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AMHU Feedback Friday June 22nd


Why can’t we get Well-Sealed Cannister?

  • Sealed Cannister was initially coded to be a 1 drop only loot, however if he doesn’t drop it at all then it was an oversight, devs will amend it so he should drop. There is a chance it will drop in the Hidden Depth too!

Is it possible to check your Tower/Warpath progress without being in the map?

  • They will add that sort of feature when they look into the profile area updates.

Issues with Mobile Site?

  • I believe you are referring to the display issues, and Dan just realized himself and recommended a fix. So please bear with us and it will be listed at some point)

Is the Iceberg complete now?

  • Deep Mouse was the last chapter, however it doesn’t mean it’s the end the Dev might re-visit it and update it later on.

All Gouda runs in Iceberg

  • Dan said that he was tracking and he managed to do a run within 249 hunts using a mix of Gouda and SB+, “I haven’t personally gone sub-265 yet with Gouda, I am sure once we have a fine-tuned strategy we’ll see some better runs, I hope!”
Is the Frozen seal bottle the message in the bottle that was asked last week?
  • Dev didn’t have any plan for it initially but they decided to do it after it was talked about last week.

What’s Next?

  • More technical fixes
  • No specific plan on new content at the moment
  • Have a set agenda for what they want to do


Deep Freeze Base Revealed!

The new base for Iceberg had being talked about all over the kingdom, but as before everyone gotten the blueprints but no one knows what were the crafting ingredients. Now it had being officially revealed and the stats on the base is also being revealed.

Note: This informations had being updated to the Iceberg Guide

Bead of Slumber* 1
Deep Freeze Base Blueprints 1
Steam Nine 1
Bottled Cold Fusion 6
Tiny Platinum Bar** 6
Frosty Metal 18
Wire Spool 20
Stale SUPER|Brie+ 22
Living Shard*** 32

* Bead of Slumber can be purchased from Catacomb General Store

** Tiny Platinum Bar can be purchased from Training Grounds General Store

*** Living Shard can also be purchased from Digby General Store

Note: Best to craft after you have made the whole special base set or if IceWing is easy for you.

Trap Stats

Cost: 362,000+ gold
Points Required: 25,500,000
Power: 35
Power Bonus: 0%
Attraction Bonus: 0%
Luck: 0
Cheese Effect: Uber Fresh
Special Effects in Iceberg: 700 Power, 9 Luck

Something lurking at the bottom of the Iceberg!

As announced today by MouseHunt that there will be something exciting coming to iceberg! As being mentioned before in FBF last week, the next update will be for iceberg. Check our the announcement MouseHunt made and some pictures I found!

Troubling accounts have surfaced regarding pieces of what appear to be a blueprint, intentionally shredded by mouse claws, that may hold some secret.

There have also been reports of a collapsing tunnel within Icewing’s Lair! It appears there is something down there, lurking deep beneath the Iceberg…


The Collapsing Tunnel

Recent reports regarding a collapsing tunnel within Icewing’s Lair have been further investigated. New intel has surfaced and it appears there is something down there, lurking deep beneath the Iceberg…

The Digby Scientists have seen strange readings coming from the Iceberg, hinting at some form of mousey magic holding the Iceberg together. Icewing could very well be experimenting with strange technology in order to keep the Iceberg colder and more stable than it really is…

In light of these recent findings, hunters are urged to hunt down Icewing and learn more of her secrets.


A New, Secret Recipe

Troubling accounts have surfaced regarding pieces of what appear to be a blueprint, intentionally shredded by mouse claws, that may hold some secret. Very little can be gleaned from these mere scraps of blueprints. Perhaps if we could find a fully-intact one, we could learn a little more…

MouseHunters will all have to work together in order to discover the secret to this recipe. Once the hunting community has discovered these mysteries, the blueprint will better reveal its secrets.

Head to the forums and join the discussion!

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Updates on the guides for the two new areas

As I have finished the Iceberg hunt and smashed IceWing 2 times and crafted the Steam Laser’s Mk. 3, I have come to conclusion that we really don’t need to craft all the bases, unless you are planning on hunting all 3 chests for the Ultimate Luck Charms and the materials.

Following changes had being made:

  • Added recommendations for skipping the bases for Iceberg
  • Added recommended bases to craft for Iceberg
  • Adjusted the amount of materials need to be collected in Slushy Shoreline

Check out the two guides now to help you smash through the Iceberg and Slushy Shoreline!

Dex Akio

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2 New Guides for the new areas!

June 2, 2012 1 comment

The guide on the 2 new areas have being added, check the links below:

Good luck hunting!

AMHU Admin – Dex Akio

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AMHU Feedback Friday Review May 4th

May 6, 2012 1 comment


When will the new area come out?
– *Evil laughs*

Will there be new cheese for the new area?
-*Evil laughs continues* … Yes maybe

What is this “upgrade” mentioned in the news post?
– It was for upgrading the existing traps that are available in game  already (eg. Monstrobot, Sphynx etc), however there are no new traps currently you would need to get

Will the four new mice disappear once the new area is released?
– Sort of, but they won’t disappear entirely, eventually they’ll move to elsewhere and stays in one area. They are just scouts that are scouting all areas right now.

 How long did the update take to finish?
– It’s currently under fine tuning and developing still, but it’s on good progress. Base on this update Devs can then estimate how long it will take for future updates to be completed.

Is there data on the total missd mice count? How is it compared to catch count?
– Giorgio tried to get the data but it’s a very intensive query and Dan said it’s probably a bit more misses then catches.

 Which spring egg was looted the most?
– Michele has a guessing competition running right now on it

If you accidentally refunded a Papyrus base is it possible to get it back?
– Yes you should be, Devs checked many variables to determine if you should be getting more Papyrus and one of the those variables is having the base itself. Just make sure you are arming Artisan Charms, if it still didn’t work out, contact support!

When will the Monstro and Sphynx Wrath Champion skins be fixed?
– Devs have a fix for it at some point, but there is still a problem so haven’t being released yet. However it’s on the list along with the tournament base fix all these will come after the new content.

Could we have a button on the gift page that will allow hunters to send back the same gifts they have received?
– It’s a good idea and Devs have a few ideas for gifting but it will be after the release of the new content.
– Other ideas were:
-> Create a group to send a particular gift
-> Enable hunters to be able to have a wanted list

Having such a large collection of mice and traps suggests adding new ones becomes even harder. Do you have some in-house software,graphs or estimators to determine the strengths of mice,traps and other stuff?
–  They currently use a spreadsheet software from Apple called Numbers that allows them to easily calculate how powerful a mouse should be, how it would affect a certain group of hunters, how quickly hunters would get through events and many other things.
–  It helps in being able to estimate things to introduce into the game and reduces the amount of prototyping/beta testing needed.
–  If you go to there’s an article about using spreadsheets to help with game design.

Seeing as v2 had a 2yr lifespan are you planning a crazy new update with the game?
– The move to version 3 (v3) was a move to a proper (better) platform that allows them to easily change and fix things in the game so a huge update won’t be necessary.

Upcoming in the next Tournament update!

  • One of the things they want to include in the next tournament updates is to introduce team stats on the profile page.
  • So it would show how many trophies and badges the team collected as a whole, even if the captain got rid of everyone else in the team
  • One of the other ideas they are discussing is captains being able to leave their team without deleting the history of their team.
  • If it’s approved then hopefully they’ll be able to introduce that
    (Bear in mind this is still in planning and subject to change)
What happened to the other tournament types?

  • They’ve been busy with trying to release new content so they haven’t been able to go back to them.


Check out the recording if you are interested!


Something new is on the way!

As Jacob Johnson report earlier:

When I was visiting the Gnawnian defense council to try to figure out what’s going around the kingdom I noticed some scribes frantically preparing some documents.
I wonder what these are? It looks like the kingdom is gearing up for something big! But shh… best keep it in confidence, we don’t want to start a panic, okay?

We can safely guess that the new content is very close from being revealed!! Keep your eyes open and be prepared!

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