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AMHU Feedback Friday Review March 30th [Art Edition]

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment


Where do your inspiration come from? Do you look at objects or let your imagination run wild.
– It’s hard to not gather inspiration from something, generally we will have a theme and then I will try to think of the idea that fix that theme. So I just draw from back of my head, unless if it’s really difficult I would go out there and do some research.

 Any plan for new custom for different events this year?
– We might, but usually most of the mice already fit the event itself, however when the next event comes we might add in something extra such as new customs which will makes it a little better.

Any plan to redraw the starting area HUDS (banner)?
– Yes that’s one of our plan, we sure do want to do that probably as part of the art feedback friday. The huts would most likely help the new players to get to know the places. So maybe you will hear more about this later.

Are you nervous when you are drawing with us?
– Yes, but I feel like it’s a good challenge and keeps me on my toes and let me connect with you guys. Lesser when I am drawing but more nervous when I am actually just talking.

Do you take roughly the same time drawing the mouse live or drawing it yourself?
– It’s actually faster, but it’s kinda more tiring. Maybe because I always try to put out 100% effect while if I sit in my office I kind of just relax and take it easy.

When you drawing through the day, do you ask your follow colleges for ideas or feedback?
– Not really, generally I just draw what I feel like.  So usually we come up with a new idea together and I go off to draw how I want to draw and they go code how they want to code. At the end we just put everything together and they works out perfectly.

Do you come up with the ideas or they ask you to draw specific things?
– Some times I do ask to draw specific things, but usually I just draw what I feel like.

New areas are in work, how are they coming up?
– They are defiantly in production, but right now it’s just behind the spring egg hunt stuff, so then that gets out of the way I will go 100% on new content. However there are already some arts done for the new content.

Are you going to continue the banner design?
– Yes I am going to continue on the Tribal Isles etc. I kind having it as a long term project, do one once in a while and eventually will finish them all.

Any new cheese for the next area?
– That is the detail that we are deciding for it, so can’t say.

 Why do you take suggestions from the community?
– We do that to get connected with our players and it’s more fun that way, we also get to know what everyone works in the game.

Will the cheese be placed back on the column stand for the Sphynx Wrath?
– It should be on it already, if not it’s probably a glitch

Have you started drawing the winner’s pictures?
– No I haven’t and it’s not going to be today but will be coming up very soon. I really loved the competition and I am definite that I want to do a recap of the comp I will probably scale it down to one picture per person.

What Jacob drawn during the art section! It’s awesome 🙂

Link to the video recording:

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