MouseHunt Gold Farm Methods

October 25, 2012 20 comments


Last Updated On: 4th May 2013
– Added the use of Kings Credits for Furoma Farm Cycle

While advancing in rank and moving from areas to areas, there are points in time where you need a massive amount of gold to buy new traps and supplies. However trying to gain enough gold might be rather difficult to obtain hunting normally.

Now you would wonder where you can farm gold fast and efficiently in MouseHunt.

There are a few areas for gold farms, and they each requires a specific rank.

 Masters and  Grandmasters

  • Mousoleum
    • Will experience some FTC and FTA, however in a long run it’s a very good profit
    • Down side is you will require to farm Radioactive Potions before hand
    • For the guide on how to hunt in Mousoleum go to Stage 7


  • Catacombs
    • This will be one of the place that you will stay the longest to farm gold
    • Best profit when you have ACRONYM crafted
    • For hunters above Legendary Rank and haven’t crafted the Enraged Rhino Bot.
    • Great point and gold reward in this area
    • Down side would be that you need to farm Radioactive Potions
    • For the guide on how to hunt in Catacombs go to Stage 13
  • Derr Dunes
    • Once you had obtained at least Enrage Rhino Bot (ERB) start farming here for fast gold
    • Expect a fair amount of FTC and FTA even with ERB, however in a long run profits will out run your loses
    • Comparing with Catacomb
      • Pro: No need to farm Radioactive Potion, higher gold profit
      • Con: Lower point reward, slower rank advancement
    • For the guide on how to hunt in Derr Dunes go to Stage 16


  • Muridae Market
    • Comparing with Derr Dunes
      • Pro: Way more points reward, less “redboxes”
      • Con: Less gold
    • For the guide on how to hunt in Muridae Market go to Stage 27

Special Gold Farm Methods

  • Furoma Cycle
    • Before starting this gold farm, make sure you understand that this is not as profitable as Derr with the same amount of time spent, if you are not using Maki Cheese or buying tokens with Kings Credits.
    • Requires a strong Tactical trap
      • Minimum Horrific Venus Mouse Trap
      • Recommended Sphynx Wrath

1. Collect tons of Tokens from Students in Dojo (Best with maki) or skip to step 2 by buying tokens with kings’ credits
2. Craft Combat, Glutter and Sushee cheese and catch Masters in Meditation Room for shards.
3. Craft Rumble cheese and collect as many Onyx Stone as possible from Masters of Dojo
4. Using the Onyx Stones craft Unstable Curds
5. “Poke” them all inside the Special Inventory to obtain different kinds of cheese, including:

      • Onyx Gorgonzola – use it to catch Dojo Sensei
      • Rumble – use it to catch more Masters of Dojo
      • Combat, Glutter and Susheese – use them to get more Shards to craft Rumble again

6. Keep crafting more Unstable Curds and continue the cycle until you are out of supplies. The main point is to get as much Master of the Dojo and Dojo Sensei as possible during the cycle.

Note: I had done calculations on this Gold Farm cycle, if you are planning to buy Maki cheese from the market to farm gold, it’s barely profitable. Check out the profit calculation both on Maki and Gouda in Foruma first cycle here.

* For recipe and general guide for Foruma go to Stage 11

  • Acolyte Farm
    • This one is straight forward, the main goal is to farm as much Acolytes as possible with Runic Cheese.
    • Requires a Forgotten and Arcane Trap
      • Minimum Forgotten Trap – Ancient Box trap
      • Minimum Arcane Trap – Obelisk of Slumber (Recommends ACRONYM)

1. Check MouseHunt Timer to see how long till Forbidden Grove closes

2. Go there only if there are more than 1 hour left (Best if there are more time)

3. Farm Runes in Forbidden Grove while trying to catch a Realm Ripper mouse

4. When you are at Acolyte Realm, craft as many Runic Cheese as possible with Runes and arm it to catch as many Acolyte as possible.

    • For general guide on how to hunt Acolyte go to Stage 18
  • Selling Super Brie
    • If you are willing to donate to MouseHunt, selling Super Brie + in the market would be the EASIEST way to get gold
    • SB+ can also be obtained on the Day 5 Loyalty Chests
    • Super Brie Supply Packs can also be purchased from King’s Arms General Store for 30 King’s Credits

If you know any other ways to farm gold, post a full description of the method in the comment below! Good luck farming gold hunters!

How to probably judge trap setups

October 24, 2012 1 comment

A lot of hunters are judging the traps and bases combinations incorrectly. This way a lot of hunters are claiming this and that trap/base are weaker while they are already using the best possible trap setup they could.

How inexperience hunters judge trap setups

  • Fail to catch/FTA streaks
  • Base on less than 20 hunts
  • Only look at the effectiveness regardless of the luck (as luck does not counted in the effectiveness, but it does make a difference to the catch rate)

This is a terrible Malady spreading among MouseHunters, the name of this Malady is called Small Sample Size Syndrome or S^4.

The Symptoms of this Malady are:

  • Hunters claim that a certain trap setup is bad or weak base on a number of misses in a streak. (base on <20 hunts)
  • Hunters claim that a certain trap setup is better than all the other trapsetup , due to they fail to catch or FTA using the other trap setups. But switching to that certain trap setup it caught the mouse (base on < 20 hunts)
  • Hunters complain and whine about not able to catch a particular type or group of mice in a particular area. (e.g JOD, Sensei) Where mice there are designed to be hard to catch. Then they start to complain the traps or bases are too weak.

Important notes to straighten up your logic

  • Hunts are often on streak, especially for powerful mice.
  • There are times when even the best setup will fail, and weak setup can catch mice that are normally not able to catch.
  • Changing your setup from time to time will not reset your luck/streak. In fact changing your setup will lower your chance of  catching the mice
  • In a long run of 100, 200, or 500 hunts, these good luck or bad luck streak will even out and the end result will be clear that the better setup will win.
  • Many hunters are rather impatient, however you all need to know MouseHunt is a game of patience. DHU streak will end eventually, you just need to be patient. The mice will come eventually!

How should you judge your traps?

Special thanks to Richard Allan Lim as this is base on his post in the forum. 

AMHU Feedback Friday Review Oct 19th

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Here is a summary of this week’s Feedback Friday!

General Mailbag

How easy are maps to key, would it be a simple job to create a new map when new mice are release or the harder ones?

  • Easy! They are easy to make but the difficulties come to the balance. We do want mice being added to new contents as soon as possible.

So the crown page changed!?

  • Yes!

How about introducing the 1k catches for the final crown?

  • Jacob had that on his to do list. They have living garden in the way and they want it to be out ASAP. So when Jacob got the time he will get the art done and the coding part isn’t that hard. So it will be done once there is time!

Can we get a sub-page to the skins?

  • Go check right now it’s there! (On your profile page)

Is the Terrifying Spider Trap Upgradable?

  • No, when you get it it’s already the full length, it looks the way it looks.

When will be the images for the Sphynx Wrath and Monstrobot trap skin be fixed for smaller base?

  • Very soon, most of them are already being fixed. Sphynx Wrath should be fixed.

Is there any way to make the group location list static when you are viewing the mice stats in the profile page or lost first.

  • It’s not possible due to the setup of the page right now

Point planning and testing a site, how simple is it to program a tournament?

  • Very simple it’s just copy paste, but we still have to go and tweak stuff.

Now the celebration of the Leprechaun is over how much price mice are being released daily? 

  • The encounter rate gone back to normal but the release rate had never changed, so same amount running around the kingdom. There will be a few hundred  running around in the kingdom each month.

When are you going to add the send back gift button?

  • The button itself is very simple, it’s a couple of hour of work, but it’s not going to be happening anytime soon since we have a lot a work lining up like Living Garden and Christmas coming up very soon!

So certain mice like Icewing invasion are arrange strangely in region’s tab for Gnawnia and Rodentia and some event tabs as well, especially the latest 3 mice.

  • I am sorry, we ordered the mice very manually. I think Iceberg should be fixed now, but I will take a look at that and we will take a look at the event mice as well in the list.

Can the Stream Lazer MK II and III moved higher in the trap selector?

  • It’s very simple to do and we can do that.

Any thoughts about creating a system where players can create a map and send it to a friend?

  • It’s a good idea but we need a good system, maybe allow the creator to supply the rewards? It a neat idea indeed!

Would you ever consider going back to the old way of showing effective of mice base on the cheese freshness?

  • Some old area is not comparable and some area are just have some special things that mess up the system.

Will there be eventually more event mice more the normal mice, like some kind of crazy jumbled up event with all the event mice comes back for the hunters to catch?

  • We like that “like a event event”, “it’s event friday!”, “it’s the weekend event”. So one day!

Will there be any chance there will be a upgrade for the Venus Mouse Trap upgrade for the Living Garden, doesn’t have to be better than the WUT, I just want to use the Venus Mouse Trap. 

  • Venus Mouse Trap already have the most variation and it’s not sorta related to the new area. So no.

Is there anything scheduled that will let players in the tournament see the total counters of competitive mice without having to repeatedly loading everyone’s page?

  • Nothing scheduled and we need everyone sit down to chat about it

Halloween Mailbag

Swamp Thang mice had a huge 32500 points and it’s coming from Living Garden, does that mean Living Garden had to be Count/Countess or above?

  • We wont be telling.

Does the Halloween / Spooky Map had to be completed before the event ends?

  • Yes and yes!

How long will the event stay?

  • 2 to 3 weeks, we will announce an ending gate.

The last 2 years the halloween cheese have very high attraction rate outside of  Haunted Terrortories, will this happen this year too?

  • Yes!

If we have an extra Halloween Scroll Case stay and can be used for next year?

  • No, but when the event ends the Halloween Scroll Case will be changed to regular scroll cases.

Why aren’t the tier 2 and 3  not available this year purchasing with candies?

  • We just copy the rewards from last year, we will check on it.

Halloween Tournaments?

  • Yes, we just didn’t want to do them on day one. Just do the event first we will get to it.

The Swamp Mice type has equal effectiveness towards all power type traps, does that mean it won’t be appearing in Living Garden?

  • Yes, it’s a event guy.

Are the themes permanent?

  • YES! You can attach it all year around. Even if you missed it this year, you can get it next year.

Does prize mice appear in Haunted Terrortories?

  • Yes they do except Meadow.

Will the Springer and Sphynx skin stay here forever or be gone after the event?

  • They are here for good, will be available even after event.

MouseHunt 2012 Halloween Event

October 19, 2012 13 comments

It’s one of the most EXCITING event of the year again! Haunted Terrortories opens again! This year the Swamp Thang Mouse had burst forth from the Living Garden and charged into Gnawnia! He kicked Mousevina’s butt and settled on her seat in Haunted Terrortories along with last year’s loot and new treasures!

As this event may varies over time, updates will be made accordingly. Please check back from time to time for updates and changes apply to any of the contents.

Last Update: 27th Oct 2012
– Hunters recently discovered that  Swamp Thang drops Witch’s Brew Skin!

So let the Haunt Begins!

Collecting Treats and Tricks

  • The easiest way to start collecting is go to your profile and click on “Visit another friend” and “Ring Doorbell”. Then you will be either treated with 3 Candy Corn Cheese or tricked with 3 Ghoulgonzola Cheese. You can ring a maximum of 10 doors per day. So you just do this every day to collect your cheese.
  • Due to the fact that you require both type of Hallowen’en cheese, the best way to collect them by ring doorbells is note down or contact your friends to find out if they are tricking or treating. This way you can get a balance amount of each type.
  • While you are doing that you may visit some friends that haven’t chosen a Hallowe’en cheese this year, in that case you can “Collect Cobweb”. You can collect a maximum of 5 Cobweb from friend’s profiles for this entire event this year.
  • Another button you might see while you are jumping around profiles is a Halloween Candy. Click them and collect it as you go and you will need them to buy stuff at the shoppes in Haunted Terrortories.
  • After collecting your daily Hallowe’en cheese from your friends’ profile but still not enough. You may arm regular cheese and hunt in Haunted Terrortories. Mice here occasionally drop Candy Corn or Ghoulgonzola cheese. (more detail will be provided in the location descriptions later)

Start the Hunt

  • Special Note for Novice Ranks
    • Haunted Terrortories only open for Recuit or above, so if you are a Novice don’t panic. The Halloween cheeses have a high attraction rate in the Meadow during the Halloween season. So use them as free cheese to advance yourself to Recruit. It really doesn’t take long for you to get to Recruit from Novice, so you might want to keep the Halloween cheese and use them as soon as you advanced to Recruit.
  • Understanding the HUD
    • As soon as you entered the Haunted Terrortories you will notice the HUD. This shows your progress through the three sub-locations in this area: Corn Maze, Haunted Manor and Pumpkin Patch.
    • Now you may notice that there are 2 lines of boxes, one labeled as Mice Treated and the other as Mice Tricked These are to help you keep track of your progress on both treat and trick path. So yes you will need to use both special cheese to complete each sub-area. Every catch with Candy Corn will fill up the Treated Mice bar and every catch with Ghoulgonzola will fill up the Tricked Mice bar. NOTE: if you filled up the bar of one side without filling the other, the boxes does not fill pass to the next location and your cheese will be wasted. (eg. if you filled 10 “Mice Tricked” boxes without filling in all 10 boxes of “Mice Treated”, the boxes on the “Mice tricked” side will not go pass the Haunted Manor symbol. Any mice you catch with Ghoulgonzola cheese will not contribute to your progress.)
    • Once you had filled up the both progress bars of the sub-location you will automatically travel to the next sub-location.
  • Sub-location Guide
    • Corn Maze
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Trap Available (Any power type is fine – prefer with good amount of luck)
      • Requirement to Advance
        • 10 Mice Tricked
        • 10 Mice Treated
      • Area Notes
        • Armed with regular cheese
          • Mutated Grey drop Candy Corn
          • Mutated White drop Ghoulgonzola
          • Hollowhead drop either or both
        • Armed with Event cheese
          • Cobweb drop Cobweb
          • Wild Chainsaw drop Halloween Candies
          • Spirit Light drops Halloween Candies
          • Zombot Unipire Mouse drops King’s Credits
          • Grave Robber Mouse drops King’s Credits
    • Haunted Manor
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Shadow/Arcane (If you don’t have these two power types, it’s ok mice from Corn Maze are here too, and catching them with physical will still enable you to advance through this area.) Note for hunters that have very good physical traps, you might want to use physical over Shadow/Arcane here. As you hardly encounter the shadow types. Physical will be more efficient.
      • Requirement to Advance
        • 20 Mice Tricked
        • 20 Mice Treated
      • Area Note
        • Same loot drop from mice as Corn Maze
    • Pumpkin Patch
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Shadow/Arcane (If you don’t have these two power types, it’s ok mice from Corn Maze are here too, and catching them with physical will still enable you to advance through this area.)
      • Requirement to encounter the Swamp Thang
        • 39 Mice Tricked then catch a Trick Mouse
        • 39 Mice Treated then catch a Treat Mouse
        • Note this is by assuming it follows the same format as last year, will update this if I found any changes this year.
      • Area Note
        • Once you caught both Trick and Treat Mouse, Swamp Thang would be unlocked. 
    • Boss Fight
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Trap Available (Any power type is fine – prefer with good amount of luck)
      • Cheese Recommendation
        • Gouda (Brie is alright too)
      • Boss Info

As you can see, it’s effective with any power types, so catching with your strongest power type trap will do!

      • The boss drop Hallowe’en Theme Scrap ITerrifying Spider TrapWitch’s Brew SkinHallowe’en Scroll Case
  • New Trap Info

    • Statistics
      • Power: 2400 (Shadow)
      • Power Bonus: 5%
      • Attraction Bonus: 5%
      • Luck: 13
      • Cheese Effect: No Effect
      • Required points to arm: 29,000,000 points
      • AUGH! That is a huge spider! That must have been what the massive cocoon was for! The sheer terror this incredible spider inflicts on surprised mice adds a fantastic +10 luck to your trap.
      • “Dozens, no of tiny spiders must have created this huge cocoon, but why? Perhaps equipping it in the Haunted Terrortories or the Seasonal Garden during Fall will reveal”So the trap will have the effect enables in HT and Seasonal Garden Fall Season.
    • [EDITED] Trap discussion
      • From the look of the stats of this trap, it’s better than the trap we got last year the Soul Harvester. Unfortunately again this trap is same as Soul Harvester, requires a total point of 29 million before you can arm it. Sorry bad news for the hunters that are looking for a substitute for COT.
      • From testing this trap will have the same special bonus luck as Soul Harvester, you will have a +10 luck if you arm it in Haunted Terrortories and Seasonal Garden during Fall. 
      • This LE trap will have no upgrade, it’s at its final form once you obtained it from Swamp Thang
      • Overall this trap is just amazing, the look is awesome along with it’s fantastic stats. Such a great Halloween gift! I say it’s must have! 🙂
Note: All information given above is assuming the the system of the event is same as last year, any changes known will be made according as time goes.

Strategies and other information

  • If you have a good shadow/arcane trap and you have a good supply of both Hallowe’en cheese, then you can buy Spooky Charms (600 gold + 1 Candy Corn + 1 Ghoulgonzola) from Charm Shoppe
  • Here is a very good table showing you how the spooky charm makes an difference towards the attraction rate of the mice in pumpkin patch
  • Note that some particular mice might require Spooky Charms to attract like last year.
  • Go and surf around the shoppes to check out the new skins, charms, and crates that are available this year.
  • For recommendations on what are best to be bought and take advantages from this event’s shoppes, check out MKHAS’s purchase recommendations.
  • Something special had being added during this event, if you click your shield and go to your profile you will notice there is a “change theme” button after your statistics. By clicking it you may change from your original journal skin to Golden Shield or Halloween Skin. Obviously the Golden Shield skin is only available for hunters that had the LGS. However the Halloween Skin can be obtain from crafting, one of the crafting part can be found in Haunted Terrortories’ General Shoppe for 5 Cobweb.
  • Now you should also check your free gifts, you will notice a item call “Pumpkin Treat Basket”, you may ask friends to send you this gift each day. It contains random loots, but includes Halloween special cheese, spooky mask, and Whisker Woods Wicked Hat.
  • Location of all the skins –

Special Thanks to tehhowch‘s guide on providing some of the information.

How to hunt the Goldleaf Mouse?

September 14, 2012 2 comments

From looking at what it’s holding you might able to guess where this little rare mouse is going to be wondering around. Yes it appears to be hunting for cheese in Great Gnarled Tree. From reports so far it will “NOT” require SB+ to attract it, however SB+ will be way more effective. So if you don’t have the spare SB+, Brie will be good enough to attract it.

Trap setup

Trap: Strongest Tactical Trap

Base: High attraction rate

Bait: Brie (Recommends SB+)

Anyway good luck hunting this Goldleaf mouse!

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New Content – Mouse Archaeology

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Mouse Archaeology

 (This is permanent content)

All across Gnawnia, rumours and legends about long-hidden treasure have been cropping up. Tales of treasure maps, relics from the far past, and incredible wealth have been flooding the local taverns. It seems everyone’s got treasure-hunting fever, and for good reason!

Hunt and catch tough mice to find Ancient Relics, attract Relic Hunters who love to nab these relics, and collect Treasure Maps to seek out great treasures!

Above information is posted at

For a basic guide on what this new content is all about and how to complete a hunt, check out my guide at Special Stage – Ancient Relic Hunt!

Latest Update on Guide

Update 14/09/2012

– Added recommendation for Ancient Relic Hunt

– Added extra details to this content to make things more clear

– Added tips for treasure map hunting

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+5 Bonus Luck Weekend & Guide

August 11, 2012 Leave a comment

The bonus luck weekend has begun!

Find the rare and elusive Lucky Mouse while hunting with your +5 luck bonus! Catch him for some sweet rewards!

The luck weekend will end Monday morning.


So where to hunt a lot of lucky mice?

From experience from last time, the place I recommend would be Meditation Room with the following setup:

Trap: Chrome RhinoBot or replace with a physical or tactical trap with high luck.

Base: Dragon Jade Base or replace with any other base with high luck.

Bait: Brie or replace with another other cheese is fine

Charm: Luck charm (It will be a positive feed back, which means you will gain more than you use, so use it to get higher chance of encountering the lucky mouse)


Any suggestion on other places that you found is good, post below as comment!


Happy hunting!!

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MouseHunt Olympics – Great Gnawnian Games

August 1, 2012 5 comments

Note: This guide is subject to change as more information is collected and confirmed

Last Updated (2012/08/07): 

  • |NEW| Added suggestions on what to do after the run (Jump to suggestions)
  • Under Event Rewards:
    • Athlete Charm Stats outside of GGG
    • Race Reward Update (Complete pattern updated!)
  • Adjusting Trap Setup
    • Step 1 – trap setup changed from Chrome Tacky Glue Trap to 2012 Big Boom Trap, since I find that I collect more Runny Cheese over time with BBT.
Like our fan page to keep track of updates.

Event Description

The King is proud to announce the Great Gnawnian Games of 2012! This summer sports event is host to the “100 Mouse Dash”, a challenging run of 100 hunts (and mice!) over hurdles and obstacles. Race against your friends to the finish, catch as many mice as you can along the way, and win rewards!

Head to the Great Gnawnian Games, hunt mice to collect Runny Cheese, then compete against hunters in the race! Rewards are given based on performance, so hunt well, MouseHunters, and good luck!

Event End Date

The Great Gnawnian Games will end on Monday, August 13, 2012.

Event Goals

So what are the main goals of this event?

  1. Collect enough Runny Cheese
  2. Hunt in Great Gnawnian Games with Runny Cheese
  3. Catch as many mice with above setup within 100 successful “Dash” (hunts – while each successful hunt give you a +1 m progression, but Fail To Attract will not give you a progression distance, though Fail to Catch will give you a +1 m). This means you need to catch as much mice before reaching 100 m.

Event Rewards

  • Athlete Charms 
    • Obtain as reward at end of the race (after 100m reached) or get them from either the Training Gift Basket or the Athlete’s Kit
    • +10 luck bonus while hunting at Great Gnawnian Games
    • Power and luck reduces after event, but can be used anywhere in the kingdom
    • Stats Outside of GGG (Most likely same as after event ends)
      • Power: 120
        Power Bonus: 1%
        Attraction Bonus: none
        Luck: 3
        Consumed Upon: Encountering a Mouse
  • King’s Medallions
    • Can be obtain if hunters caught at least 60 mice before 100m reached
  • Catch Reward in terms of catches over the 100 m: 
    • King’s Credits
      • Catches/10 without decimal places (e.g 86 catches = 86/10 = 8.6 = 8 KCs)
    • Athlete Charms 
      • 60~64 catches – 22 AC
        65~69 catches – 23 AC
        70~74 catches – 24 AC
        75~79 catches – 25 AC
        80~84 catches – 26 AC
        85~89 catches – 27 AC
        90~94 catches – 28 AC
        95~99 catches – 29 AC
        100 catches – 30 AC

Event Guide

Step 1 – Farm Runny Cheese

There are debates going on about where is the best place to collect Runny Cheese over the entire kingdom. I would highly recommends you travel to Great Gnawnian Games to collect your Runny Cheese and the reasons for this suggestion are:

Trap Setup

2012 Big Boom Trap* Cheesecake Base** Gouda***
LE Trap Birthday Base 600 gold/piece

* Can substitute the trap with any physical/tactical trap (recommend with high attraction rate and luck)

** Can substitute the base with any base (best with high attraction rate and/or luck – e.g. wooden base with target)

*** Can substitute with any other cheese, a more budget cheese would be Brie with still fairly good attraction

Main Goals

  • Collect 100+ Runny Cheese 

Step 2 – 100 Mouse Dash

So now you have enough supply of Runny Cheese, let the GAME BEGIN! Travel to Great Gnawnian Games if you are not already there, and use the following recommended trap setups to start the game!

Trap Setup

Sandstorm MonstroBot* Magma Base** Runny Cheese
2,195,400+ gold LE Base Event Cheese

* Can substitute with your best physical trap (Recommends with high attraction and luck)

** Can substitute with your best base (Recommends with high luck and power – e.g. Dragon Jade Base, Spellbook Base, Aqua Base)

Note: You may arm the Athlete Charm to improve the results

Main Goals

  • As being explained in the “Event Goals” section, each time you have a successful hunt with Runny Cheese armed you will go forward by 1 meter(metre)
  • So all you have to do is catch as much mice as possible before you reach 100m
  • If you catch 60 mice within the 100m, you will get a King’s Medallion 
  • Beware of the following three “Competing Mice”:
    • Hurdle Mouse – encountered every time you come across a Hurdle on the event HUD. If missed they steal your bait (Runny Cheese), and they are relatively harder to catch.
    • Trampoline Mouse
    • Extreme Everysports Mouse
  • Obtain Athlete Charms as reward after finishing the run (reaching 100m and the amount you get as reward are listed under “Event Reward” section above)

Note: More information on what you will get if you catch more within the 100m will be added as they are released/confirmed

|NEW| What to do after finishing the 100 meter run?

There are two things that you can take advantage over this event till it ends:

  • Continue collecting Runny Cheese, and there are two different things that you can do with them:
    1. You save as many as possible runny cheese, then 2 days or so before the event use them all at the area that you are normally hunting on. Since Runny Cheese has the same attraction rate of SB+ during the event.
    2. Keep running the event and collect as many Athlete charms as possible and use them after event.

Anyway hope this guide will help you in this event, Good luck running everyone!

For the official event post check out the link below:

New Time Dimension Threat to our Kingdom!

July 21, 2012 1 comment

Well the King had announced that the new Chrono Mice had phased into the Acolyte Realm from another plane. These mice had been summoned to our dimension due to an excessive use of the Clockapult of Time!

This mouse is merely a watcher of time, and to end the chaos this mouse might lead to for our kingdom’s time dimension; hunters pick up your strongest forgotten trap and start hunting them down!!

Crystal Library Guide Added

Guide for Crystal Library had finally came together, hope it will help you all smash through all the assignments in Crystal Library!

Go check it out now!

Stage 25 – Crystal Library

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