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AMHU Feedback Friday Review May 4th

May 6, 2012 1 comment


When will the new area come out?
– *Evil laughs*

Will there be new cheese for the new area?
-*Evil laughs continues* … Yes maybe

What is this “upgrade” mentioned in the news post?
– It was for upgrading the existing traps that are available in game  already (eg. Monstrobot, Sphynx etc), however there are no new traps currently you would need to get

Will the four new mice disappear once the new area is released?
– Sort of, but they won’t disappear entirely, eventually they’ll move to elsewhere and stays in one area. They are just scouts that are scouting all areas right now.

 How long did the update take to finish?
– It’s currently under fine tuning and developing still, but it’s on good progress. Base on this update Devs can then estimate how long it will take for future updates to be completed.

Is there data on the total missd mice count? How is it compared to catch count?
– Giorgio tried to get the data but it’s a very intensive query and Dan said it’s probably a bit more misses then catches.

 Which spring egg was looted the most?
– Michele has a guessing competition running right now on it

If you accidentally refunded a Papyrus base is it possible to get it back?
– Yes you should be, Devs checked many variables to determine if you should be getting more Papyrus and one of the those variables is having the base itself. Just make sure you are arming Artisan Charms, if it still didn’t work out, contact support!

When will the Monstro and Sphynx Wrath Champion skins be fixed?
– Devs have a fix for it at some point, but there is still a problem so haven’t being released yet. However it’s on the list along with the tournament base fix all these will come after the new content.

Could we have a button on the gift page that will allow hunters to send back the same gifts they have received?
– It’s a good idea and Devs have a few ideas for gifting but it will be after the release of the new content.
– Other ideas were:
-> Create a group to send a particular gift
-> Enable hunters to be able to have a wanted list

Having such a large collection of mice and traps suggests adding new ones becomes even harder. Do you have some in-house software,graphs or estimators to determine the strengths of mice,traps and other stuff?
–  They currently use a spreadsheet software from Apple called Numbers that allows them to easily calculate how powerful a mouse should be, how it would affect a certain group of hunters, how quickly hunters would get through events and many other things.
–  It helps in being able to estimate things to introduce into the game and reduces the amount of prototyping/beta testing needed.
–  If you go to there’s an article about using spreadsheets to help with game design.

Seeing as v2 had a 2yr lifespan are you planning a crazy new update with the game?
– The move to version 3 (v3) was a move to a proper (better) platform that allows them to easily change and fix things in the game so a huge update won’t be necessary.

Upcoming in the next Tournament update!

  • One of the things they want to include in the next tournament updates is to introduce team stats on the profile page.
  • So it would show how many trophies and badges the team collected as a whole, even if the captain got rid of everyone else in the team
  • One of the other ideas they are discussing is captains being able to leave their team without deleting the history of their team.
  • If it’s approved then hopefully they’ll be able to introduce that
    (Bear in mind this is still in planning and subject to change)
What happened to the other tournament types?

  • They’ve been busy with trying to release new content so they haven’t been able to go back to them.


Check out the recording if you are interested!


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