Stage 9 – Training Grounds

Required Rank


New Mice

Trap Setup

Mutated Venus Mouse Trap Dehydration Base Brie
299,650 gold 23,608 gold 200* gold/piece

* Do not restock Brie cheese here, buy from Town of Gnawnia

Main Goal

  • Obtain Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar from either Archer or Kung fu mice

To do list

  • Purchasing Zugzwang’s Last Move is NOT recommended
  • Bamboozler Base in the shoppe may give a slight improvement, but it’s not necessary.
  • While you are here stock the following materials:
Burroughs Salmon 10
Nori 10
Rice Paper 3
Splintered Wood 15

Advance to Stage 10 – Bazaar

If you have questions ask @ Help Request

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