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AMHU Feedback Friday Review Mar 9th

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment

This week’s FBF Review is brought to you by AMHU. If you are a MouseHunter in the Asia Time Zone, apply to join our group now!

General Questions

What caused the crash?
Basically it’s the Birthday Event itself, many hunters where sent with the DLU Gift Box at the same time. Then a lot of people were logging on to open the Gift Box and the server was over flooded with players.

What caused the double point glitch in tournaments? 
We do not want to say what it was exactly because we do not want players to abuse this glitch, however we do know what caused it and Michelle will be fixing it very soon. 

How was the meet?
It was awesome, we were chatting and chilling together and we were talking about mouse hunt together with our fans and players. It was a wonderful experience.

Next major event will be Easter? Any plan for it?
Actually the next biggest thing is the tournament update, we will be having some bug fixes and some improvements. A peak of a few coming features will be:

  • Adding a system like the one during the valentine event where you can receive the reward of a tournament in a bag or such and you can always retreat it even if your team had disbanded.
  • Combining team-mate journals at one place to see what your team-mate had being hunting and can also used to spot out slackers.
  • We also have ideas of new tournament areas.

How long will Glitchpaw be around?
We will keep them for around a week till next coming Monday and the Birthday Event will be extended to next Monday as well. 

Will there be an event on St Patrick’s Day?
Well we need a break from all these events we have hosted for the past months continuously. So there won’t be anything big, at most a special shield design on the day. 

Since you had said that in the past FBF there will be new content/area to be released before Living Garden, would you kindly tell us how many are there before Living Garden? or in this year?
We couldn’t say, however we do try to release as much new content as possible. In fact we are working on them right now.

For the new content it could come with small areas or a big region with a lot of small areas

What is the concept behind the Dinosuit Mouse?
Well when it’s your birthday you would like to dress up and have some fun. Perhaps some would like to dress up like a Dinosaur 😀

Do you have any plan for a new methods of buying gateway for different country?
Not Currently.

Questions from Chat

Does Fancy Confetti has any use?
They are just collectibles.

How about having a Royal Wedding Event, where the King gets marry?
Maybe or maybe he is married already.

Can we have a inventory for having a record of what gift box we had, instead of it disappearing after we opened them?
Matter of fact, we have a plan of reorganizing  the inventory which includes that feature. There is going to be a more break down structure and having much more records like having all the gift box you had received before in your inventory.


That’s it for this week, come back next week for more info on what’s coming and what’s going on with MouseHunt!

If you would like to check out the video (This week is just audio cause their connection stuffed up). Check out the video below!

Asia Mouse Hunt Union

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