Stage 14 – Big Bad Burroughs

NOTE: This stage could be skipped, as Aqua Base is better than Monolith Base. If you want to rush to Tribal Ises jump straight to -> Crafting S.S Huntington II <- (You can always come back to to hunt BBB)

Required Rank


New Mice

Trap Setup

ACRONYM* Dehydration Base Limelight
949,050+ gold 23,608+ gold 1,320 gold

* Physical, Tactical, Arcane and Shadow traps are all effective here, can substitute ACRONYM with your strongest available trap.

Note: If you bought some Mining Charm from 2012 Ronza’s visit arm them. 

Main Goal

  • Use the following recipe to craft some Limelight Cheese (3 pieces per craft)
Living Shards* 3
Radioactive Sludge 3
Curds and Whey 30

 * Living Shards can be purchased from Town of Digby General Store

Note: You may add 6 Magic Essence to the above recipe to craft 3 additional pieces, also save 20 Radioactive Sludges for later stage

    • Catch the Big Bad Burroughs carrying the Monolith Base (300 base power, 12% power bonus). Note this mouse is quite hard to catch so prepare for some depressing hunting experiences.
    • Crafting the S.S. Huntington II (More detail under the “To do list” section)

To do list

      • Frequently asked question: Why didn’t we go Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm? We will head back to those places at later stages when we obtain a more powerful trap (Ancient Box Trap). If we go there right now, we will be wasting time on failing to catch Acolyte Mouse.
      • While trying to catch the Big Bad Burroughs, another nice mouse you should also catch is Nugget mouse, it’s weak but rather rare. Nugget would also drop Digby Drillbot Parts (This is use to craft the Digby Drillbot Trap, which you will need at later stage). This is optional, if you couldn’t get the parts, just come back later to buy the trap instead)
      • Mouse here may also drop additional Living Shards which helps you on crafting Limelight cheese. Since the living shards can be sold at the same price that you buy it, so sell any extra Living Shards before moving out.

  • After you had finished what you need to be done here, it’s time to craft our Ship – S.S. Huntington II. Use the following recipe:
Ship Blueprints 1
Rope* 100
Bolts* 70
King’s Reserve Bubbleh* 1
Splintered Wood** 900
Scrap Metal*** 18

* Rope, Blots, King’s Reserve Bubbleh – buy from Great Gnarled Tree General Store

** Splintered Wood – buy from Training Grounds General Store

*** Scrap Metal – loot from Catacombs or Hydras in Lagoon

Note: Crafting the ship will required around 615,000 gold (Depends how much of the material are obtained from loots)

  • After you crafted your S.S. Huntington II, move to S.S. Huntington II.

Advance to Stage 15 – S.S. Huntington II

If you have questions ask @ Help Request

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