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Trap Setup Comparison in Iceberg

Trap Setup Comparison
  • Now you have crafted the final Steam Laser Mk. III, what you now might want to work on is getting all 3 chests. In order to do that you need to maximize the amount of distance you go down on each hunt. As being mentioned before getting all the new bases will help significantly in advancing through iceberg to get the 3 chests. Here is an example list that compares all the trap setup with how much they could possibly help you go down the ice per hunt.

MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 5.83
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 5.97
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 6.05
MK1/Magnet/Super Luck: 7.45
MK1/Magnet/Wax: 7.39
MK1/Magnet/Sticky: 7.52
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 6.37
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 6.51
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 6.48
MK2/Magnet/Super Luck: 8.06
MK2/Magnet/Wax: 7.98
MK2/Magnet/Sticky: 8.05

MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 2.94
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 3.19
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 3.31
MK1/Spiked/Super Luck: 3.34
MK1/Spiked/Wax: 3.65
MK1/Spiked/Sticky: 4.00
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 3.42
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 3.68
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 3.66
MK2/Spiked/Super Luck: 3.73
MK2/Spiked/Wax: 4.04
MK2/Spiked/Sticky: 4.27

Bombing Run:
MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 5.31
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 5.26
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 5.34
MK1/Remote/Super Luck: 6.87
MK1/Remote/Wax: 6.80
MK1/Remote/Sticky: 6.99
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 5.87
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 5.81
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 5.81
MK2/Remote/Super Luck: 7.54
MK2/Remote/Wax: 7.44
MK2/Remote/Sticky: 7.56

Mad Depths:
MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 2.07
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 2.19
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 2.29
MK1/Hearthstone/Super Luck: 2.56
MK1/Hearthstone/Wax: 2.78
MK1/Hearthstone/Sticky: 3.22
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 2.41
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 2.55
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 2.55
MK2/Dragon/Chrome: 2.62
MK2/Hearthstone/Super Luck: 2.96
MK2/Hearthstone/Wax: 3.19
MK2/Hearthstone/Sticky: 3.51
MK2/Hearthstone/Chrome: 3.18

Original Forum post
Constant update data
Special thanks to Chad Moore for providing these datas and the model.

  • From the above table it’s clear that using the specific bases that my guide said will improve how far you can dig down per hunt in each area. The best setup is highlighted with green, and so far the data collected by Chad Moore is only up to Mk II, but from the look of the data Mk III will surely make a bit better progress then Mk. II due to the additional luck and power bonus.
  • Conclusions:
    • Best Trap: Steam Laser Mk. III
    • Best Base: Specific Base of each area mentioned in the trap setup sections above
    • Best Charm: Sticky Charm
    • Best Cheese: SB+ (But Gouda is good enough)

Note: All of above information are also added to our Iceberg guide.

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