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MouseHunt B’day Info & Guide

March 1, 2012 2 comments

It’s the time of the year again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOUSEHUNT!

It’s being FOUR years already, can you believe it? As a mousehunter I think this is such a dedication 🙂


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Background Info

So what’s going on, on MouseHunt 4th year Birthday?
Well the King would like to thank all his follow hunters by making a GIANT cake to share with us. However little poor mice can never resist to SUGAR, especially this time it’s a GIGANTIC SUGAR. So the King now gathers all the hunters to help the him rebuild the cake and celebrate MouseHunt 4th year Birthday!



Event Detail

Dev’s Gift

MouseHunt officially turns four years old on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012. Remember to join us on that day for a special treat! The celebrations will end on Friday, March 9th, 2012.


Cake Mix

Head over to Birthday Party Celebration and hunt for the following ingredients to complete MouseHunt Birthday Cake:

15 Blobs of Cake Batter, 15 Dollops of Icing, 4 Birthday Cake Candles, and 4 Sparks of Candle Flame


Party Charms

These charms can be obtain from most of the mice in Birthday Party Celebration area. Find these charms and equip them to gain a small power and luck bonus, and to better attract mice carrying birthday cake ingredients!


Nanny Charms

In order to bring out some of the more troublesome mice, the final phase of cake-building will need an extra fiery feature. Hunt any mice in the Birthday Party Celebration area during the final build step in order to obtain Nanny Charms, then equip them to finish off the cake!


Dinosuit Mice

Some of the mice have put on party hats for this birthday celebration. These little mice, however, have gone the extra mile and dressed up as their favourite animal: the dinosaur. They want to be dinosaurs when they grow up, and we just don’t have the heart to tell them otherwise. Be wary of these little troublemakers; dinosaurs have voracious appetites, and mice love sugar. Put it all together and your cake won’t be safe for long once it’s fully built!



Event Trap/Base/Mice

Carrot Birthday Cake Base

That cake you built sure looks tasty, doesn’t it? I bet the mice would like a slice, too! Build the MouseHunt Birthday Cake and you’ll be able to sneak a small slice to use as a new celebratory base for your trap.

Detail Stats:

Carrot Birthday Cake Base
Power: 175
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 3
Cheese Effect: Fresh

This base is actually a slab of cake sneakily sliced from the carrot cake constructed to attract the Dinosuit Mouse during MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday. In addition to attracting mice, it also attracts the occasional rabbit, whose passing feet have lent this base a +3 luck bonus, making it the luckiest birthday cake base yet!


Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza

This one-of-a-kind trap was drawn live and created entirely by suggestions from hunters, and will be available only during MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday event. The Trapsmith will require concrete proof of your Mandatory Birthday Party Participation, so get to making that cake!

Detail Info:

Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza
Power Type: Physical
Power: 2,500
Power Bonus: 35%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: Stale 

This trap is an amalgamation of celebration for MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday! This fun-filled piñata is sure to cause a big bang at the party! Armed with rainbows, party favours, unicorn horns, and even lasers, this purple animal is stuffed with explosive excitement!



Elven Princess Mouse

Four-year-olds love dinosaurs, of course. But they also love princesses, and the Elven Princess Mouse just couldn’t stay away from a birthday party. Catch her and maybe you can convince her to hand over the Tiara she had made especially for this event!


Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse — attracted to the idea of obtaining more SUPER|brie+ — has kindly offered up his services for the birthday party. In addition to a pile of tricks and toys, he also carries birthday cake ingredients and Party Charms. Catch him for a real boost to your celebrations!



Special Tournaments

What’s a birthday without some party games? Check out the birthday tournaments and celebrate MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday in a more competitive way!
Check them out here!



Event Guide

Recommended Trap Setups

A minimum of 26 luck for all stages is recommended!

1st – 2012 Big Boom Trap + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

2nd – Chrome Tacky Glue Trap + Dragon Jade Base + Brie Cheese

3rd – Nutcracker Nuisance Trap + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

4th – Ancient Spear Gun + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

5th -NVMRC Forcefield Trap + wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

Note: The above trap setups are recommended but not must. Equipping Party Charms will increase the chance of encountering the event mouse and the cake making ingredients.

Mouse Populations

Gnawnia Standard Cheeses (GSC), Gouda, and SB+ will attract different mice populations.
*White Cheddar and Mozzarella have the same attraction effect as Gouda*

~~Cake Stage:
GSC: (With & Without Party Charm)
Elven Princess

Gouda / S|B+: (With & Without Party Charm)
Magic (S|B+ only)
Party Head
Elven Princess

~~Icing Stage: 
GSC: (With & Without Party Charm)
Elven Princess

Gouda / S|B+: (With & Without Party Charm)
Magic (S|B+ only)
Elven Princess

~~ Candle Stage: 
GSC (with & without Party Charm)
Scruffy Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Buckethead Mouse
Steel Mouse
Party Head Mouse
Pintail Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Birthday Mouse
Sleepwalker Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With & Without Party Charm)
Buckethead Mouse
Pintail Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Ninja Mouse
Diamond Mouse
Birthday Mouse
Longtail Mouse
Sleepwalker Mouse
Pirate Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only)

~~Spark of Candle Flame Stage:
GSC (With Nanny Charm)

Terrible Two Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With Nanny Charm)
Terrible Two Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only)
Elven Princess Mouse

~~Dinosuit Mouse Hunt:
GSC (With or without Party Charm)
White Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Steel Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Dinosuit Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With or without Party Charm)
White Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Steel Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Dinosuit Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only) 

Main Goals

  • Collect all the required ingredients to remake the cake for the king, the list of ingredients needed is listed below
– 15 Blobs of Cake Batter
– 15 Dollops of Icing
– 4 Birthday Cake Candles
– 4 Sparks of Candle Flame (Require Nanny Charm)
  • During the final phase of cake making, you will encounter some Terrible Two Mice, for you to attract them you are required to equip the Nanny Charm. If you are out of stock, just hunt normally with the charm and some of the mice there drops the charm as loot.
  • After remaking the cake you will obtain the Carrot Birthday Cake
  • After the cake making you need to continue hunting at the area to catch a Dinosuit Mouse that drops Cake Polaroid along with several other items
  • Make sure you go check out the Trapsmith in Birthday Party Celebration area to purchase some of the event traps and bases.

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Asia MouseHunt Union

Valentine Guide

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

As most of you had notice, a bunch of Valentine mice had invaded our kingdom. The kind had gave us a direct order to catch them and the King will gift them to the Queen for Valentine’s Day! It is announced that the King will give a big warm hug to the loners and a best wish to the couples, if hunters catch all the Valentine mice for him. So grab your traps and baits and start hunting! The Valentine Event will end on February 16, so HURRY!



Event Areas

  • Town of Gnawnia (Strongest Physical Trap Setup)
  • Laboratory (Strongest Physical Trap Setup)
  • Calm Clearing (Strongest Physical Trap Setup)
  • The S.S. Huntington II (Strongest Hydro Trap Setup)
  • Muridae Market (Strongest Physical/Tactical Trap Setup)

Note: These above areas will have all valentine event mice in them and no special cheese required.


Recommended Hunting Method

Trap Setup

Chrome Tacky Glue Trap* Dragon Jade Base** Brie
158,000 gold 445,000 gold 200 gold

* If you don’t have Chrome Tacky Glue Trap, can substitute with 2012 Big Boom Trap or Nutcracker Nuisane Trap, or NVMRC Forcefiled Trap or any of your available trap with good luck and attraction rate.
** If you are not using Chrome Tacky Glue Trap, you should change your base to Wooden Base with Target for better attraction rate.

Note: Attraction rate is what you need most, so remember to arm your Valentine Charms

Recommended Location

Town of Gnawnia 


Targeted Event Mice


Special Event Loot

S.A.D. Pamphlet

Valentine Charm







Special Equipment

Use Valentine Charms will give you a bonus 25% Attraction Rate, which will increase your chance of encountering a valentine mouse. These can be obtain as loot from normal/event mice in Event Areas stated above.



Anonymous Gift Box

Visit your MouseHunt friend’s profile to leave a special treat or a ❤ Gift Basket. It’s sure to leave a big grin on their faces and warmth in their hearts when they see just how loved they are by secret admirers!


Romantic Tournaments

Check out the tournaments page for some exciting and yet romantic tournaments!



You will see 3 new kind of tourneys:

  •  Valentine’s Couples (1)/(2) – 2 players (Valentine Event Mice as targets)
  • Valentine’s Solo (1)-(5) – 1 players (Valentine Event Mice as targets)
  • Valentine’s Third Wheel – 4 players (Valentine Event Mice as targets)


Send some love to your MH friends

Valentine’s Day means Valentine’s Gifts! Give your friends candies, sweets, secret notes, or even a restraining order to show just how much you… “appreciate” all their attention! (Send from send free gifts, however they are not free) You might notice some times you get to send attraction charm or valentine charm as gift of the day.

AMHU Most Updated and High Quality MouseHunt Guide

December 27, 2011 1 comment

Welcome to AMHU MouseHunt guide! This guide is customized and made for members of AMHU and other hunters in the kingdom.

MouseHunt is a popular facebook game where players get to choose a large variety of mouse trap setups to hunt mouses under the order of the king. As the game has a wide diversity, many different strategies can be apply to the path each hunter set their foot on. The following guide is made and written base on hunter’s experience and study of the game.

This guide is supported by AMHU, if you are interested in joining our group feel free to check out the link below:
Join AMHU Today!

Walkthrough Menu:

 Early Ranks

Stage 1 – Novice Grounds


Stage 2 – Harbour 


Stage 3 – Mountain

Stage 4 – Calm Clearing


Stage 5 – Laboratory

Stage 6 – Town of Digby

Stage 7 – Mousoleum

Stage 8 – Great Gnarled Tree


Stage 9 – Training Grounds

Stage 10 – Bazaar

Stage 11 – Foruma School

Stage 12 – Whisker Woods


Stage 13 – Catacombs

Stage 14 – Big Bad Burroughs

Stage 15 – S.S. Huntington II

Stage 16 – Tribal Isles


Stage 17 – Jungle of Dead

Stage 18 – Acolyte Hunt


Stage 19 – Dracano

Stage 20 – Balack’s Cove

 Lord / Lady

Stage 21 – Slushy Shoreline

Stage 22 – Iceberg

Stage 23 – Seasonal Garden

Stage 24 – Zugzwang’s Tower

Stage 25 – Crystal Library


Stage 26 – Fiery Warpath

Stage 27 – Muridae Market

Stage 28 – Living Garden

Special Stage

Ancient Relic Hunt

Helpful Tips

Tournament Guide

How to compare traps

Gold Farm Methods

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