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AMHU Feedback Friday Review 1st June


Why Steam Laser Mk. II has the same stats as Steam Laser Mk. III?

  • Mk. II has a bit more power compare to Mk. III and the difference is that Mk. III won’t break when encountering IceWing.

Since Steam Laser’s is quite close in comparison to the more expensive trap Oasis, any plans for the Oasis in the future? Would there be a possible change in power type for Steam Laser’s?

  • Steam Lasers have a unique power bonus in the Iceberg & Slushy Shoreline ONLY, which makes Oasis still better in any other places. The new area is made to be hydro because then it will be more open and available and makes more sense compare to making it ice-type while it’s already cold there.

Why is Iceberg set as Lord/Lady Area?

  • Dev wanted to give hunters the option to choose between the Tribal Isles and fighting the invasion (Personally also the Seasonal Garden). As Iceberg is the first permanent area after a big release of events Dev wanted to make it as inclusive for a large majority of seasoned hunters.

Any word on the Boost/Endurance Tournaments?

  • They are under testings

Tournament schedules full of furoma?

  • They suppose to be equally distributed perhaps Furoma is at the bottom of the list. With the new tournament update there will be an improved scheduler with a set system (e.g. 1 day, 12hrs…1hr, 3hr).

Thank you for reading AMHU Feedback Friday Review, check out the recording below and tune in next week!


Dex Akio

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