Stage 15 – S.S. Huntington III

History:  This ship is use to be S.S. Huntington II, since the invasion of the ice mice at iceberg, S.S. Huntington II had been upgraded to S.S. Huntington III.


  • Complete Stage 14
  • Crafted S.S. Huntington III

Required Rank


New Mice


  • Visit the Trapsmith and purchase the Net Cannon and Aqua Base (costs 788,900 gold).
  • If you wonder why not choose the Harpoon Gun, and that’s because Net Cannon has a higher luck. As we are looking for loots so we prefer luck over power. If you want to try the other one, you can always smash the Net Cannon or Harpoon Gun to obtain the Launcher Parts and use the following recipes to craft the other one:
Reconstruction of Net Cannon
Launcher Parts 1
Rope* 1

Reconstruction of Harpoon Gun

Launcher Parts 1
  • If you are low stock on Brie, go restock some at Town of Gnawnia

Trap Setup

Net Cannon Aqua Base* Brie
664,000 gold 124,900 gold 200 gold

* Can substitute Aqua Base with Candy Cane Base or Dragon Jade Base.

Main Goal
  • Catch Bottled Mouse with the Compass
  • Catch Captain Mouse with the Telescope
  • Catch Shipwrecked Mouse with the Sextant
  • Craft the Ocean Navigation Kit (gain access to Tribal Isles) by using the below recipe
Compass 1
Telescope 1
Sextant 1
  • When you got Ocean Navigation Kit, you can move to Cape Clawed

Advance to Stage 16 – Tribal Isles

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