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2014 Lunar New Year, Valentines, and Winter Games Cruise Event Guide

February 2, 2014 9 comments


This event is still fresh, the guide will be updated frequently. Keep tuning in to get updated on new information! 

It’s the time of the year where we spam fireworks and celebrates Lunar New Year again! This year again is like previous years, we will be celebrating Lunar New Year with Valentine’s Day, but this year as well as Winter Games!

This year the system is pretty much the same but with a increase in the distance the cruise had to travel from 1200km (last year) to 1350km this year.

Head Up Display (HUD)


Your goal is to travel 1350km across the shore around the entire Gnawnia Kingdom, and you will get Captain’s Cavalry Sword as a reward at the end!
(The Captain’s Cavalry Sword is required to purchase items in this area)

Captain Cavalry Sword

Cruising Stops

  • Start – Harbour
  • Harbour – Gnawnian Shoreline
  • Digby lab
  • Iceberg
  • Acolyte Realm
  • S.S. Huntington III
  • Tribal Isles
  • Zugzwang Island
  • Daredevil Canyon (New this year)

Different Charms’ effectiveness on distances traveled per catch

  • Without using any charms you will travel 1 km per catch
  • Using a Firecracker Charm, you will travel 3 km per catch
  • Using a Nitropop Charm, you will travel 9 km per catch
  • Using a Dragon Breath/Snakebite Charms/Horsepower Charm, you will travel 25 km per catch

Charm progression

  1. Collect Firecracker Charms by arming SUPER|Brie+ or Runny (Else Gouda)
  2. Arm Firecracker Charms to collect Nitropop Potions
    3 Firecracker charms to 3 Nitropop Charms )
  3. Arm Nitropop Charms to collect Horsepower Potion
    ( 1 Nitropop Charm to 1 Horsepower Charm )
  4. Arm Horsepower Charm to gain some “horsepower”!

Recommended Trap Setup at each stop

  • Harbour | Gnawnian Shoreline | Digby Lab
    • Goal: Collect Firecrackers and Nitropops Potions
    • Trap: Tactical
    • Cheese: SUPER|Brie+ (If not use Gouda/Runny)
  • Iceberg
    • Goal: Arm Nitropop Charms and collect Horsepower Charm
    • Trap: Tactical /  Hydro
    • Cheese: Gouda
  • Acolyte Realm
    • Goal: Arm Horsepower Charms (if run out collect more using Nitropop Charms)
    • Trap: Tactical / Arcane
    • Cheese: Gouda
  • S.S. Huntington III
    • Goal: Collect Firecrackers and Nitropops Potion
    • Trap: Tactical
    • Cheese: SUPER|Brie+ (If not use Gouda/Runny)

(This is adapted from Recommended Setups For Each Cruise Section by Kai)

Special Charms Setup for certain Event Mice

  • SUPER|Brie+
    • Calligraphy Mouse
  • Runny Cheese
    • Lovely Sports Mouse
    • Winter Games Mouse
    • Trampoline Mouse
    • Hurdle Mouse
    • Extreme Everysports Mouse
  • Firecracker Charm
    • Costumed Rabbit Mouse
    • Costumed Tiger Mouse
    • Costumed Dragon Mouse
  • Nitropop Charm
    • Costumed Snake Mouse
  • Horsepower Charm
    • Costumed Horse
  • Valentine Charm
    • Totally Not Bitter Mouse

Event area store

Looking at what is available in the stores during this event!


Jade Base  (300 Power)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh
Cost: 80,000 gold, 90,000 points

Hunter’s Comment:

This is required to purchase the Horse Jade Base, highly recommend buying it for that purpose!



Horse Jade Base  (325 Power)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: Stale
Cost: 525,000 gold, 1 Jade Base, 1000 Cruise Bux
Require: 1 Captain’s Cavalry Sword

AMHU Guide’s Comment

This base is HAX/Overpowered/AWESOME! It is again making a legend, this base will be your best base you will ever dream of! Note, this base is even STRONGER then last year’s Snake Jade Base (+25 power)!! Highly recommended!!



Entranced Love Bot Skin
Venting “Pure Love” into the air, the Entranced Love Bot was designed to spread pure pheromone-L from his vents to make sure that every hunter feels like they’re in love!
Cost: 370 Cruise Bux
Require: 1 Captain’s Cavalry Sword

General Store

You should also go check out the General Store, a lot of worth buying collectibles for LE items collectors!


Chocolate Covered Reaper’s Perch Skin
‘Slathered in chocolate.’ These were the words given to the chocolateer tasked with decorating the Reaper’s Perch. And it looks like a little romance was worked into the new design, as well. How lovely!
Cost: 375 Cruise Bux
Require: 1 Captain’s Cavalry Sword

General Store

You should also go check out the General Store, a lot of worth buying collectibles for LE items collectors!


Charm Shoppe

Check out the very power charms in this shop, besides those Valentine Charms are always good to stock on!

General Store

As always a lot of supply kits and some collectibles you can buy. Take what you think is worth for you!

Athletic Lunar Treasure Hunting

The Red Envelope Mouse will have chance of dropping the Sealed Athletic Lunar Scroll Case

Normal Athletic Lunar Treasure Map will give Athletic Lunar Treasure Chest with the following rewards:

  • 52,990 Gold
  • 34,194 Points
  • 10 Ancient Charms
  • 15 Firecracker Charms
  • 10 Runny Cheese
  • 3 SUPER|Brie+
  • Springer Skin (2% chance)
  • Ancient Relic Trap Skin (1% chance)
  • Ancient Amulet (1% chance)

Rare Athletic Lunar Treasure Map (Dusted) will give Rare Athletic Lunar Treasure Chest with the following rewards:

  • 108,722 Gold
  • 69,861 Points
  • 20 Ancient Charms
  • 30 Firecracker Charms
  • 20 Runny Cheese
  • 6 SUPER|Brie+
  • Springer Skin (3% chance)
  • Ancient Relic Trap Skin (3% chance)
  • Ancient Amulet (1% chance)


2013 MouseHunt Great Winter Hunt Event Guide

December 11, 2013 11 comments


Gnawnian Advent Calendar!

The advent calendar is back, each day click on today’s or the past date to claim prices. If you click on the date of today, you get extra gifts. As you claim gifts each day the picture hidden in the back will be slowly be revealed.

advent calendar open

Advent Calendar gives 1 Advent Chocolate and a random gift if you claim it on the day.

advent reward

Collecting Cheese from friend’s Profile

If you click on the shield and go to your hunter’s profile you will see a special event HUD. If you haven’t done so, you will need to setup your table first, so that when your friends visit your profile they can collect the Gingerbread Cheese. So what you do is click on “Visit another friend” to jump to one of your friend’s profile, then click collect cheese, each collection will give you 2 Gingerbread Cheese. You can collect 10 times per day, which is 20 Gingerbread Cheese per day.


If your friend happen to be inactive and haven’t set up the table, you can click on “Chip Ice” and send them a request. After you will get 1 Ice Coin. You collect a maximum of 30 Ice Coins from here during this entire event.


Great Winter Hunt Guide

This year’s GWH event area is Festive Snow Fort.  Click travel it will have a picture that ask you if you want like to go to Festive Snow Fort. Click on it to quickly move to the event area.

Festive Snow Fort

1. Farming the Event Cheese

To start off the event you first need to collect the special event cheese, Snowball Bocconcini. To collect these cheese all you need to do is arm you best physical power type trap setup. Physical is recommended because of the three troublemakers that is only affective on specific power types:

  • Gladiator Mouse – only power
  • Hydra Mouse – Hydro/Physical/Tactical
  • Vinetail Mouse – Physical/Tactical

For cheese use Brie or Gouda is great to get started, but the following will help attract more of the GWH mice that drops Snowball Bocconcini:

  • Seasonal Gouda
  • Festive Feta
  • Gingerbread Cheese
  • Super|Brie+

Almost all the mice here drops Snowball Bocconcini, so you should able to collect good amount of them in no time.

2. Collecting the Snow Blocks

After collection fair amount of Snowball Bocconcini, you can start collecting Snow Blocks. Start by arming the Snowball Bocconcini and again use the same best physical power type trap setup.

As you hunt with Snowball Bocconcini, you will get one progress point per successful. This is displayed on the bottom of the HUD as tiny snow balls. As you can see along the progress there are 3 bigger balls and 1 locked at the end. So far the three bigger balls would be the 3 mini bosses and the last locked is the S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse, it should be unlocked as soon as you had built your snow fort.


3. Building the Fort and upgrading the expansions

The reason for collecting the Ice Blocks is for building the fort and building the weapons to fight down the boss, S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse. The fort can be built with 80 Ice Blocks. Next are range of perks you can have by building the expansions and upgrading them. You can see the full description of each extension and what perks it give by clicking build in the HUD.


More guides will come as more of the secretes are revealed! Keep in touch with this guide for the latest updates!
If you found out anything feel free to comment below to let me know!

Happy Hunting!

2013 MouseHunt Halloween Event Guide

October 21, 2013 27 comments


This event is still new to us, any changes may take place at any time. Please check back or keep track of our facebook page for any updates!

This year the halloween system is similar to last year, however the difference is that they introduce the new trap called “Brain Extractor” which has the ability to get brain bits with the Brain Charms. This trap can then be upgraded later on.

Getting Started

Before you can start advancing in this area you need a good amount of both Halloween Event Cheese, Ghoulgonzola Cheese and Candy Corn Cheese. There are a few ways to obtain them.

Visiting Friends’ Profiles

  • First by clicking your shield and enter to your own profile
  • Then you will see the interface and choose either one of the cheese to give to your friends when they visit your profile
  • Now click on “Visit Another Friend”

own profile

  • Once you land on a friend’s profile you will see a few different interface depends if you friend is active
    • “Invite to Event” – this means your friend is being inactive and haven’t set up a cheese to give away
      • If you haven’t collected the 5 and only 5 per event Cobwebs, you will see “Collect Cobwebs”, collect them!


    • “Trick or Treat” – this is the one you need, click on it and it will either give you Ghoulgonzola or Candy Corn Cheese, depends what your friend had chose.
      • If you have unbalance of each type of cheese, you might want to mark down which friend had chose which cheese to give away and get the cheese balanced (You will know why you need them balanced later on)

trick or treat

    • Occasionally you will see a Halloween Candy icon on the left, click on it and you will get 1 Halloween Candy.
      • Collect these from here or as loot to buy stuff from the shops in this area

Free Gifts From Friends

  • Each day your MouseHunt Friends can give you free gifts that help you stock back up both event cheese
    • Gift of the Day
      • 2 Ghoulgonzola Cheese OR
      • 2 Candy Corn Cheese
    • Pumpkin Treat Basket
      • Contains both cheese
      • Drop by chance
      • Also other goodies

Hunt and Collect as Loot

  • Hunt with regular cheese (e.g Brie)
  • Arm with your strongest trap and base combo
  • Hunt in Haunted Terrortories
  • Mice here occasionally drop either Candy Corn or Ghoulgonzola Cheese

Advancing in the Area

  • The System and HUD
    • This area is divided into 3 sub-locations: Corn Maze, Haunted Manor and Pumpkin Patch
    • Each area requires you to have a certain amount of successful hunts with both Halloween Cheese to advance to the next area (the specific number of hunts will be explained later)
    • The small boxes in the HUD displaces the progress
    • Mouse you caught with the Ghoulgonzola Cheese = Mouse Tricked
    • Mouse you caught with the Candy Corn Cheese = Mouse Treated
    • The lighted up boxes keep track of your progress, as soon as all the boxes are lighted up on each area (on both lines) you will advance to the next area
  • Sub-location Guide
    • Corn Maze
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Trap Available (Any power type is fine – prefer with good amount of luck)
      • Requirement to Advance
        • 10 Mice Tricked
        • 10 Mice Treated
      • Area Notes
        • Armed with regular cheese
          • Mutated Grey drop Candy Corn
          • Mutated White drop Ghoulgonzola
          • Hollowhead drop either or both
        • Armed with Event cheese
          • Wild Chainsaw drop Halloween Candies
          • Spirit Light drops Halloween Candies
          • Zombot Unipire Mouse drops King’s Credits
          • Grave Robber Mouse drops King’s Credits
          • Swamp Thang Mouse drops Witch’s Brew Skin
        • Armed with either
          • Cobweb drop Cobweb
    • Haunted Manor
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Shadow/Arcane (If you don’t have these two power types, it’s ok mice from Corn Maze are here too, and catching them with physical will still enable you to advance through this area.) Note for hunters that have very good physical traps, you might want to use physical over Shadow/Arcane here. As you hardly encounter the shadow types. Physical will be more efficient.
      • Requirement to Advance
        • 20 Mice Tricked
        • 20 Mice Treated
      • Area Note
        • Same loot drop from mice as Corn Maze
    • Pumpkin Patch
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Shadow/Arcane (If you don’t have these two power types, it’s ok mice from Corn Maze are here too, and catching them with physical will still enable you to advance through this area.)
      • Requirement to encounter the Titanic Brain-Taker
        • 39 Mice Tricked then catch a Trick Mouse
        • 39 Mice Treated then catch a Treat Mouse
      • Area Note
        • Catching a Trick Mouse will drop:
          • Halloween Candies and Undead Halloween Scroll Case
        • Catching a Treat Mouse will drop:
          • Halloween Candies and Halloween Scroll Case
        • After catching both Trick and Treat mouse, Titanic Brain-Taker will appear
    • Boss Stage
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Trap Available
      • After Catching Trick and Treat Mouse you will able to attract the Titanic Brain-Taker
        • Titanic Brain-Taker drops:
          • Undead Theme Scrap I (How to get complete theme is explained at the end)
          • Brain Charms
          • Brain Extractor Piece (Use to buy the Brain Extractor Trap)

Titanic Brain-Taker

Brain Hunt

  • After obtaining the Extractor Piece from Titanic Brain-Taker, you can hop over to the Trapsmith and buy a Brain Extractor Trap
  • Arm this trap and catch any “undead” mouse will drop Brain Bits in Haunted Terrortories
  • Arming Brain Charm will attract more undead mouse (useful when you do the Undead Halloween Treasure Map)
  • The Brain Bits can be used to craft Brain Charms using the following recipe
    • 1 Simple Orb – Loots
    • 10 Brain Bits – Loots
    • 40 Charmbits – Living Garden Area’s General Stores

Brain Extractor Upgrade

  • As always the event trap can be upgraded, so the Brain Extractor is no exception.
  • To upgrade this trap you need the following recipe
    • 1 Bolt of Cloth *
    • 1 King’s Reserve Bubbleh *
    • 3 Rope *
    • 4 Tiny Platinum Bar **
    • 20 Invisi-glu ***
    • 1 Brain Extractor Parts – From smashing the Brain Extractor Trap

* Can be purchased in Great Gnarled Tree General Store
** Cursed City, Lost City and Training Grounds General Stores
*** Bazaar General Store

Undead Profile Theme

  • Undead theme scrap I is drop from Titanic Brain-Taker boss
  • Undead theme scrap III can be purchased from the general store in Haunted Terrortories
  • Undead theme scrap II is drop from either Undead Halloween Treasure Map Reward 
  • Halloween theme scrap is drop from Halloween Treasure Map

MouseHunt True or False Giveaway

September 25, 2013 Leave a comment


That trap can totally catch the mouse, True or False? God knows, we don’t even know what trap and base those are, but hey they are the new trap and base! Both looks smexy!

Anyway you can make a GUESS or just do both!




Get Shocking Hunters

September 21, 2013 4 comments

Nikola Tesla

Are you shocked? Well you should be now!

 Inspiration from an incredible inventor named Nikola Tesla…
This masterpiece will shock any mice that come for the bait…
Not going to be surprised to see mice with afro head now…

This was drawn during Feedback Friday Art Edition this week, where will this be? When will this be released? What power type you think this will be? Only time will tell…

Claw Shot City Expansion

September 20, 2013 Leave a comment

claw shot city expension

“I’ve been hunting in the valley, all the live long daaay…”

Claw Shot city’s citizens had recently being expanding out to the deserts, from looking at the picture of the mouse leak by the king, it seems like will be something mechanical is coming up! Maybe train? coal mine? or something even more interesting?

At least we know something new is coming up! Have you upgraded to the S.L.A.C II yet? Maybe you should hurry if you haven’t!

3 Super|Brie + and 3 Lucky Charm Giveaway

September 19, 2013 2 comments

Free SB+ – 3 SUPER|brie + – 3 lucky power charms
Categories: Event

MouseHunt True or False Giveaway

September 16, 2013 Leave a comment


This trap will surely capture the mouse in this image. Is this story True, or False?

Pick one of the following, wrong answer will give you 1 coal, correct answer will give you 5 mining charms. (Note you can click both and get both rewards!!)




Friday The 13th Lucky Zombie Invasion!

September 13, 2013 2 comments

This Friday the 13th weekend is a LUCKY ZOMBIE INVASION! On this usually unlucky day, MouseHunt’s got your back with +5 bonus luck on your trap!

Go out there and hunt in areas that you need those extra lucks, beside that you should also try to catch the lucky mouse any where in the kingdom for super luck charms!

Since it say it’s “Friday the 13th Lucky Zombie Invasion” I assume this is only a ONE DAY event. So go out there before it ends.

This event will last for the weekend as it does say Lucky Zombie Invasion Weekend, and Zombies in Catacombs and Mousoleum will appear much more often, and Undead Emmentals seems to be dropping too. So you can head to Catacombs or Mousoleum for the weekend!

Something Sinister is Rising…

September 12, 2013 Leave a comment

The King’s scouts have spotted a disturbing sight to the west of the Town of Gnawnia…

Could it be what they fear most? Is there a foul evil creeping across the land this Friday the 13th weekend…?

This seems like another weekend event, could it be King’s Gauntlet this time? From the mouse in the picture it’s Necromancer from King’s Gauntlet. What do you expect going to be? I think double potion drop will be wonderful!!

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