Stage 6 – Town of Digby

Required Rank


New Mice

Trap Setup

Swiss Army Mouse Trap Dehydration Base Swiss
70,300 gold 23,608** gold 100* gold/piece

Main Goal

  • Catch Zombie Mouse with the Tattered Mousoleum Map
To do list
  • Before going to next stage, you need to gear up.
  • Go to the Trapsmith and buy Sinister Portal cost 140,600 gold. (If you already haveAmbrosial Portal then use that one, however Sinister Portal is a better choice)
  • Navigate to your Inventory -> Potions and make Radioactive Blue Cheeses using your Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions. (Making the cheeses will require gold, so convert your Brie bit by bit, e.g. 2-3 potions at a time)
  • After you finish preparing travel to the Mousoleum!
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