Stage 8 – Great Gnarled Tree

Required Rank


New Mice

Step 1

Trap Setup

Venus Mouse Trap Dehydration Base Swiss
299,650 gold 23,608 gold 100* gold/piece

*Buy from Meadow

To do list

  • Keep hunting until you reach 827,500 points.
  • When the required point is reached, you now able to upgrade the Venus Mouse Trap

Step 2

Trap Setup

Sinister Portal Explosive Base Radioactive Blue
140,600 gold 29,775 gold 600* gold/piece

* Brie Cheese 300 gold + 300 gold per RB from potion

To do list

  • Check your Inventory -> Crafting -> Cheese Tab, you might see you have some Radioactive Sludges. Whenever your Radioactive Blue Cheese goes stale, you will get Radioactive Sludges.
  • You will required 20 Radioactive Sludge to upgrade your trap, however you might not have that many yet.
  • Now equip a trap with the most stale cheese effect. If you followed this guide, Sinister Portal  with Explosive will be your new setup, else get the Mouse Rocketine from the Town of Gnawnia
  • Keep hunting in Great Gnarled Tree until you obtained 20 Radioactive Sludge
  • An alternative way of getting Radioactive Sludge is by asking your MH friends to gift you Radioactive Sludge daily
  • Once you obtained enough sludges, navigate to Inventory -> Crafting -> Hunter’s Hammer, then smash your Venus Mouse Trap and get a Venus Mouse Trap Husk.
  • Now use the following recipe to craft your new trap:
Venus Mouse Trap Husk 1
Radioactive Sludge 20
  • WALA! you had just made a Mutated Venus Mouse Trap!
  • Now move to step 3

Step 3

Trap Setup

Mutated Venus Mouse Trap Dehydration Base Swiss
299,650 gold 23,608 gold 100* gold/piece

*Restock Swiss at Meadow

To do list

  • Here you can collect some Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions, if lucky you might able to obtain the Map of the Lagoon while hunting. (Don’t worry if you didn’t get the Map of the Lagoon, we are coming back here later)
  • Just continue hunting until you get promoted to Grandmaster rank
  • Once got promoted move to Training Grounds
If you have questions ask @ Help Request
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