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Welcome to AMHU MouseHunt guide! This guide is customized and made for members of AMHU and other hunters in the kingdom.

MouseHunt is a popular facebook game where players get to choose a large variety of mouse trap setups to hunt mouses under the order of the king. As the game has a wide diversity, many different strategies can be apply to the path each hunter set their foot on. The following guide is made and written base on hunter’s experience and study of the game.

This guide is supported by AMHU, if you are interested in joining our group feel free to check out the link below:
Join AMHU Today!

Guide List:

 Early Ranks

Stage 1 – Novice Grounds


Stage 2 – Harbour 


Stage 3 – Mountain

Stage 4 – Calm Clearing


Stage 5 – Laboratory

Stage 6 – Town of Digby

Stage 7 – Mousoleum

Stage 8 – Great Gnarled Tree


Stage 9 – Training Grounds

Stage 10 – Bazaar

Stage 11 – Foruma School

Stage 12 – Whisker Woods


Stage 13 – Catacombs

Stage 14 – Big Bad Burroughs

Stage 15 – S.S. Huntington II

Stage 16 – Tribal Isles


Stage 17 – Jungle of Dead

Stage 18 – Acolyte Hunt


Stage 19 – Dracano

Stage 20 – Balack’s Cove

 Lord / Lady

Stage 21 – Slushy Shoreline

Stage 22 – Iceberg

Stage 23 – Seasonal Garden

Stage 24 – Zugzwang’s Tower

Stage 25 – Crystal Library


Stage 26 – Fiery Warpath

Stage 27 – Muridae Market

Stage 28 – Living Garden

Special Stage

Ancient Relic Hunt

Helpful Tips

Tournament Guide

How to compare traps

Gold Farm Methods

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