Stage 18 – Acolyte Hunt



  • Complete Stage 17
  • Obtained Keeper’s Candle in Catacombs

Required Rank



  • Check your stock on Stale Cheese under your crafting section. If you are low on stock, Stale Cheese can be obtain by staling White Cheddar cheese. Craft White Cheddar using 1 x Curds and Whey 1 x Salt. Arm White Cheddar cheese with your stalest trap setup at either CatacombMousoleum or Laboratory. (White Cheddar cheese is the cheapest cheese to make for staling, it only cost 13 gold per piece)

Note: Curds and Whey and Salt can be purchased from Training Ground or Bazaar General Store

  • Go stock around 50 Brie Cheese and some Gouda Cheese for crafting Runic Cheese later.
  • Go to Bazaar to stock up 500 Ionized Salt (Do not buy more than enough, because if you refund you will lose gold)

Step 1 – Forbidden Grove

New Mice

Note: Forbidden Grove opens for 16 hours and closes for 4 hours. After it closes, Forbidden Grove will be inaccessible from travel menu. If you caught a Realm Ripper mouse while you are hunting in Forbidden Grove, when it closes you will be transferred to Acolyte Realm automatically. Please do not go hunt for Realm Ripper if there are less than 30 minutes left till Forbidden Grove closes. (Check MouseHunt Timer to see when Forbidden Grove opens and closes)

Trap Setup

ACRONYM* Aqua Base** Ancient
949,050+ gold 124,900 gold 900 gold

* Can use Nutcracker Nuisance Trap as substitute

** Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

Main Goal

  • Use the following recipe to craft some Ancient Cheese (3 pieces per craft)
Stale Cheese* 3
Ionized Salt** 6

Stale Cheese can be obtain by staling White Cheddar cheese. Craft White Cheddar using 1 x Curds and Whey 1 x Salt. Arm White Cheddar cheese with your stalest trap setup at either CatacombMousoleum or Laboratory.

** Ionized Salt can be purchased from Bazaar General Store

  • So now arm your Ancient Cheese in Forbidden Grove and try to collect   as much Runes as possible (Best around 100, if you got into Acolyte Realm before getting that much you can always come back and collect more later)
  • Catch a Realm Ripper mouse to get into Acolyte Realm

Step 2 – Acolyte Realm

New Mice


  • To hunt the Acolyte Mouse here, you will need a special type of cheese call the Runic Cheese
  • There are 2 ways you can make this cheese

1. If you had managed to collect some Runes  you may wish to use this method to make Runic Cheese. Follow the below recipe to craft some Runic Cheese:

Rune 1
Stale Cheese 1
Ionized Salt* 3

* Ionized Salt can be purchased from Bazaar General Store
Note: You may add 1 Magic Essence to the recipe to make 1 additional Runic Cheese per craft

2. If you have collected Runic Cheese Curd Potions from Jungle of Dread,  you can use them to make some Runic Cheese instead. However this is a more expensive option to make Runic Cheese, as this will require Gouda Cheese to convert. This method will costs a total of 3,000 gold (2,400 conversion fee each + 600 for each Gouda Cheese).

Trap Setup

Ancient Box Trap** Aqua Base * Runic Cheese
158,175+ gold 124,900 gold 1,350 gold/piece

* Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute
** Can use Tarannosaurus Rex Trap as a better substitute

Note: Some might ask why we still using Aqua Base instead of Tribal Base? Well Tribal Base does give a catch rate boost of around 1.21%, however the cost for such small boost is relatively high. So it’s recommended that you just use Aqua Base instead of Tribal Base. 

Main Goals

  • Catch an Acolyte Mouse with the loot of MysteriousBox 
  • Open the Mysterious Box inside your special inventory, and obtain a Frozen Scroll along with some other surprises.
  • Check your crafting inventory and see if you have at least 60 Runes, if not travel back to Forbidden Grove and collect Runes until you have 60.
  • Reach rank of Knight.

Other things you might want to do here

  • Arm your Ancient Cheese and try to catch Gate Guardian and Sorceror mice. They are more common here compare to Forbidden Grove 
  • You can also make some stale cheese here easily too. Arm your stalest trap setup (e.g ACRONYM + Explosive Base with White Cheddar Cheese). If you couldn’t be bothered, you can also ask your MouseHunt friends to send you some as gifts.
  • If you have gotten 60 Runes and reach Knight rank, you now may move to the next stage!

Advance to Stage 19 – Dracano

If you have questions ask @ Help Request

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