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AMHU Feedback Friday Review March 16

Happy St Patrick’s Day! GO GREEN! 😀

Mail Bags

How long  until what’s next?
When it’s done! We are currently working on some tournament updates and bug fixes.

Any update for St Patrick’s Day?
There will not be any price mice on the weekend, but there will be something gun.

Why was the Birthday Cake Kaboom just made LE before the event?
This is because what we decided to do is we release a new LE trap in each birthday event, so that you can collect very special trap each year which you can show that you were there for that year’s birthday event.

Any progression on the last 5 new location banner?
Jacob said he hasn’t done any yet.

Easter will be similar to last year?
Yes mostly the same, “the same thing” of fun excitement will be there!

Will the Living Garden require the highest rank to enter?
Yes, we can’t say what rank specifically but we try to fill up in the progress.

Will our eggs from last year’s Easter event be the same as this year?
Yes, mostly.

Why aren’t there tournament kits for seasonal garden?
We are planning to release new little kits to help you out in special areas.

Currently are there any new library assignments in the pipe line?
Currently no,  we might try to priorities it later.


Random Questions

How about this, egg seeds and random eggs grow up?
Probably not, the whole point of the event is for hunters to hunt down specific mice. So if we have random egg grown you might get your way around the challenge by getting lucky.

 Will there be a egg scoreboard shown?
Yes most likely, but it will be limited time only. It will be gone after the event.


This FBF Review is brought to you by AMHU Guide

Please check out the live recording if you are interested:

Bye! Happy Hunting!


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