Stage 29 – Gnawnia Rift


This area is still new to us, many updates will take place in the near future. Please check back often for updates!


  • Obtained 5 Dol Essences in Living Garden
  • Purchased the Rift Detector

Required Rank

53f8ec71d1a26beec6277152afdcc9ba Count/Countess

 Step 1 – Travel

  • Purchase the Rift Detector from the Cartographer in Living Garden with 5 Dol Essence.
  • Then you can head to Gnawnia Rift in the Rift Plane Region


Step 2 – Preparation

This area require the use of special string cheese available in the Cheese Shoppe and there are 4 types, each with different attraction rate:

Icon Cheese Types Attraction Rate Potion Drop per Hunt Gold Cost
marble string Marble String Cheese 67% 0.06 300
swiss string Swiss String Cheese 80% 0.08 800
brie string Brie String Cheese 83% 0.10 1,600
brie string Magical String Cheese 100% 0.18 N/A**

* Above data base on using Crystal Tower Trap
** Magical String Cheese is available on the Marketplace or through Donations or the Day 5 Loyalty Chest or dropped by Dream Drifter Mouse.


Choose the cheese that match your economy, if you have loads of gold it’s obvious that you should go for Brie String Cheese. If not at least use Swiss String Cheese because the significant improvement in the attraction rate compare to Marble String Cheese.

If you have some Magical String Cheese then use those, as they are the most efficient.

Step 3 – Riftiago Potion Hunting

Now that you have the initial types of string cheese, you can begin the Rift Adventure!

  • Mice here are weak against Rift power type traps
  • Tho any other power types can still be used to catch mice here
  • If you haven’t gotten the Crystal Tower trap yet, use your strongest trap available (So far Chrome MonstroBot is the best)
  • Arm the string cheese of your choice to start hunting!
  • Collect Riftiago Potions from the mice as loot

Step 4 – Resonator Cheese Farm

Now that you got the Riftiago Potions, you can upgrade to your next set of cheese to attract more powerful mice.

The following shows the method to convert the cheeses using the Riftiago Potion:

riftiago potion

  •  Arm the Riftiago Cheese
  • Arm your strongest trap setup
    • Recommend you use a trap setup with the highest power
    • If you have use power charms (instead of luck charm because power type other than rift is not effective here so higher the power the better)
  • Collect Magical Seed, Rift Dust and Riftgrass from the mice you attracted ( Drop rate is about 85%)
  • Now use the material you collected to craft the Resonator Cheese

Resonator Cheese


 Step 5 – Goliath Field and Crystal Tower

  • Now you arm the Resonator Cheese  you crafted
  • Use your strongest trap setup
    • Recommend you use a trap setup with the highest power
    • If you have use power charms (instead of luck charm because power type other than rift is not effective here so higher the power the better)
  • Obtain the Raw Rift Crystal as a loot from the Goliath Field 
  • Using the Raw Rift Crystal to buy the Crystal Tower trap in the Trapsmith. 


Rift Set Bonus

So far if you use Rift Base + Rift Weapon (For now Crystal Tower) you will get a 10% power bonus (2 set bonus)

rift set

set bonus

The 3rd piece of the set is believe to be the Rift Charm, which is current not released yet.

rfit charm


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