Stage 4 – Calm Clearing

Required Rank


New Mice

Step 1

Trap Setup

Swiss Army Mouse Trap Explosive Base Swiss
70,300 gold 29,775 gold 100* gold/piece

*If you need more Swiss go to the Meadow to buy them

Main Goal

  • Catch a Cyclops Mouse with Gnarled Tree Map Piece
To do list
  • You should skip both the NVMRC Forcefield Trap and Mouse Deathbot as these two traps has no significant use later on. It is recommended that you save the gold instead.
  • Collect 4 pieces of Splintered Wood  from either Treant (in Calm Clearing) or Dwarf (in Mountain).
  • Once youhave collected the Splintered Wood, it’s time to craft the Dehydration Base with the following recipe:
Dehydration Base Blueprints 1
Salt 213
Splintered Wood 4

Step 2

Trap Setup

Swiss Army Mouse Trap Dehydration Base Swiss
70,300 gold 1,278** gold 100* gold/piece

* Restock Swiss cheese at Meadow
** Cost calculated as if you followed the guide closely

To do list

  • Dehydration Base will be an alternative to  your explosive base, as this base has lower power but higher luck. (Higher luck = higher chance of loot drops, also contribute to catch rate)
  • [Optional] – As you get Cherry Potions during your hunt here, you can use them to make the Cherry Cheese to catch the Cherry Mouse. (This requires Brie Cheese)
  • Keep hunting until you are promoted to Master rank
  • Before leaving buy 300 Brie Cheese from Town of Gnawnia 
  • Once you are promoted travel to Laboratory.

Advance to Stage 5 – Laboratory

If you have questions ask @ Help Request

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