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AMHU Feedback Friday June 22nd


Why can’t we get Well-Sealed Cannister?

  • Sealed Cannister was initially coded to be a 1 drop only loot, however if he doesn’t drop it at all then it was an oversight, devs will amend it so he should drop. There is a chance it will drop in the Hidden Depth too!

Is it possible to check your Tower/Warpath progress without being in the map?

  • They will add that sort of feature when they look into the profile area updates.

Issues with Mobile Site?

  • I believe you are referring to the display issues, and Dan just realized himself and recommended a fix. So please bear with us and it will be listed at some point)

Is the Iceberg complete now?

  • Deep Mouse was the last chapter, however it doesn’t mean it’s the end the Dev might re-visit it and update it later on.

All Gouda runs in Iceberg

  • Dan said that he was tracking and he managed to do a run within 249 hunts using a mix of Gouda and SB+, “I haven’t personally gone sub-265 yet with Gouda, I am sure once we have a fine-tuned strategy we’ll see some better runs, I hope!”
Is the Frozen seal bottle the message in the bottle that was asked last week?
  • Dev didn’t have any plan for it initially but they decided to do it after it was talked about last week.

What’s Next?

  • More technical fixes
  • No specific plan on new content at the moment
  • Have a set agenda for what they want to do


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