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Deep Freeze Base Revealed!

The new base for Iceberg had being talked about all over the kingdom, but as before everyone gotten the blueprints but no one knows what were the crafting ingredients. Now it had being officially revealed and the stats on the base is also being revealed.

Note: This informations had being updated to the Iceberg Guide

Bead of Slumber* 1
Deep Freeze Base Blueprints 1
Steam Nine 1
Bottled Cold Fusion 6
Tiny Platinum Bar** 6
Frosty Metal 18
Wire Spool 20
Stale SUPER|Brie+ 22
Living Shard*** 32

* Bead of Slumber can be purchased from Catacomb General Store

** Tiny Platinum Bar can be purchased from Training Grounds General Store

*** Living Shard can also be purchased from Digby General Store

Note: Best to craft after you have made the whole special base set or if IceWing is easy for you.

Trap Stats

Cost: 362,000+ gold
Points Required: 25,500,000
Power: 35
Power Bonus: 0%
Attraction Bonus: 0%
Luck: 0
Cheese Effect: Uber Fresh
Special Effects in Iceberg: 700 Power, 9 Luck

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