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[AMHU] Feedback Friday Art Edition Review 18th May 2013

It’s FBF “Art Edition” so what do you expect? Yes our art wizard Jacob show his magic on the drawing “paper” again. This week Jacob continues to draw another Wild West mouse, the “Gambler Mouse” or “Poker Mouse”? The idea was started from a great suggestion from a viewer again. It was an image of a River Boat Gambler.

So who is this Gambler Mouse? From the look of his appearance and outfit, he is a master of gambling, especially at card games such as poker. He also seem to be a master of “cheating” with cards all hidden inside his clothing here and there.

I got a few screen shots from Jacob’s recording this week, enjoy!

poker face2

Close up on his face


Upper Body


Final Artwork

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Happy Hunting!

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