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Inventory Tweak Update

April 29, 2013 1 comment

As mentioned before in April 12th’s Feedback Friday, Dev was going to upgrade the inventory to make it more organized, with the addition of categories and multiple tabs all together in one place. Not long later it’s finally here! I will take you all through the new features added in this update.

Last updated: 4th of May 2013

  • Firstly as can be seem from the screen shot below, now all individual sections under the inventory is all in one place with the use of multiple tabs on the top. Where as before we had to go down the inventory menu at the top to visit each place.
  • The first 5 tabs range from “cheese” to “special” remains the same user interface, how ever you will notice big changes had being done to the “Collectibles” tab. Now all collectibles are divided into categories, additionally you can click the category tabs on the left side to see the collectibles in specific group.

New Inventory

  • Recently they had also added tabs for the special section, makes it much easier to browse the specific items are you checking out.


  • Another interesting feature would be the hover over feature where you can do specific actions to some of the collectibles by hovering your mouse over it and click the button. 


Personally I really like this minor changes to the inventory. Now it’s much easier to navigate and for the collectors, it’s much easier to browse their lovely collectibles! I was hope there will be categories added for the trap section to separate different types of trap types. Well the changes so far is pretty neat.

Anyway hope you all enjoy the changes so far! Happy Hunting!

How to hunt the Goldleaf Mouse?

September 14, 2012 2 comments

From looking at what it’s holding you might able to guess where this little rare mouse is going to be wondering around. Yes it appears to be hunting for cheese in Great Gnarled Tree. From reports so far it will “NOT” require SB+ to attract it, however SB+ will be way more effective. So if you don’t have the spare SB+, Brie will be good enough to attract it.

Trap setup

Trap: Strongest Tactical Trap

Base: High attraction rate

Bait: Brie (Recommends SB+)

Anyway good luck hunting this Goldleaf mouse!

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New Content – Mouse Archaeology

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Mouse Archaeology

 (This is permanent content)

All across Gnawnia, rumours and legends about long-hidden treasure have been cropping up. Tales of treasure maps, relics from the far past, and incredible wealth have been flooding the local taverns. It seems everyone’s got treasure-hunting fever, and for good reason!

Hunt and catch tough mice to find Ancient Relics, attract Relic Hunters who love to nab these relics, and collect Treasure Maps to seek out great treasures!

Above information is posted at

For a basic guide on what this new content is all about and how to complete a hunt, check out my guide at Special Stage – Ancient Relic Hunt!

Latest Update on Guide

Update 14/09/2012

– Added recommendation for Ancient Relic Hunt

– Added extra details to this content to make things more clear

– Added tips for treasure map hunting

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+5 Bonus Luck Weekend & Guide

August 11, 2012 Leave a comment

The bonus luck weekend has begun!

Find the rare and elusive Lucky Mouse while hunting with your +5 luck bonus! Catch him for some sweet rewards!

The luck weekend will end Monday morning.


So where to hunt a lot of lucky mice?

From experience from last time, the place I recommend would be Meditation Room with the following setup:

Trap: Chrome RhinoBot or replace with a physical or tactical trap with high luck.

Base: Dragon Jade Base or replace with any other base with high luck.

Bait: Brie or replace with another other cheese is fine

Charm: Luck charm (It will be a positive feed back, which means you will gain more than you use, so use it to get higher chance of encountering the lucky mouse)


Any suggestion on other places that you found is good, post below as comment!


Happy hunting!!

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New Time Dimension Threat to our Kingdom!

July 21, 2012 1 comment

Well the King had announced that the new Chrono Mice had phased into the Acolyte Realm from another plane. These mice had been summoned to our dimension due to an excessive use of the Clockapult of Time!

This mouse is merely a watcher of time, and to end the chaos this mouse might lead to for our kingdom’s time dimension; hunters pick up your strongest forgotten trap and start hunting them down!!

Crystal Library Guide Added

Guide for Crystal Library had finally came together, hope it will help you all smash through all the assignments in Crystal Library!

Go check it out now!

Stage 25 – Crystal Library

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