Stage 17 – Jungle of Dread

Note: For Hunters that are struggling to pass this stage, check the end of Stage 16 for alternative ways to smash through JOD!


Required Rank


New Mice


1. Craft pepper plants using the following table

2. Go to the Inventory -> Special and pick all the plants to get different colour peppers. Now use these peppers to craft cheese using the following recipes:

Jungle Hunt

Trap Setup

Clockapult of Time* Aqua Base**
2,700,000 gold 124,900 gold

* Can use Soul Catcher or Soul Harvester or Gorgon Trap (989,000 gold) as substitute

** Can use Candy Cane, Snake Jade Base as substitute

Note: Soul Catcher and Gorgon Trap will be enough for you to catch 1 of each kind of mouse, however it’s not good enough for you to hunt for fire salts or runic potion in this area. Soul Harvester will have a similar effectiveness as Clockapult of Time.

Main Goal

  • Using the following table and arm the appropriate cheese to catch one of each kind of mouse and collect one of each kind of ABT Loot. (While you are hunting collect at least 18 fire salts and some Runic Cheese Curd Potions)

  • After collecting all 6 ABT loots, you can now craft Ancient Box Trap (Require 17 million points, Ancient Box Trap Blueprints can be purchased from Cape Clawed General Store)
  • If you don’t have enough points to craft ABT, go back to Elub Shore to boost up your points, else go ahead and craft the Ancient Box Trap with the following recipe:
Ancient Box Trap Blueprints 1
Ancient Relic Staff 1
Encrusted Metal of Time 1
Engraved Solid Stone Slab 1
Ethereal Rope 1
Hinge of Eternity 1
Timeless Mystic Gem 1
  • Congratulations, now you have a powerful Forgotten type trap and it’s effective against Acolyte mouse. You have also completed the collection of traps needed for all tiers of the King’s Gaunlet. If you want you can go ahead and try smash the Eclipse mouse to get yourself 300,000 gold reward.
  • Move to next stage!

Advance to Stage 18 – Acolyte Hunt

If you have questions ask @ Help Request

Note: All the colour tables are made by Andrea Acailawen

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