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AMHU Feedback Friday Review Oct 19th

Here is a summary of this week’s Feedback Friday!

General Mailbag

How easy are maps to key, would it be a simple job to create a new map when new mice are release or the harder ones?

  • Easy! They are easy to make but the difficulties come to the balance. We do want mice being added to new contents as soon as possible.

So the crown page changed!?

  • Yes!

How about introducing the 1k catches for the final crown?

  • Jacob had that on his to do list. They have living garden in the way and they want it to be out ASAP. So when Jacob got the time he will get the art done and the coding part isn’t that hard. So it will be done once there is time!

Can we get a sub-page to the skins?

  • Go check right now it’s there! (On your profile page)

Is the Terrifying Spider Trap Upgradable?

  • No, when you get it it’s already the full length, it looks the way it looks.

When will be the images for the Sphynx Wrath and Monstrobot trap skin be fixed for smaller base?

  • Very soon, most of them are already being fixed. Sphynx Wrath should be fixed.

Is there any way to make the group location list static when you are viewing the mice stats in the profile page or lost first.

  • It’s not possible due to the setup of the page right now

Point planning and testing a site, how simple is it to program a tournament?

  • Very simple it’s just copy paste, but we still have to go and tweak stuff.

Now the celebration of the Leprechaun is over how much price mice are being released daily? 

  • The encounter rate gone back to normal but the release rate had never changed, so same amount running around the kingdom. There will be a few hundred  running around in the kingdom each month.

When are you going to add the send back gift button?

  • The button itself is very simple, it’s a couple of hour of work, but it’s not going to be happening anytime soon since we have a lot a work lining up like Living Garden and Christmas coming up very soon!

So certain mice like Icewing invasion are arrange strangely in region’s tab for Gnawnia and Rodentia and some event tabs as well, especially the latest 3 mice.

  • I am sorry, we ordered the mice very manually. I think Iceberg should be fixed now, but I will take a look at that and we will take a look at the event mice as well in the list.

Can the Stream Lazer MK II and III moved higher in the trap selector?

  • It’s very simple to do and we can do that.

Any thoughts about creating a system where players can create a map and send it to a friend?

  • It’s a good idea but we need a good system, maybe allow the creator to supply the rewards? It a neat idea indeed!

Would you ever consider going back to the old way of showing effective of mice base on the cheese freshness?

  • Some old area is not comparable and some area are just have some special things that mess up the system.

Will there be eventually more event mice more the normal mice, like some kind of crazy jumbled up event with all the event mice comes back for the hunters to catch?

  • We like that “like a event event”, “it’s event friday!”, “it’s the weekend event”. So one day!

Will there be any chance there will be a upgrade for the Venus Mouse Trap upgrade for the Living Garden, doesn’t have to be better than the WUT, I just want to use the Venus Mouse Trap. 

  • Venus Mouse Trap already have the most variation and it’s not sorta related to the new area. So no.

Is there anything scheduled that will let players in the tournament see the total counters of competitive mice without having to repeatedly loading everyone’s page?

  • Nothing scheduled and we need everyone sit down to chat about it

Halloween Mailbag

Swamp Thang mice had a huge 32500 points and it’s coming from Living Garden, does that mean Living Garden had to be Count/Countess or above?

  • We wont be telling.

Does the Halloween / Spooky Map had to be completed before the event ends?

  • Yes and yes!

How long will the event stay?

  • 2 to 3 weeks, we will announce an ending gate.

The last 2 years the halloween cheese have very high attraction rate outside of  Haunted Terrortories, will this happen this year too?

  • Yes!

If we have an extra Halloween Scroll Case stay and can be used for next year?

  • No, but when the event ends the Halloween Scroll Case will be changed to regular scroll cases.

Why aren’t the tier 2 and 3  not available this year purchasing with candies?

  • We just copy the rewards from last year, we will check on it.

Halloween Tournaments?

  • Yes, we just didn’t want to do them on day one. Just do the event first we will get to it.

The Swamp Mice type has equal effectiveness towards all power type traps, does that mean it won’t be appearing in Living Garden?

  • Yes, it’s a event guy.

Are the themes permanent?

  • YES! You can attach it all year around. Even if you missed it this year, you can get it next year.

Does prize mice appear in Haunted Terrortories?

  • Yes they do except Meadow.

Will the Springer and Sphynx skin stay here forever or be gone after the event?

  • They are here for good, will be available even after event.
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