice, a bunch of Valentine mice had invaded our kingdom. The kind had gave us a direct order to catch them and the King will gift them to the Queen for Valentine’s Day! It is announced that the King will give a big warm hug to the loners and a best wish to the couples, if hunters catch all the Valentine mice for him. So grab your traps and baits and start hunting! The Valentine Event will end on February 16, so HURRY!



Event Areas

  • Town of Gnawnia (Strongest Physical Trap Setup)
  • Laboratory (Strongest Physical Trap Setup)
  • Calm Clearing (Strongest Physical Trap Setup)
  • The S.S. Huntington II (Strongest Hydro Trap Setup)
  • Muridae Market (Strongest Physical/Tactical Trap Setup)

Note: These above areas will have all valentine event mice in them and no special cheese required.


Recommended Hunting Method

Trap Setup

Chrome Tacky Glue Trap* Dragon Jade Base** Brie
158,000 gold 445,000 gold 200 gold

* If you don’t have Chrome Tacky Glue Trap, can substitute with 2012 Big Boom Trap or Nutcracker Nuisane Trap, or NVMRC Forcefiled Trap or any of your available trap with good luck and attraction rate.
** If you are not using Chrome Tacky Glue Trap, you should change your base to Wooden Base with Target for better attraction rate.

Note: Attraction rate is what you need most, so remember to arm your Valentine Charms

Recommended Location

Town of Gnawnia 


Targeted Event Mice


Special Event Loot

S.A.D. Pamphlet

Valentine Charm







Special Equipment

Use Valentine Charms will give you a bonus 25% Attraction Rate, which will increase your chance of encountering a valentine mouse. These can be obtain as loot from normal/event mice in Event Areas stated above.



Anonymous Gift Box

Visit your MouseHunt friend’s profile to leave a special treat or a ❤ Gift Basket. It’s sure to leave a big grin on their faces and warmth in their hearts when they see just how loved they are by secret admirers!


Romantic Tournaments

Check out the tournaments page for some exciting and yet romantic tournaments!



You will see 3 new kind of tourneys:

  •  Valentine’s Couples (1)/(2) – 2 players (Valentine Event Mice as targets)
  • Valentine’s Solo (1)-(5) – 1 players (Valentine Event Mice as targets)
  • Valentine’s Third Wheel – 4 players (Valentine Event Mice as targets)


Send some love to your MH friends

Valentine’s Day means Valentine’s Gifts! Give your friends candies, sweets, secret notes, or even a restraining order to show just how much you… “appreciate” all their attention! (Send from send free gifts, however they are not free) You might notice some times you get to send attraction charm or valentine charm as gift of the day.

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