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Get Shocking Hunters

September 21, 2013 4 comments

Nikola Tesla

Are you shocked? Well you should be now!

 Inspiration from an incredible inventor named Nikola Tesla…
This masterpiece will shock any mice that come for the bait…
Not going to be surprised to see mice with afro head now…

This was drawn during Feedback Friday Art Edition this week, where will this be? When will this be released? What power type you think this will be? Only time will tell…

[AMHU] Feedback Friday Art Edition Review May 10th 2013

This week Jacob the “MouseHunt Art Wizard” drew another Wild West theme mouse, where the week before last week was the Undertaker and this week is something more epic! This week’s theme was started base on Giorgio’s idea of Bon Jovi themed mouse – wanted dead or alive song.

So at the end the idea came to a cowboy with a steam engine robotic horse. First the horse was being drawn by following one of the viewers’ link to a steam punk horse. The finish sketch of the mechanical horse is shown below:

Mechanic Horse

Then Jacob moved on to drawing the cowboy riding the fearsome horse and end up with the epic and awesome art work at the end. Below are a 2 screen shots that I had taken from Jacob’s recording.

Cowboy_robotic horse

Final_cowboy with robot horse

Jacob had done his magic again! Another pure awesome mice had being summoned! Really can’t wait till the release of the Wild West area and start catching these wonderful mice.

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoy the FBF Art Edition Review by Asia MouseHunt Union Guide. Subscribe the blog or like our facebook page to get updates on more MouseHunt news and FBF next week!

You should go check out the first part of the live stream.

For the rest of the recordings go to the past broadcast list.

Happy Hunting!

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