Stage 7 – Mousoleum

Required Rank


New Mice

Trap Setup

Sinister Portal^ Explosive Base** Radioactive Blue
140,600 gold 29,775 gold 500* gold/piece

* Brie Cheese 200 gold + 300 gold per RB from potion

** Can use Candy Cane or Dragon Jade (more preferred) as alternative base

^ Can use Soul Catcher as alternative trap

To compare the above alternative setups use the Catch Rate Estimates by Furoma Tools

Main Goal

  • Catch a Lycan Mouse with the Shredded Furoma Map Piece

To do list

  • Most mice in the Mousoleum are belong to the group “The Shadow Clan”, which has resistance to “Physical Traps”
  • You might be discouraged by the amount of misses you are getting and that’s due to the toughness of the mice here. However mice here drop more gold then usual and overall you are actually making a good profit.
  • [Optional] If you have the resources, you can use Moon Cheese to greatly increase the attraction to Lycan Mouse. It is recommended that you buy some off the Market Place as that way it’s cheaper and require less effortelse you could craft Moon Cheese use the recipe below:
Meteorite 1
Curds and Whey 3
Magic Essence 2
  • Meteorite – obtained as a loot from Granite Mice in the Town of Digby
  • Curds and Whey – can be purchased from Harbour General Store
  • Magic Essence – can be obtained by smashing SUPER|Brie + 
  • After having gotten the Shredded Furoma Map Piece, keep hunting in Mousoleum until you have around 320,000 gold (Travel fee included)
  • Save around 30 Radioactive Blue Cheese and travel to Great Gnarled Tree (Make sure you use Larry’s free travel to Meadow first then go Great Gnarled Tree, save you a lot of travel fee)
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