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MouseHunt Olympics – Great Gnawnian Games

August 1, 2012 5 comments

Note: This guide is subject to change as more information is collected and confirmed

Last Updated (2012/08/07): 

  • |NEW| Added suggestions on what to do after the run (Jump to suggestions)
  • Under Event Rewards:
    • Athlete Charm Stats outside of GGG
    • Race Reward Update (Complete pattern updated!)
  • Adjusting Trap Setup
    • Step 1 – trap setup changed from Chrome Tacky Glue Trap to 2012 Big Boom Trap, since I find that I collect more Runny Cheese over time with BBT.
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Event Description

The King is proud to announce the Great Gnawnian Games of 2012! This summer sports event is host to the “100 Mouse Dash”, a challenging run of 100 hunts (and mice!) over hurdles and obstacles. Race against your friends to the finish, catch as many mice as you can along the way, and win rewards!

Head to the Great Gnawnian Games, hunt mice to collect Runny Cheese, then compete against hunters in the race! Rewards are given based on performance, so hunt well, MouseHunters, and good luck!

Event End Date

The Great Gnawnian Games will end on Monday, August 13, 2012.

Event Goals

So what are the main goals of this event?

  1. Collect enough Runny Cheese
  2. Hunt in Great Gnawnian Games with Runny Cheese
  3. Catch as many mice with above setup within 100 successful “Dash” (hunts – while each successful hunt give you a +1 m progression, but Fail To Attract will not give you a progression distance, though Fail to Catch will give you a +1 m). This means you need to catch as much mice before reaching 100 m.

Event Rewards

  • Athlete Charms 
    • Obtain as reward at end of the race (after 100m reached) or get them from either the Training Gift Basket or the Athlete’s Kit
    • +10 luck bonus while hunting at Great Gnawnian Games
    • Power and luck reduces after event, but can be used anywhere in the kingdom
    • Stats Outside of GGG (Most likely same as after event ends)
      • Power: 120
        Power Bonus: 1%
        Attraction Bonus: none
        Luck: 3
        Consumed Upon: Encountering a Mouse
  • King’s Medallions
    • Can be obtain if hunters caught at least 60 mice before 100m reached
  • Catch Reward in terms of catches over the 100 m: 
    • King’s Credits
      • Catches/10 without decimal places (e.g 86 catches = 86/10 = 8.6 = 8 KCs)
    • Athlete Charms 
      • 60~64 catches – 22 AC
        65~69 catches – 23 AC
        70~74 catches – 24 AC
        75~79 catches – 25 AC
        80~84 catches – 26 AC
        85~89 catches – 27 AC
        90~94 catches – 28 AC
        95~99 catches – 29 AC
        100 catches – 30 AC

Event Guide

Step 1 – Farm Runny Cheese

There are debates going on about where is the best place to collect Runny Cheese over the entire kingdom. I would highly recommends you travel to Great Gnawnian Games to collect your Runny Cheese and the reasons for this suggestion are:

Trap Setup

2012 Big Boom Trap* Cheesecake Base** Gouda***
LE Trap Birthday Base 600 gold/piece

* Can substitute the trap with any physical/tactical trap (recommend with high attraction rate and luck)

** Can substitute the base with any base (best with high attraction rate and/or luck – e.g. wooden base with target)

*** Can substitute with any other cheese, a more budget cheese would be Brie with still fairly good attraction

Main Goals

  • Collect 100+ Runny Cheese 

Step 2 – 100 Mouse Dash

So now you have enough supply of Runny Cheese, let the GAME BEGIN! Travel to Great Gnawnian Games if you are not already there, and use the following recommended trap setups to start the game!

Trap Setup

Sandstorm MonstroBot* Magma Base** Runny Cheese
2,195,400+ gold LE Base Event Cheese

* Can substitute with your best physical trap (Recommends with high attraction and luck)

** Can substitute with your best base (Recommends with high luck and power – e.g. Dragon Jade Base, Spellbook Base, Aqua Base)

Note: You may arm the Athlete Charm to improve the results

Main Goals

  • As being explained in the “Event Goals” section, each time you have a successful hunt with Runny Cheese armed you will go forward by 1 meter(metre)
  • So all you have to do is catch as much mice as possible before you reach 100m
  • If you catch 60 mice within the 100m, you will get a King’s Medallion 
  • Beware of the following three “Competing Mice”:
    • Hurdle Mouse – encountered every time you come across a Hurdle on the event HUD. If missed they steal your bait (Runny Cheese), and they are relatively harder to catch.
    • Trampoline Mouse
    • Extreme Everysports Mouse
  • Obtain Athlete Charms as reward after finishing the run (reaching 100m and the amount you get as reward are listed under “Event Reward” section above)

Note: More information on what you will get if you catch more within the 100m will be added as they are released/confirmed

|NEW| What to do after finishing the 100 meter run?

There are two things that you can take advantage over this event till it ends:

  • Continue collecting Runny Cheese, and there are two different things that you can do with them:
    1. You save as many as possible runny cheese, then 2 days or so before the event use them all at the area that you are normally hunting on. Since Runny Cheese has the same attraction rate of SB+ during the event.
    2. Keep running the event and collect as many Athlete charms as possible and use them after event.

Anyway hope this guide will help you in this event, Good luck running everyone!

For the official event post check out the link below:

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