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Something new is on the way!

As Jacob Johnson report earlier:

When I was visiting the Gnawnian defense council to try to figure out what’s going around the kingdom I noticed some scribes frantically preparing some documents.
I wonder what these are? It looks like the kingdom is gearing up for something big! But shh… best keep it in confidence, we don’t want to start a panic, okay?

We can safely guess that the new content is very close from being revealed!! Keep your eyes open and be prepared!

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Sneaky Tourney/Team Update


You might had notice a few days ago there are something different with our team menu and there are a few extra stuff for tourneys too!

Haven’t check them out? Head over to Team Profile or Tournament Scoreboard now!



So what’s new exactly?

New Features

  • New Challenger Rank for tournaments
  • New notification when a team mate joins a tourney
  • Team Journals
  • Team Size Expansion

Improved Areas

  • Tournament Scoreboard
  • Team History


To check out the full update details go to the link below!


Thanks for reading!

Asia Mouse Hunt Union

AMHU Feedback Friday Review March 30th [Art Edition]

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment


Where do your inspiration come from? Do you look at objects or let your imagination run wild.
– It’s hard to not gather inspiration from something, generally we will have a theme and then I will try to think of the idea that fix that theme. So I just draw from back of my head, unless if it’s really difficult I would go out there and do some research.

 Any plan for new custom for different events this year?
– We might, but usually most of the mice already fit the event itself, however when the next event comes we might add in something extra such as new customs which will makes it a little better.

Any plan to redraw the starting area HUDS (banner)?
– Yes that’s one of our plan, we sure do want to do that probably as part of the art feedback friday. The huts would most likely help the new players to get to know the places. So maybe you will hear more about this later.

Are you nervous when you are drawing with us?
– Yes, but I feel like it’s a good challenge and keeps me on my toes and let me connect with you guys. Lesser when I am drawing but more nervous when I am actually just talking.

Do you take roughly the same time drawing the mouse live or drawing it yourself?
– It’s actually faster, but it’s kinda more tiring. Maybe because I always try to put out 100% effect while if I sit in my office I kind of just relax and take it easy.

When you drawing through the day, do you ask your follow colleges for ideas or feedback?
– Not really, generally I just draw what I feel like.  So usually we come up with a new idea together and I go off to draw how I want to draw and they go code how they want to code. At the end we just put everything together and they works out perfectly.

Do you come up with the ideas or they ask you to draw specific things?
– Some times I do ask to draw specific things, but usually I just draw what I feel like.

New areas are in work, how are they coming up?
– They are defiantly in production, but right now it’s just behind the spring egg hunt stuff, so then that gets out of the way I will go 100% on new content. However there are already some arts done for the new content.

Are you going to continue the banner design?
– Yes I am going to continue on the Tribal Isles etc. I kind having it as a long term project, do one once in a while and eventually will finish them all.

Any new cheese for the next area?
– That is the detail that we are deciding for it, so can’t say.

 Why do you take suggestions from the community?
– We do that to get connected with our players and it’s more fun that way, we also get to know what everyone works in the game.

Will the cheese be placed back on the column stand for the Sphynx Wrath?
– It should be on it already, if not it’s probably a glitch

Have you started drawing the winner’s pictures?
– No I haven’t and it’s not going to be today but will be coming up very soon. I really loved the competition and I am definite that I want to do a recap of the comp I will probably scale it down to one picture per person.

What Jacob drawn during the art section! It’s awesome 🙂

Link to the video recording:

Thanks for reading

Asia Mouse Hunt Union FBF Review

St Patrick’s Weekend

March 17, 2012 Leave a comment

St. Patrick’s Day and Bonus Luck Weekend

 Green White mice have been spotted… White Green mice? White mice turned green! They’re running around dyed green from enormous ear to enormous toe! Catch them to find out why, then head off to other areas to enjoy…

A +5 Luck bonus all weekend!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day
Find the White mouse turned green!
Catch him until he reveals why he’s dyed
Enjoy a +5 Luck bonus all weekend!

Travel to a location with White mice

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AMHU Feedback Friday Review March 16

March 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy St Patrick’s Day! GO GREEN! 😀

Mail Bags

How long  until what’s next?
When it’s done! We are currently working on some tournament updates and bug fixes.

Any update for St Patrick’s Day?
There will not be any price mice on the weekend, but there will be something gun.

Why was the Birthday Cake Kaboom just made LE before the event?
This is because what we decided to do is we release a new LE trap in each birthday event, so that you can collect very special trap each year which you can show that you were there for that year’s birthday event.

Any progression on the last 5 new location banner?
Jacob said he hasn’t done any yet.

Easter will be similar to last year?
Yes mostly the same, “the same thing” of fun excitement will be there!

Will the Living Garden require the highest rank to enter?
Yes, we can’t say what rank specifically but we try to fill up in the progress.

Will our eggs from last year’s Easter event be the same as this year?
Yes, mostly.

Why aren’t there tournament kits for seasonal garden?
We are planning to release new little kits to help you out in special areas.

Currently are there any new library assignments in the pipe line?
Currently no,  we might try to priorities it later.


Random Questions

How about this, egg seeds and random eggs grow up?
Probably not, the whole point of the event is for hunters to hunt down specific mice. So if we have random egg grown you might get your way around the challenge by getting lucky.

 Will there be a egg scoreboard shown?
Yes most likely, but it will be limited time only. It will be gone after the event.


This FBF Review is brought to you by AMHU Guide

Please check out the live recording if you are interested:

Bye! Happy Hunting!


AMHU Feedback Friday Review Mar 9th

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment

This week’s FBF Review is brought to you by AMHU. If you are a MouseHunter in the Asia Time Zone, apply to join our group now!

General Questions

What caused the crash?
Basically it’s the Birthday Event itself, many hunters where sent with the DLU Gift Box at the same time. Then a lot of people were logging on to open the Gift Box and the server was over flooded with players.

What caused the double point glitch in tournaments? 
We do not want to say what it was exactly because we do not want players to abuse this glitch, however we do know what caused it and Michelle will be fixing it very soon. 

How was the meet?
It was awesome, we were chatting and chilling together and we were talking about mouse hunt together with our fans and players. It was a wonderful experience.

Next major event will be Easter? Any plan for it?
Actually the next biggest thing is the tournament update, we will be having some bug fixes and some improvements. A peak of a few coming features will be:

  • Adding a system like the one during the valentine event where you can receive the reward of a tournament in a bag or such and you can always retreat it even if your team had disbanded.
  • Combining team-mate journals at one place to see what your team-mate had being hunting and can also used to spot out slackers.
  • We also have ideas of new tournament areas.

How long will Glitchpaw be around?
We will keep them for around a week till next coming Monday and the Birthday Event will be extended to next Monday as well. 

Will there be an event on St Patrick’s Day?
Well we need a break from all these events we have hosted for the past months continuously. So there won’t be anything big, at most a special shield design on the day. 

Since you had said that in the past FBF there will be new content/area to be released before Living Garden, would you kindly tell us how many are there before Living Garden? or in this year?
We couldn’t say, however we do try to release as much new content as possible. In fact we are working on them right now.

For the new content it could come with small areas or a big region with a lot of small areas

What is the concept behind the Dinosuit Mouse?
Well when it’s your birthday you would like to dress up and have some fun. Perhaps some would like to dress up like a Dinosaur 😀

Do you have any plan for a new methods of buying gateway for different country?
Not Currently.

Questions from Chat

Does Fancy Confetti has any use?
They are just collectibles.

How about having a Royal Wedding Event, where the King gets marry?
Maybe or maybe he is married already.

Can we have a inventory for having a record of what gift box we had, instead of it disappearing after we opened them?
Matter of fact, we have a plan of reorganizing  the inventory which includes that feature. There is going to be a more break down structure and having much more records like having all the gift box you had received before in your inventory.


That’s it for this week, come back next week for more info on what’s coming and what’s going on with MouseHunt!

If you would like to check out the video (This week is just audio cause their connection stuffed up). Check out the video below!

Asia Mouse Hunt Union

Report of the server explosion after effect


  • A Glitch paw invaded cause major server crash
  • Hunters inventories were mess up by the Glitchpaw
  • Dev took hours to fix the problem
  • Problem is now fixed but roll back were necessary
  • Game is roll backed to 12am GMT (Bascially anything you do during 12am GMT to 6am GMT yesterday are gone)
  •  Just to revenge and release our rage on this, Glitchpaw mouse can be found across the entire kingdom, catch one and it will have special loot with it!
  • Event had also being extended by 1 day, to give you more time to hunt down the Glitchpaw Mouse
  • As to compensate the down time of mouse hunt, the Dev had added extra SUPER|brie+ in the DLU gift box (I opened mine and I got 50 S|B+)

Full Report

Hey hunters,

It seems the Glitchpaw Mice were eager to celebrate our fourth birthday and crashed the party, resulting in a hefty amount of downtime just as the party was coming to a climax. Once the Glitchpaw invasion was discovered, the team worked for hours to isolate the problem.

Unfortunately the aftermath of this Glitchpaw attack was hunters inventories being a little jumbled and gold, points and progress stats to be drastically lowered. After diagnosing the problem and exhausting all other options, we determined that a rollback was necessary.

This means that the game state and the stats of all hunters were reverted to an earlier state. Anything done in-game between 12am GMT to 6am GMT was restored to the state they were at 12am GMT.

For example: If you spent 1,000 gold on a trap or marketplace item during the effected time, it will be as if it never happened, meaning you do not have the trap or item and still have your 1,000 gold.

We realize a rollback can be extremely frustrating for players and as such they are always a last resort. Please know the team worked extremely hard looking for ways to restore lost data without having to revert the game to a previous state. Please know that over the coming days we will continue to look into what lead to this problem and are looking for ways to help avoid such problems from occurring again.

You can help get MouseHunt’s 4th Birthday Party back into swing by hunting Glitchpaw Mice that can be found across nearly the entire Kingdom. If you capture a pesky Glitchpaw Mouse while at the Birthday Party celebration you also find some very special loot! Due to the downtime, the party has been extended by a day, giving you even more time to hunt down those troublesome Glitchpaws!

As a special token of thanks for your patience and understanding during the downtime, we’ve packed some extra SUPER|brie+ into a special birthday gift. If you’ve hunted at all during the birthday event you’ll find a a DLU Gift Box in the special section of your inventory. Unwrap it now and enjoy the goodies within!

AMHU New domain + New host

To all AMHU Guide followers,

I would like to proudly announce that AMHU Guide had now moved to a new host with a new domain. Not only just that, we had also applied a new theme to the website as well. Soon we will be adding more features to our site to make it much more useful. This website will became one place for all mouse hunters.

Dex D. Akio

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AMHU Feedback Friday Review Mar 3rd

March 3, 2012 1 comment

So how are you all doing with the MouseHunt Birthday Event?
Here is the FBF-R this week!

MouseHunt Birthday Related

What are these Fancy Confetti?
You will learn what they are on the actual date of MouseHunt Birthday.

Do “Dents” have any future use?
No, they are just collectibles.

What about Tiara?
They are also just collectibles.

Coming Soon Releases

Egg Hunt
New Contents
Bigger Team Capacity (Can be “Unlocked” and add more friends to the team)
More functionality for the captain of the team

(There are still no set date for the release of Living Garden)

Interesting Fact

How many horns are there each day?
Approximate 6 million including trap checks!


That’s it for this week, hopefully we get more spoilers and updates next week!

Live recording links are below if you feel like watching them yourself.
Part 1 | Part 2


Asia Mouse Hunt Union – Admin Dex D. Akio

MouseHunt B’day Info & Guide

March 1, 2012 2 comments

It’s the time of the year again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOUSEHUNT!

It’s being FOUR years already, can you believe it? As a mousehunter I think this is such a dedication 🙂


Can jump to:
-> Event Details
-> Event Guide


Background Info

So what’s going on, on MouseHunt 4th year Birthday?
Well the King would like to thank all his follow hunters by making a GIANT cake to share with us. However little poor mice can never resist to SUGAR, especially this time it’s a GIGANTIC SUGAR. So the King now gathers all the hunters to help the him rebuild the cake and celebrate MouseHunt 4th year Birthday!



Event Detail

Dev’s Gift

MouseHunt officially turns four years old on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012. Remember to join us on that day for a special treat! The celebrations will end on Friday, March 9th, 2012.


Cake Mix

Head over to Birthday Party Celebration and hunt for the following ingredients to complete MouseHunt Birthday Cake:

15 Blobs of Cake Batter, 15 Dollops of Icing, 4 Birthday Cake Candles, and 4 Sparks of Candle Flame


Party Charms

These charms can be obtain from most of the mice in Birthday Party Celebration area. Find these charms and equip them to gain a small power and luck bonus, and to better attract mice carrying birthday cake ingredients!


Nanny Charms

In order to bring out some of the more troublesome mice, the final phase of cake-building will need an extra fiery feature. Hunt any mice in the Birthday Party Celebration area during the final build step in order to obtain Nanny Charms, then equip them to finish off the cake!


Dinosuit Mice

Some of the mice have put on party hats for this birthday celebration. These little mice, however, have gone the extra mile and dressed up as their favourite animal: the dinosaur. They want to be dinosaurs when they grow up, and we just don’t have the heart to tell them otherwise. Be wary of these little troublemakers; dinosaurs have voracious appetites, and mice love sugar. Put it all together and your cake won’t be safe for long once it’s fully built!



Event Trap/Base/Mice

Carrot Birthday Cake Base

That cake you built sure looks tasty, doesn’t it? I bet the mice would like a slice, too! Build the MouseHunt Birthday Cake and you’ll be able to sneak a small slice to use as a new celebratory base for your trap.

Detail Stats:

Carrot Birthday Cake Base
Power: 175
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 3
Cheese Effect: Fresh

This base is actually a slab of cake sneakily sliced from the carrot cake constructed to attract the Dinosuit Mouse during MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday. In addition to attracting mice, it also attracts the occasional rabbit, whose passing feet have lent this base a +3 luck bonus, making it the luckiest birthday cake base yet!


Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza

This one-of-a-kind trap was drawn live and created entirely by suggestions from hunters, and will be available only during MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday event. The Trapsmith will require concrete proof of your Mandatory Birthday Party Participation, so get to making that cake!

Detail Info:

Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza
Power Type: Physical
Power: 2,500
Power Bonus: 35%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: Stale 

This trap is an amalgamation of celebration for MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday! This fun-filled piñata is sure to cause a big bang at the party! Armed with rainbows, party favours, unicorn horns, and even lasers, this purple animal is stuffed with explosive excitement!



Elven Princess Mouse

Four-year-olds love dinosaurs, of course. But they also love princesses, and the Elven Princess Mouse just couldn’t stay away from a birthday party. Catch her and maybe you can convince her to hand over the Tiara she had made especially for this event!


Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse — attracted to the idea of obtaining more SUPER|brie+ — has kindly offered up his services for the birthday party. In addition to a pile of tricks and toys, he also carries birthday cake ingredients and Party Charms. Catch him for a real boost to your celebrations!



Special Tournaments

What’s a birthday without some party games? Check out the birthday tournaments and celebrate MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday in a more competitive way!
Check them out here!



Event Guide

Recommended Trap Setups

A minimum of 26 luck for all stages is recommended!

1st – 2012 Big Boom Trap + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

2nd – Chrome Tacky Glue Trap + Dragon Jade Base + Brie Cheese

3rd – Nutcracker Nuisance Trap + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

4th – Ancient Spear Gun + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

5th -NVMRC Forcefield Trap + wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

Note: The above trap setups are recommended but not must. Equipping Party Charms will increase the chance of encountering the event mouse and the cake making ingredients.

Mouse Populations

Gnawnia Standard Cheeses (GSC), Gouda, and SB+ will attract different mice populations.
*White Cheddar and Mozzarella have the same attraction effect as Gouda*

~~Cake Stage:
GSC: (With & Without Party Charm)
Elven Princess

Gouda / S|B+: (With & Without Party Charm)
Magic (S|B+ only)
Party Head
Elven Princess

~~Icing Stage: 
GSC: (With & Without Party Charm)
Elven Princess

Gouda / S|B+: (With & Without Party Charm)
Magic (S|B+ only)
Elven Princess

~~ Candle Stage: 
GSC (with & without Party Charm)
Scruffy Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Buckethead Mouse
Steel Mouse
Party Head Mouse
Pintail Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Birthday Mouse
Sleepwalker Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With & Without Party Charm)
Buckethead Mouse
Pintail Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Ninja Mouse
Diamond Mouse
Birthday Mouse
Longtail Mouse
Sleepwalker Mouse
Pirate Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only)

~~Spark of Candle Flame Stage:
GSC (With Nanny Charm)

Terrible Two Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With Nanny Charm)
Terrible Two Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only)
Elven Princess Mouse

~~Dinosuit Mouse Hunt:
GSC (With or without Party Charm)
White Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Steel Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Dinosuit Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With or without Party Charm)
White Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Steel Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Dinosuit Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only) 

Main Goals

  • Collect all the required ingredients to remake the cake for the king, the list of ingredients needed is listed below
– 15 Blobs of Cake Batter
– 15 Dollops of Icing
– 4 Birthday Cake Candles
– 4 Sparks of Candle Flame (Require Nanny Charm)
  • During the final phase of cake making, you will encounter some Terrible Two Mice, for you to attract them you are required to equip the Nanny Charm. If you are out of stock, just hunt normally with the charm and some of the mice there drops the charm as loot.
  • After remaking the cake you will obtain the Carrot Birthday Cake
  • After the cake making you need to continue hunting at the area to catch a Dinosuit Mouse that drops Cake Polaroid along with several other items
  • Make sure you go check out the Trapsmith in Birthday Party Celebration area to purchase some of the event traps and bases.

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Asia MouseHunt Union

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