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AMHU Feedback Friday Review 8th June


Any of the Iceberg content that hasn’t been discovered yet? What is the alternative way of catching Living Salt? What is the Secret Tunnel?

  • Plans for all these will come very soon!

Sniper Mouse exist in Iceberg or it’s an overlook?

  • It was an overlook, he is only in the Shoreline.

Why does the update causing problems in the Mobile Website of MouseHunt?

  • It’s due to the JavaScript update the Dev made, as there are so many different types of browser out there, they could not make the site to fit them all. However as reports are being collected showing which type of browsers are having problems, fixes will be made.

Mousehunt crashing on Ipod Touch?

  • Dan had notice that Safari seems to be crashing a lot for other websites, so it could be the mobile browser issue, but the Devs will keep an eye out for it.

Any plans on adding the Gift & Supply baskets to the shops on for paypal payments?

  • Plans are underway and they also like to add other items you can donate for.

Any upcoming plans for tournament updates?

  • Current not at top priority, Devs would like to wrap up the Iceberg first and make sure it’s stable. The next tournament update will be quite big and requires the whole team.

Is it possible to increase journal size to 5 pages instead of 3?

  • The journals are the biggest data stored in the server, so to keep everything manageable it will be kept as 3 pages. Devs have an idea on how to increase it alternatively, but no plans are running at the moment.

Shout out!

  • The Dev announced they are looking for anyone living in the Toronto area to come down to the HitGrab office to have an interview to talk about MouseHunt. Keep in mind this is not exclusive for anyone in Toronto but if you are not in the area you can also apply. Preferably you must be around the Union station area in Toronto. Dev will decide by Monday and have you come in on that Wesdnesday.

*What will be the next coming update?

  • The Devs haven’t finish releasing all of Iceberg, so it will probably be the Iceberg.


This is a summary of the catchy points of the recording, for all information of the FBF, check the recording from the link above!

Dex Akio

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