Stage 20 – Balack’s Cove

Note: You can skip this stage if you had already reached the rank of Lord/Lady, if so skip to Stage 21 – Seasonal Garden. However if you are not Lord/Lady yet, you should continue with this stage as this stage is mainly for collecting points.


Required Rank


Nice Mice


  • Buy Antique Lantern (94,000 gold) from Cape Clawed‘s general store
  • Now use the recipe below to craft the Balack’s Lantern (required to enter Balack’s Cove)
Antique Lantern 1
Dragon Embers 3

Note: Extra Dragon Embers can be smashed to obtain Fire Salt, but make sure you at least have 1 left for later use.

  • Now you need to collect around 200-300 Vanilla Beans and there are two ways of doing it.
    • Method 1– If you happen to still have extra seeds from the tribal isles, this method is more preferred and this method is much faster.
      • You should had notice from last stage you gotten some Vanilla Beans after opening the Dragon’s Chest. So you probably can guess what this method is all about now!? YES! You keep on hunting the Dragon Mouse in Dracano and collect and open Dragon’s Chests to collect enough Vanilla Beans. (If you are lucky you might even get the  Heat Bath Blueprints from the chest and can craft the Heat Bath Trap)
    • Method 2 – if you are too lazy to recollect seeds and hunt down the dragon mouse, this is your way to go around it!
      • Travel to Jungle of Dread and catch the Swarm of Pigmy mice which drops Vanilla Beans (only drops like 1-2 at a time) with the following Trap setup:
        Trap: Clockapult of Time/Gorgon Trap
        Aqua/Candy Cane/Dragon Jade
        Cheese: Gouda
      • Keep hunting until you have enough Vanilla Beans
  • You might wonder why we spend so much time and effort hunting for so many Vanilla Beans, well that’s because you need to craft the Vanilla Stilton cheese to hunt in Balack’s Cove. Use the following recipe to craft as much Vanilla Stilton as possible and leave around 50+ Vanilla Beans for crafting another cheese later!
Vanilla Beans 15
Curds & Whey * 15
Salt * 15
Coconut Milk * 15

OR if you have spare S|B+

Vanilla Beans 5
Curds & Whey 15
Salt 15
Coconut Milk 15
Magic Essence 15

* Curds & Whey, Salt, Coconut Milk all can be purchased from Cape Clawed‘s general store.

Note: Both recipe makes 15  Vanilla Stilton

  • Now you are ready! Move to Balack’s Cove

Trap Setup

3 Types of trap setups can be used here for different purposes

– Catching the Balack the Banished

Ancient Box Trap Aqua Base * Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
158,175+ gold 124,900 gold 1,262 gold/piece

* Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

– Boosting points

ACRONYM Aqua Base * Vanilla Stilton
949,050+ gold 124,900 gold 818 gold/piece

* Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

– Resistance to Pigmy mice (only if it bothers you)

Clockapult of Time Aqua Base * Vanilla Stilton
2,700,000 gold 124,900 gold 818 gold/piece

* Can use Candy Cane BaseJade Base and Snake Jade Base as substitute

Note: Balack’s Cove is a special area that has three different stages and these stages are rotated with a fixed duration for each stage. Also Riptide Mice can only be found in particular stage.

Low Tide: No Riptide Mice
Medium Tide: Riptide Mice is more commonly found
High Tide: Only have Riptide Mice

Use the MouseHunt Timers to keep track of the tides.


  • If you caught a Riptide Mouse you will be washed back to Jungle of Dread. In Jungle of Dread with the Vanilla Stilton cheese you will attract the Swarms of Pigmy mice which will steal your cheese! So BEWARE of your location while hunting!
  • However you can prevent yourself from being washed back to Jungle of Dread by crafting the Empowered Anchor Charms and arm it during Mid ot High tides. The crafting recipe is as follow:
Flawless Orb 1
Scrap Metal 1
Charmbit 40

* Flawless Orb can be obtain as loot from mice in Bazaar, Clam Clearing, Cape Clawed, Harbour, Laboratory, Lagoon, Muridae Market or S.S. Huntingtin III. Which can also be purchased from the Market.
** Scrap Metal can be obtain as loot from Catacomb
*** Charmbit can be purchased from Charm Stores in Living Garden Areas and Mountain.

  • If you were washed to Jungle of Dread, simply travel back to Balack’s Cove
  • You might now ask since we can only catch Riptide Mice in medium or high tide, what should we do during the low tides? (If you are only aiming for Riptide Mouse) Well you can keep tracking the time on MouseHunt Timers and travel there when it’s medium tide, or you can stay there for low tide without arming any cheese, and arm the cheese when it turns into medium/high tide.

Main Goals

  • Catch the following three mice during Low and Mid Tide and collect their drops

Targeted Mice Required Loots
Derr Lich Bottled-Up Rage
Nerg Lich Raisins of Wrath
Elub Lich Pinch of Annoyance
  • After collecting the loots you can now craft Vengeful Vanilla Stilton cheese using the following recipe (1 per craft)
Bottled-Up Rage 1
Raisins Of Wrath 1
Pinch Of Annoyance 1
Vanilla Bean 1
Curds & Whey 1
Ionized Salt 1
Coconut Milk 1

Note: You might add 3 Magic Essence to make 3 Vengeful Vanilla Stilton instead of one per craft.

  • The Vengeful Vanilla Stilton is used to attract the Balack the Banished Mouse. So now arm your Ancient Box Trap with your strongest base with the Vengeful Vanilla Stilton Cheese and BEST OF LUCK!!
  • After you had caught your Balack the Banished Mouse, if you are still not Lord/Lady rank yet you might want to go to To do list below and do some of the listed things. If you are Lord/Lady already, move to next advance to stage 21 – Seasonal Garden

To do list

  • Crafting the Molten Shrapnel Base
    • This base is like a combination of Aqua base’s luck and Monolith base’s power. It’s highly recommended that you obtain this base if you don’t have any event base that is better. Follow the recipe below to craft it:
Required Points 18 m
Dragon Ember 1
Scrap Metal 200
Tiny Platinum Bars 12
  • Crafting Heat BathTrap
    • Heat bath is now optional since Iceberg had been released, as the new hydro trap there is much better than Heat Bath, therefore this trap is optional. The blueprints for this trap can be obtained from Dragon’s Chest. It’s quite a rare drop from the chest, so be prepared (Dragon’s Chest is dropped by Dragon Mouse in Dracano, go to Stage 19 – Dracano to check out how to catch them) After you had obtained the blueprints follow the below recipe.
Required Point 24.8 m
Heat Bath Blueprints 1
Coal 36
Scrap Metal 6
Launcher Parts * 2

* Launcher aprts are obtained by smashing either Net Cannons

  • Catching the Silth mouse
    • Go to the Great Gnarled Tree and arm the best Tactical Trap
    • Collect Gnarled Potions, convert Brie or S|B+ into Gnarled cheese
    • Use Gnarled cheese in Great Gnarled Tree and collect Wicked Gnarly Potions from Curious Chemists
    • Use Wicked Gnarly Potions to convert Brie or S|B+ into Wicked Ganarly Cheese and use Wicked Gnarly cheese in the Lagoon with best Hydro setup.
  • If you have done all of above and haven’t reach Lord/Lady, equip your ACRONYM and hunt in Balack’s Cove to boost points
  • Once you had reached Lord/Lady advance to next stage!

Advance to Stage 21 – Slushy Shoreline

  1. August 7, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    In the traps Setup option’s you have indicated to use Vanilla Stilton to capture Balack the Banished but instead it is Vengeful Vanilla Stilton Cheese!!

    • Dex Akio
      August 7, 2012 at 12:04 PM

      Vanilla Stilton and Vengeful Vanilla Stilton is two different things. You need to use Vanilla Stilton first then use Vengeful Vanilla Stilton.

  2. Macmac Rivera
    October 26, 2012 at 4:27 AM

    In the trap setup, vengeful vanilla stilton should be the cheese in catching Balack the Banished

    • October 26, 2012 at 4:43 AM

      Thanks for spotting that out, changes had been made.

  3. May 1, 2013 at 3:03 AM

    Dex, Can you add this :
    Use Empowered Anchor Charms When Mid and High Tide To Prevent Washed Back To Jungle Of Dread After Capture Riptide Mice

  4. July 4, 2013 at 1:01 AM

    Dex, when balack the banished could be catch? Low, Med, High or everytime?

    • Shaikan
      May 7, 2016 at 3:41 PM

      During the high tide ONLY riptide mice can be caught.

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