Stage 19 – Dracano


  • Completed Stage 18
  • Crafted Ocean Navigation Kit

Required Rank



  • Let me ask you something, do you still have the High Tension Spring trap? If not you will need to buy it now from Town of Gnawnia
  • To hunt in this area you will required to use Draconic Type Trap – Ice Maiden
  • To craft Ice Maiden you will need to smash the High Tension Spring Trap to obtain High Tension Spring Parts first then use the following recipe
Frozen Scroll 1
Runes 60
High Tension Spring Parts 1
  • Check your crafting inventory and make sure you have at least 10 pepper Seeds of each colour from the Tribal Isles
  • Check your crafting inventory and make sure you have at least 18 Fire Salts (If not track back to Jungle of Dread and hunt for more, you may required to go back to Tribal Isles to hunt for more seeds to hunt more Fire Salt in JOD)
  • If you have good supply of Pepper Seeds and Fire Salts. Start crafting the Infernal Pepper Plant using the following recipe:
Blue Pepper Seed 1
Yellow Pepper Seed 1
Red Pepper Seed 1

Note: Picking this Plant will give 1-5 Infernal Pepper Seeds

  • After you had crafted and picked enough Infernal Pepper Seeds, now use them to craft the Inferno Havarti to catch Draconic Mice. Use the following recipe to craft them (6 pieces per craft)
Inferno Pepper 6
Coconut Milk 16
Curds and Whey 18
Fire Salt 6

Trap Setup

Ice Maiden Aqua Base * Inferno Havarti
600 gold 124,900 gold 2,170 gold/piece

* Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

Main Goals

  • Catch the Dragon Mouse with the Dragon’s Chest (This mouse will rewards you a lot of gold, but be ready for a lot of misses and red box. However if you have extra gold that you can spend, buy Dragonbane Charm)
  • Open the Dragon’s Chest, and on the first chest you will obtain a Zugzwang’s Scarf and Magic Feather. The rest of the stuff that came along are useful too. (Especially the Vanilla Beans)
  • Zugzwang’s Scarf is the key to open to the new area, Seasonal Garden. However you are required to be at least rank of Lord/Lady to enter. The Magic Feather is needed for crafting later, keep it for later.
  • Now continue hunting in Dracano until you have 3Dragon Embers (All 3 Draconic Mice drops them, so you might had collected a few while hunting for Dragon Mouse)
  • If you are Lord/Lady now, you may skip to Seasonal Garden now. Else move to next stage.

Advance to Stage 20 – Balack’s Cove

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