Stage 13 – Catacombs


  • Completed Stage 12
  • Obtained the Repaired Mousoleum Map

Required Rank


New Mice

Step 1

Trap Setup

Obelisk of Slumber* Explosive Base** Radioactive Blue
316,350 gold 29,775 gold 300 gold

* Can substitute Obelisk of Slumber with Nutcracker Nuisance Trap

** Can substitute Explosive Base with Dehydration Base if you have Lucky Golden Shield


  • When arrived go straight to Trapsmith and buy the Obelisk of Slumber
Main Goal
  • Catch a Keeper Mouse carrying the Keeper’s Candle (Allow access to Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realm)
  • Save 632,700 gold to purchase the Mysterious Blueprints from General Store
  • Loot 12 pieces of Scrap Metal from Scavenger Mice
  • Now you can craft the better Arcane trap Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery (ACRONYM). Before you start crafting CHECK CAREFULLY that you had gotten all the required materials from the following recipe. (Can skip ACRONYM if you have the event trap – Nutcracker Nuisance Trap)
Required Points 3,393,600
Mysterious Blueprints 1
Onyx Stone 1
Scrap Metal 12
Magic Essence* 3
Obelisk Parts** 1

* Magic Essence can be obtained from smashing SUPER|Brie+

** Obelisk Parts can be obtained from smashing Obelisk of Slumber

Step 2

Trap Setup

ACRONYM* Explosive Base** Radioactive Blue
949,050+ gold 29,775 gold 300

* Can substitute ACRONYM with Nutcracker Nuisance Trap

** Can substitute Explosive Base with Dehydration Base if you have Lucky Golden Shield

To do list

  • Continue farming gold in Catacombs until you have around 1,800,000 gold, 18+ Scrap Metal and as much Radioactive Sludges as possible.
  • If you had collected all of above gold and items, move to Town of Digby
Note: If you are here to hunt for Scrap Metal, use Ancient Cheese will speed up the process. Do not use the Ancient Cheese potion to make them, use the following recipe to craft Ancient Cheese (3 pieces per craft)
Stale Cheese* 3
Ionized Salt** 6

* Stale Cheese can be obtain by staling White Cheddar cheese. Craft White Cheddar using 1 x Curds and Whey 1 x Salt. Arm White Cheddar cheese with your stalest trap setup at either Catacomb, Mousoleum or Laboratory.

** Ionized Salt can be purchased from Bazaar General Store

Note: You may add 3 Magic Essence to the recipe to make 3 additional Ancient Cheese per craft

Advance to Stage 14 – Town of Digby Revisited

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