Stage 10 – Bazaar


  • Completed Stage 9
  • Obtained Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar

Required Rank


New Mice

No new mice appearing in Bazaar.

Trap Setup

Mutated Venus Mouse Trap Dehydration Base Brie
299,650 gold 23,608 gold 200* gold/piece

* Do not restock Brie cheese here, buy from Town of Gnawnia

Main Goal

  • Right after you arrived at Bazaar, go to Shops -> Cartographer and turn in your Shredded Furoma Map (Require 90,000 gold and 24 hours waiting period)

To do list

  • While waiting for the map to be repaired, hunt here using the above trap setup
  • Once Shredded Furoma Map is repaired, go pick it up from Cartographer  and you will be opened up to 3 new areas; Dojo, Meditation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber.
  •  While you are here, stock up the following material before leaving:
Cheesy Fluffs 10
Curds and Whey 300
Invisi-glu 10
Ionized Salt 10
Paint-brand Paint 10
Droid Parts* 8

* You may come back later for the Droid Parts if you don’t have enough gold, but purchase the rest first.

  • Now move to Dojo

Advance to Stage 11 – Foruma School

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