Stage 16 – Tribal Isles


  • Completed Stage 15
  • Crafted Ocean Navigation Kit

Required Rank


Special Notes

As of 2013 Ronza visit, if you had purchased the Tarannosaurus Rex Trap from Ronza, you may skip purchasing the Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece at step 5 in this guide. (Reminder: you need 19 million points to arm the Tarannosaurus Rex Trap)

Step 1 – Cape Clawed

Main Goal

  • If you have the gold, you should stock some Gouda to use as bait for the next few areas. Gouda cheese will give you a better attraction and thereby give you better points or golds.
  • However if you are short on gold, Brie will work just fine. (Brie will attract low-reward Sylvan mice, which Gouda doesn’t)
  • You don’t want to hunt here, because mice here are low on points and gold unless you have a special kind of cheese, so now move to Elub Shore

Step 2 – Elub Shore

New Mice

Trap Setup

Net Cannon* Aqua Base** Gouda***
664,000 gold 124,900 gold 600 gold

* Can use Double Diamond Adventure as substitute

** Can use Candy Cane Base, Jade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

*** Can use Brie as a substitute bait

Main Goal

  • Make sure you use a Hydro traps, because mice here are only weak to Hydro traps
  • Collect Seashells from mice here and craft the special Shell cheese using the following recipe:
Shell Cheese Recipe (15 pieces)*
Seashells 30
Coconut Milk 10
Curds and Whey 60
Salt 40

* Can craft 5 extra Shell cheese if add 5 Magic Essence to the recipe

Note: Coconut Milk, Curds and Whey and Salt are all available at Cape Clawed General Store. 

Optional Method: Seashells can also be obtained from purchasing Crate of Seashells in Valour -> King’s Arms’ General Store (3 KC per crate with 10 Seashells)

  • Collect 30 Seashells and craft 15 Shell for now
  • Move to Nerg Plains

Step 3 – Nerg Plains

New Mice

Trap Setup

Ambush* Aqua Base** Gouda***
62,660+ gold 124,900 gold 600 gold

* Can use 2012 Big Boom Trap as substitute

** Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

*** Can use Brie as substitute

Main Goal

  • Mice here are only weak to Tactical traps
  • Collect Savoury Vegetables here and craft Gumbo cheese using the following recipe:
Gumbo Cheese Recipe (15 pieces)*
Savoury Vegetables 30
Coconut Milk 15
Curds and Whey 90
Salt 1

* Can craft 5 extra Gumbo cheese by adding 5 Magic Essence to the recipe

Note: Coconut Milk, Curds and Whey and Salt are all available at Cape Clawed General Store

Optional Method: Savoury Vegetables can also be obtained from purchasing Crate of Savoury Vegetables in Valour -> King’s Arms’ General Store (3 KC per crate with 10 Savoury Vegetables)

  • Collect 30 Savoury Vegetables and craft 15 Gumbo Cheese
  • Move to Derr Dunes

Step 4 – Derr Dunes

New Mice

Trap Setup

Digby DrillBot* Aqua Base** Gouda***
404,340 gold 124,900 gold 600 gold

* Can use Chrome RhinoBot as substitute

** Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

*** Can use Brie as substitute


  • If you have gotten Digby Drillbot Parts from Nugget mouse, then craft the Digby DrillBot with the parts
  • If you don’t have Digby Drillbot Parts, go to Town of Digby and purchase the Digby DrillBot from the Trapsmith

Main Goal

  • Mice here are only weak to Physical traps
  • Collect Delicious Stones and craft Crunchy cheeses using the following recipe:
Crunchy Cheese Recipe (15 pieces)*
Delicious Stones 30
Coconut Milk 20
Curds and Whey 10
Salt 30

* Can craft 5 extra Crunchy cheese by adding 5 Magic Essence to the recipe

Note: Coconut Milk, Curds and Whey and Salt are all available at Cape Clawed General Store

Optional Method: Delicious Stones can also be obtained from purchasing Crate of Delicious Stones in Valour -> King’s Arms’ General Store (3 KC per crate with 10 Delicious Stones)

  • Collect 30 Delicious Stones and 15 Crunchy Cheese
  • Move to Cape Clawed

Step 5 – Cape Clawed Revisited

New Mice

Main Goal

  • Use the new crafted cheeses and hunt the following mice and loot the required items. Use the same trap setup as Step 3, 4 and 5 with the according trap types.
Trap Type Needed Targeted Mouse Required Loot Required Cheese
Hydro Elder Mouse Ancient Spear Shell middle
Tactical Grandfather Mouse Thorned Vine Gumbo middle
Physcial Aged Mouse Rhino Horn Crunchy middle

Note: You only need 1 of the above loots, so save the special cheese once you obtain the loots.

  • Buy the Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece from the General Store for 158,175 gold
  • There are 3 blueprints in Cape Clawed General Store for 3 powerful traps: Ancient Spear Gun, Thorned Venus Mouse Trap, and Rhino Bot

  • Hydro Trap – Ancient Spear Gun Trap (12 million points required)
Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints 1
Ancient Spear 1
Launcher Parts* 1

* Smash either Harpoon Gun or Net Cannon Trap to get Launcher Parts

  • Tactical Trap – Thorned Venus Mouse Trap (8 million points required)
Thorned Mouse Trap Plans 1
Thorned Vine 1
Venus Mouse Trap Husk* 1

* Venus Mouse Trap Husk can be obtained by smashing the Venus Mouse Trap or Mutated Venus Mouse Trap

– Thorned Venus Mouse Trap can be smashed into Thorned Venus Mouse trap Husk and crafted into Horrific Venus Mouse Trap using the following

Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Husk 1
Radioactive Sludge* 20

* To get more Radioactive Sludge, use Radioactive Blue Cheese and hunt in Meadow with your stalest trap setup to obatin them or ask friends to send you some as daily gifts

  • Physical Trap – RhinoBot (16 million points required)
RhinoBot Blueprints 1
Rhino Horn 1
Digby Drillbot Parts * 1
Stale SUPER|Brie+ ** 24

* Smash Digby Drillbot to obtain Digby Drillbot Parts
** Arm SUPER|Brie+ in Forbidden Grove with stalest trap setup or craft Runic cheese and stale them in Meadow
Note: To collect Runic Cheese, you could go to Jungle of Dead to collect Runic Cheese Curd Potions or collect Runes to craft Runic Cheese. Aged Mouse also drops Stale SUPER|Brie+, you could go back and hunt some. If you want to upgrade this trap further collect a total of 72 Stale SUPER|Brie+.

RhinoBot can be upgraded into Enraged Rhino Bot (17 million points required) use the following recipe:

RhinoBot Parts* 1
Rhino Horn 3
Stale SUPER|Brie+ 48
Tiny Platinum Bars** 6

* Smash RhinoBot to obtain RhinoBot Parts
** Can be purchased from Training Grounds General Store
Note: This upgrade is highly recommended unless you had acquired the Chrome RhinoBot.

  • Now you would ask why not use the Tribal Base? It does have a highest power bonus in the game, but the high luck bases would be more effective. Check out the following demonstration as prove by using Catch Rate Estimation:

  • Lack in points and golds to craft the advance traps? No need to worry there are many places that you could boost them up quickly. You could go to the following 4 places:
Elub Shore For Points
Derr Dunes For Golds
Nerg Plains For a bit of both points and golds
Catacombs For Golds

Note: If you are looking for gold and finds Derr Dunes is too hard for you, go back to Catacombs to boost your gold and craft Rhinobot first.

  • After you had obtained the advanced traps move to next step

Step 6 – Seeds Collecting

Main Goal

  • Since you had upgraded your 3 traps, and it’s time to collect seeds for next stage. Follow the below table to collect the seeds needed using the 3 new traps.
Targeted Mice Targeted Place Required Loots Required Cheese
Champion, Protector, Elub Cheiftain Elub Shore Blue Pepper Seed, Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece Shell
Defender, Slayer, Nerg Chieftain Nerg Plains Yellow Pepper Seed, Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece Gumbo
Gladiator, Guardian, Derr Chieftain Derr Dunes Red Pepper Seed, Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece Crunchy
  • Collect around 40 seeds of each type, if run out of special cheeses go craft more
  • After you had gotten enough seeds and the 3 different blueprints combine them with the one you purchased before
Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece 1
Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece 1
Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece 1
Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece 1


  • Before going to Jungle of Dead, we need to make some preparation
  • Go to Cape Clawed Trapsmith and buy either Clockapult of Time (2.7 million gold/20million points) or Gorgon Trap (989,00 gold/7.5 million points)
  • Clockapult of Time is highly recommended, but if you are short on gold you could try Gorgon Trap instead. (You could also use Soul Catcher from 2011 Halloween Event, or upgrade it to Soul Harvester for better effect)
  • Buy Ancient Box Trap Blueprints while you are at Cape Clawed General Store
  • When you got the trap, you can now venture into Jungle of Dead

Additional Help for Hunters on Advancing to JOD

A lot of hunters are having financial difficulties in getting Clockapult of Time, and most of the hunters are looking for alternative ways to struggle through Jungle of Dread. So here I give you a few alternative paths that you can set your foot on to help you get past this struggle period of your hunt!

  • Buy Gorgon and Struggle through JOD – expect a lot of red boxes ahead!
  • If you happen to be at this stage during the Halloween event, buy some Dreaded Charms using Halloween Candies and arm them with Sinister Portal (or Gorgon). Note Sinister Portal + Dreaded Charm > Gorgon/COT.
  • If you happen to have Terrifying Spider Trap from 2012 Halloween Event – head over to Elub Shore and start farming your points to 29 million – again this requires patience!
  • If you have Soul Catcher from 2011 Hallowen Event, you can try struggle through JOD with it too – expect a lot of red boxes ahead!

Note: The main key to pass JOD is PATIENCE!

If you have questions ask @ Help Request
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