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MouseHunt Spring Egg Hunt 2013

March 25, 2013 59 comments


This event is new and it’s subject to change, please come back frequently or follow our facebook page to get updated! 

Last Update – April 12th 2013
– Upaded the extended end date
– Added Sustainable High Charge Egg Hunt Strategy

As we approach towards Easter, The Chocolate Factory had again reopened this year in Kingdom of Gnwania! This mean this year’s Spring Egg Hunt festival starts now!

No surprise like Clockwork last year, some trouble-maker had came to mess up the party, and hatched a plan to sabotage the Eggcavator, making it impossible for hunters to track down eggs!

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get “hunting”, before the event ends on Monday, April 22nd (extended due to major server issue since the April 11th)!

Steps to successfully start the egg hunt!

Step 1 – Travel to the Chocolate Factory!

Note: Got the Eggscavator from past years? If no go to General Store to buy one, else move to step 2!

Step 2 – Check if you have any remaining Marshmallow Monterey

YES? – Arm them and go to step 4!

NO? – Move to step 3!

Step 3 – Arm any cheese that you can afford using (Recommends at least Brie) and hunt in the area with a trap that has high luck and attraction to collect Marshmallow Monterey.


Step 4 – Arm your Marshmellow Monterey and hunt with your highest luck/attraction setup to collected the first 9 eggs illustrated in grey in the HUD (Head Up Display). Eggs are drop by Egg Painter Mouse. (Recommends you hunt with Dark Chocolate Charm,though it does attract harder mice, but does not increase drop rate as far as I tested, in fact it gave more FTA/FTC)

Note: You need to switch to your strongest Arcane/Forgotten Trap Setup if you are using Dark Chocolate Charm.


Note: The Gift can either be hunted or obtain as a gift!


Step 5 – After obtaining the first 9 eggs, you will need to defeat the Scrambler to collect the last Golden Egg. (Highly recommends you to use a Eggstra Charm to get 2 Golden Egg instead of one, since this egg drop SB+)

Note: Eggstra Charms can be smashed to get 20 Dark Chocolate Charms, if Dark Chocolate is what you after, you can get them that way instead of spending gold.

Step 6 – After collection all the eggs you should able to recalibrate you Eggscavator once again! Now you can go around the whole kingdom to hunt down mice for eggs!

Egg Hunt Tips


As you may have notice, there is this Eggscavator Charger Charm in the shoppe.  The effect of the Eggscavator Charger Charm is that on each successful hunt, it will be used and give you +1 Charge. Base on the total charge you have, you will have chance to get Low, Medium or High Charged Egg.

The charge meter:

1 – 12 charges will get you low charged eggs

13-17 charges will get you medium charged eggs

18 -20 charges will get you high charged eggs

Upon reaching full charge at 20 charges, there are two things you can do:

1) Disarm the Eggscavator Charger Charm and the charges will be decreased 1 by 1 base on your successful hunts. As your charges decrease you will start getting from high charged eggs to medium to low charged eggs base on which charge range you are in. (This way is to save your Eggscavator Charger Charms)

2) Continue arming the Eggscavator Charger Charm, this way you will main at full charge at all time and only get high charged eggs.  (This way requires a lot of Eggscavator Charger Charms, might not be economical)

Recommended Method

Disarm the Eggscavator Charger Charm at full charge, arm it back once it drop below the range you are aiming for. Let say you only want high charge eggs, once the charge drop to 17, rearm the charm until regaining full charge. Likewise you are aiming for medium to high charged eggs rearm when drop to 12 charges.

Sustainable High Charge Egg Hunt Strategy


  • One of the good place could be Chocolate Factory, the reason is that you can collect MM cheese while you are doing the cycle there
  • Else you can go to any area that give you high catch rates


1. Charge to 20 charges (full)

2. Arm your Eggstra Charm and continue hunting till charge drop to 17

3. Arm back the Eggscavator Charge Charm and charge back to full (20)

4. Repeat 1 to 3 until you runs out of Eggscavator Charge Charms and go to step 5

5. When you are out of Eggscavator Charge Charms, let the charge drop to 12 with or without Eggstra Charm (It’s up to you to have Eggstra Charm on hunting the medium charge egg or not) This process will get you some medium charge eggs

6. When reach to 12 charge, smash all your medium charge eggs to obtain supply of MM cheese (Each medium charge egg drop 2-5 MM). Then go purchase back some more Eggscavator Charge Charm in Chocolate Factory.

7. Now go back to step 1 

Note: Before you go to sleep it’s best to leave it at full charge (considering you are only sleeping for 6 – 7 hours) However you need to consider that friends do take you on hunt for the first hour when you are still online in the system. So totally “number of hours of sleep + 1” = “trap checks + 1”. Taking those into account to adjust the charge you should be at before you go sleep to maintain yourself at the bottom of medium charge when you wake up.

Egg Info

Event Egg Loots

Note: The quantity of each loot can varies within a range, and the contents are not finalized expect to have something else as well in the eggs.

– Ultimate luck charm, 20 superbries

Green Plaid
– Flawed orbs, Simple orbs, 1 superbrie

– Luck charm,  6 superbrie

Stripy Red
– Lucky rabbit 2 superbrie

– Fawless orb, 6 superbrie

Wavy Purple
– Umbrella, 3 superbrie

Scalloped Pink
– Ultimate power charm, 4 superbrie

Blue Argyle
– Chocolate bunny, 2 superbrie

– Scrap metal, 6 superbrie

– Gnarled potions, Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions

Charged Egg Loot

I received 2 Flawless Orbs, 2 SUPER|brie+, 17 Wealth Charms, 2 Satchels of Gold (10,000 gold) and 2 Eggstra Charms from 2 High Charge Eggs.

I received 1 Flawless Orb, 5 Marshmallow Monterey, 6 Wealth Charms and 1 Satchel of Gold (5,000 gold) from 1 Medium Charge Egg.

I received 1 Simple Orb, 4 Gouda Cheese, 4 Wealth Charms and 1 Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold) from 1 Low Charge Egg.

Other Egg loots?

Check this Egg Tracker 2013 made by Horntracker!


Special thanks to info contributors  that helps me in the comment!

2013 MouseHunt Lunar New Year and Valentines’ Day Event Guide

February 11, 2013 52 comments


This event is still fresh, the guide will be updated frequently. Keep tuning in to get updated on new information!

Last Updated on 12/02/2013

– Updated on end goal
– Added Various Stops for the cruise
– Updated on charms and potions
– Added Trap Setup Recommendation
– Some tips on trapsmith store
– Added Charm conversion process

It’s time for sharing loves and getting lucks again!

MouseHunt is celebrating Lunar New Year and Valentines’ Day together this year!

New Area had appeared!

– Calamity Carl’s Cozy Cruise


Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise

From the look of it we will be hunting in this area for Valentine’s day.



On the right there is a box showing all the information about this event. One of them is showing a “distance” that we need to travel 1200 km along the shore. 

You goal is travel 1200 km in total and collect 99a8eb242b28cb8aeba0c81f44cc24daCaptain’s Hat!
(The Captain’s Hat is required to purchase some of the traps/bases/collectibles in the stores)

Cruising Stops:

  • Start – Harbour ( 150 km)
  • Harbour – Gnawnian Shoreline (150 – 300 km)
  • Digby lab
  • Iceberg
  • Acolyte Realm
  • S.S. Huntington III
  • Tribal Isles
  • Zugzwang Island

(More will be listed as we go)

If you are curious here is the full route image for the cruise!

You will be cruising and visiting a few more places after  harbour (to be

Different Charms’ effectiveness on distances traveled per catch

  • Without using any charms you will travel 1 km per catch
  • Using a Firecracker Charm, you will travel 3 km per catch
  • Using a Nitropop Charm, you will travel 9 km per catch
  • Using a Dragon Breath/Snakebite Charms, you will travel 25 km per catch


What drops in the new area?

By hunting in the event area (Calamity Carl’s Cozy Cruise) with any general cheese (e.g Brie)  (recommended Gouda) you will obtain some of the charms and potions. Things you can obtain from event mice are listed below with their usage:

  • Firecracker Charm
    • Use to travel 3 km per catch
  • Nitropop Potions
    • Turn 3 Firecracker Charm to 3 Nitropop Charm (168 gold per piece)
  • Snakebite Potion
    • Turn 1 Nitropop Charm to 1 Snakebite Charm (768 gold per piece)
  • Cruise Bux
    • You will collect them as you travel
    • As you past a location, you will get a bonus amount of Cruise Bux

Cruise Bux Reward

    • These are used in the Stores to purchase items/traps/collectibles

Charm Conversion Process

  • Hunt in event area to obtain -> Firecracker Charms
  • Collect Nitropop potions and Snakebike potions while using Firecracker Charms (or without is fine)
  • Go to Inventory -> Potions and brew 3 Firecracker Charms to 3 Nitropop Charms with 1 Nitropop potion + 168 gold per piece
  • Again go to Inventory -> Potions and brew 1 Nitropop Charm to 1 Snakebike Charm with 1 Snakebike potion + 768 gold per piece

Special Mice in Area

  • Arm Valentine Charms to attract/catch the Totally Not Bitter Mouse
  • Arm Firecracker Charms to attract/catch the Costumed Rabbit and Costumed Tiger Mouse
  • Arm Nitropop Charms to attract/catch the Costumed Dragon Mouse
  • Arm Snake Bite Charms to attract/catch the Costumed Snake Mouse
  • Calligraphy Mice are only attracted by SuperBrie+ only!

Trap Setup

You have 2 options depends on what cheese you are going to use:

  1. Using SB+
    Use your luckiest trap setup
  2. Using General Cheese (recommends Gouda)
    Use your luckiest + attraction rate trap setup
    Recommends using 2012 Big Boom Trap/Sphynx Wrath + Cheesecake Base


If you hover over the firework charm information it will show the above information. From there we know that cruise is in trouble and we need to clear it to start the cruise and rewards!

Event Stores

First we should check out the trapsmith

TrapSmith Store

S.A.M. F.E.D. DN-5  (2,750 Tactical Power)
Power type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: 15
Cheese Effect: Fresh
Cost: 375,000 gold, 750 Cruise Bux, 1 Captain’s Hat

Hunter’s Comment:

Great substitution for Mutated Venus Mouse Trap


Jade Base  (300 Power)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh
Cost: 80,000 gold, 90,000 points

Hunter’s Comment:

This is required to purchase the Snake Jade Base, highly recommend buying it for that purpose!


Snake Jade Base  (300 Power)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Cost: 525,000 gold, 1 Jade Base, 1000 Cruise Bux

Hunter’s Comment

This base is HAX/Overpowered/AWESOME! It is again making a legend, this base will be your best base you will ever dream of! Note, this base is even STRONGER then last year’s Dragon Jade Base!! Highly recommended!!


Chocolate Covered Reaper’s Perch Skin
‘Slathered in chocolate.’ These were the words given to the chocolateer tasked with decorating the Reaper’s Perch. And it looks like a little romance was worked into the new design, as well. How lovely!
Cost: 375 Cruise Bux, 1 Captain’s Hat

General Store

You should also go check out the General Store, a lot of worth buying collectibles for LE items collectors!

Charm Shoppe

The most worth checking/purchasing is the Valentine’s Charm

Valentine Charm  (0 Power)
Power Bonus: none
Attraction Bonus: 25%
Luck: none
Cheese Effect: Fresh
Consumed Upon: Encountering a Mouse

So what are you waiting for? Get started and share this to your friends to help them as well!
I will update this guide frequently to help all hunters to get the best out of this event! Keep tuning in for updates!

2012 Great Winter Hunt Guide

December 11, 2012 9 comments


Last Updated: 25/12/2012

– Added Greedy AI Guide

The long waited event of the year had finally started. The Great Winter Hunt had commenced starting on 11th of December.

Background Story

Long ago, a little mouse called Albert had his heart broken repeatedly by Santa when he asked and asked for presents every year, but never received them. This continued year after year until finally he decided he’d had enough, and would get his own presents from then on!

Hunters have been reporting sightings of a confused-looking mouse with a mailbag, handing out old letters of Al’s. Each has a clue to an old toy that he wanted and didn’t get. If we can just re-create that toy — or a reasonable version of it — and give it to him, perhaps we can warm his heart enough to get him to see joy again!

Entering the Event Area

To enter to the area you will first need to catch the Confused Courier Mouse at any location with any cheese. It also drops a “Letter to Santa, Age 12”. With this letter you will now able to travel to Gnawnia Region’s MegaBuy Mart.

First Glance Upon Entering


Upon entering to the event area, you will notice the Head Up Display (HUD). The HUD has a few dates on it with a hint underneath saying “Hunt with Festive Feta to find Confused Courier mice and Toy Parts!” This clearly hinted us that we should use Festive Feta cheese to hunt mice in this location to start collecting more “letters” from the Confused Courier Mice and toy parts.


Next thing you might notice is there is a calendar (bottom left) that you may click on, which will show you a more clear representation of the dates that the new mice will appear. From guessing right now each new appear mouse will drop different toy parts. So keep track of those dates on the calendar!

Second Glance Upon Entering

Upon entering the new event area, the 2nd thing you should check out is the Shops.


From checking out the TrapSmith you would realise that all the GWH trap skins from last year are again available this year. Also you will see there is a NEW TRAP that is available for purchase. It’s the Wrapped Gift Trap!


As you can see you will need 6 different toys and 100 Ice Coins with 150k gold to purchase. This clearly sets the main goal for you right now! Collect the toys that are made from toy parts and Ice Coins while you are hunting for the parts.

Note: The new trap is possibly not the final form! This physical trap is a pay back gift for the 12 year old that hates Santa. According to the information below!

When you have all the toys completed, you can use the toys you created plus the Ice Coins the mice have been dropping to buy the Wrapped Gift Trap, which you can use to give Greedy Al his presents! Your reward will be an exceedingly special trap, unique from all other traps in the game!

General Store

The General Store is same as last year, full of supplies for all the areas, which all can be traded with Ice Coins. However this year they added 2 “REAL ITEMS” that you could buy with gold and both is at a ridiculous high cost!


Another surprise I had found is that there is a special “Winter Hunt Theme” item you can purchase at General Store (at the end of the list). This can be used just like the Halloween theme we gotten before! (for the journal)


Charm Shoppe

The Charm shoppe has a special event charm, Winter Charm. Which can be traded with 2 Festive Feta each. Here you will also see other charms are available for trading with Ice Coins and some letter requirements. (These letter are believe to be drop by different mice in the area which will start to appear on the listed dates on the calendar)

Beginning the Hunt

To hunt the toys, first you will need the toy parts. To get the toy parts, you will need to get the special “Letter to Santa” first. To attract the mice that drops the letter you will need Festive Fetas.

So the first thing you should do is start farming Festive Feta by using your best luck/attraction trap setup with any cheese that you are comfortable of buying. (recommends Brie cheese, else can use Gouda for better attraction)

Note that while hunting with Festive Feta cheese, event mice have chance of dropping Gnawnia Winter Gift as loot. So far they gave me 3 Gilded Cheese each.


Toy Hunt

Trap Setup Recommendation

Luck > Attraction > Power

27 luck will be perfect, while you should have some attraction rate and consider power last as in this case it’s not so important.

Recommended Setup: 2012 Big Boom Trap + Cheese Cake Base

Proceeder on collecting parts:

  1. Arm Festive Cheese and first hunt down a Confused Courier mice for the letter 
  2. Continue arming Festive Cheese catch the mouse carrying the specific toy (according to the table below)
  3. Collect 10 toy parts of each toy to build the toy
  4. Complete building all 6 toys and go to the Trapsmith and buy the Wrapped Gift Trap
Date Letter Mouse Toy
Dec 10 Letter to Santa, Age 6 Triple Lutz Moon Mobile
Dec 12 Letter to Santa, Age 7 Ribbon Toy Raygun
Dec 14 Letter to Santa, Age 8 Snowglobe Toy Robot
Dec 17 Letter to Santa, Age 9 Gingerbread Dragon Mouse Action Figure
Dec 19 Letter to Santa, Age 10 Ridiculous Sweater Ball and Cup
Dec 21 Letter to Santa, Age 11 Snowblower Toasty Scarf

Final Boss

  • Arm your Wrapped Gift Trap with Festive Feta (recommended with Winter Charm) and catch the Greedy AI mouse.
  • Upon catching one it will drop 1 Last Letter and also your Wrapped Gift Trap will automatically upgraded with better stats!

Greedy AI

  • The new upgraded Wrapped Gift Trap has the following stats:
    • Physical Power Type
    • 3150 Power
    • 15% Power Bonus
    • 25 Luck
    • 15% Attraction Bonus
    • Extremely Fresh

The END?

No! New Year Event is up and running!! Be prepared for another exciting event!!

MouseHunt 2012 Halloween Event

October 19, 2012 13 comments

It’s one of the most EXCITING event of the year again! Haunted Terrortories opens again! This year the Swamp Thang Mouse had burst forth from the Living Garden and charged into Gnawnia! He kicked Mousevina’s butt and settled on her seat in Haunted Terrortories along with last year’s loot and new treasures!

As this event may varies over time, updates will be made accordingly. Please check back from time to time for updates and changes apply to any of the contents.

Last Update: 27th Oct 2012
– Hunters recently discovered that  Swamp Thang drops Witch’s Brew Skin!

So let the Haunt Begins!

Collecting Treats and Tricks

  • The easiest way to start collecting is go to your profile and click on “Visit another friend” and “Ring Doorbell”. Then you will be either treated with 3 Candy Corn Cheese or tricked with 3 Ghoulgonzola Cheese. You can ring a maximum of 10 doors per day. So you just do this every day to collect your cheese.
  • Due to the fact that you require both type of Hallowen’en cheese, the best way to collect them by ring doorbells is note down or contact your friends to find out if they are tricking or treating. This way you can get a balance amount of each type.
  • While you are doing that you may visit some friends that haven’t chosen a Hallowe’en cheese this year, in that case you can “Collect Cobweb”. You can collect a maximum of 5 Cobweb from friend’s profiles for this entire event this year.
  • Another button you might see while you are jumping around profiles is a Halloween Candy. Click them and collect it as you go and you will need them to buy stuff at the shoppes in Haunted Terrortories.
  • After collecting your daily Hallowe’en cheese from your friends’ profile but still not enough. You may arm regular cheese and hunt in Haunted Terrortories. Mice here occasionally drop Candy Corn or Ghoulgonzola cheese. (more detail will be provided in the location descriptions later)

Start the Hunt

  • Special Note for Novice Ranks
    • Haunted Terrortories only open for Recuit or above, so if you are a Novice don’t panic. The Halloween cheeses have a high attraction rate in the Meadow during the Halloween season. So use them as free cheese to advance yourself to Recruit. It really doesn’t take long for you to get to Recruit from Novice, so you might want to keep the Halloween cheese and use them as soon as you advanced to Recruit.
  • Understanding the HUD
    • As soon as you entered the Haunted Terrortories you will notice the HUD. This shows your progress through the three sub-locations in this area: Corn Maze, Haunted Manor and Pumpkin Patch.
    • Now you may notice that there are 2 lines of boxes, one labeled as Mice Treated and the other as Mice Tricked These are to help you keep track of your progress on both treat and trick path. So yes you will need to use both special cheese to complete each sub-area. Every catch with Candy Corn will fill up the Treated Mice bar and every catch with Ghoulgonzola will fill up the Tricked Mice bar. NOTE: if you filled up the bar of one side without filling the other, the boxes does not fill pass to the next location and your cheese will be wasted. (eg. if you filled 10 “Mice Tricked” boxes without filling in all 10 boxes of “Mice Treated”, the boxes on the “Mice tricked” side will not go pass the Haunted Manor symbol. Any mice you catch with Ghoulgonzola cheese will not contribute to your progress.)
    • Once you had filled up the both progress bars of the sub-location you will automatically travel to the next sub-location.
  • Sub-location Guide
    • Corn Maze
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Trap Available (Any power type is fine – prefer with good amount of luck)
      • Requirement to Advance
        • 10 Mice Tricked
        • 10 Mice Treated
      • Area Notes
        • Armed with regular cheese
          • Mutated Grey drop Candy Corn
          • Mutated White drop Ghoulgonzola
          • Hollowhead drop either or both
        • Armed with Event cheese
          • Cobweb drop Cobweb
          • Wild Chainsaw drop Halloween Candies
          • Spirit Light drops Halloween Candies
          • Zombot Unipire Mouse drops King’s Credits
          • Grave Robber Mouse drops King’s Credits
    • Haunted Manor
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Shadow/Arcane (If you don’t have these two power types, it’s ok mice from Corn Maze are here too, and catching them with physical will still enable you to advance through this area.) Note for hunters that have very good physical traps, you might want to use physical over Shadow/Arcane here. As you hardly encounter the shadow types. Physical will be more efficient.
      • Requirement to Advance
        • 20 Mice Tricked
        • 20 Mice Treated
      • Area Note
        • Same loot drop from mice as Corn Maze
    • Pumpkin Patch
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Shadow/Arcane (If you don’t have these two power types, it’s ok mice from Corn Maze are here too, and catching them with physical will still enable you to advance through this area.)
      • Requirement to encounter the Swamp Thang
        • 39 Mice Tricked then catch a Trick Mouse
        • 39 Mice Treated then catch a Treat Mouse
        • Note this is by assuming it follows the same format as last year, will update this if I found any changes this year.
      • Area Note
        • Once you caught both Trick and Treat Mouse, Swamp Thang would be unlocked. 
    • Boss Fight
      • Trap Recommendation
        • Strongest Trap Available (Any power type is fine – prefer with good amount of luck)
      • Cheese Recommendation
        • Gouda (Brie is alright too)
      • Boss Info

As you can see, it’s effective with any power types, so catching with your strongest power type trap will do!

      • The boss drop Hallowe’en Theme Scrap ITerrifying Spider TrapWitch’s Brew SkinHallowe’en Scroll Case
  • New Trap Info

    • Statistics
      • Power: 2400 (Shadow)
      • Power Bonus: 5%
      • Attraction Bonus: 5%
      • Luck: 13
      • Cheese Effect: No Effect
      • Required points to arm: 29,000,000 points
      • AUGH! That is a huge spider! That must have been what the massive cocoon was for! The sheer terror this incredible spider inflicts on surprised mice adds a fantastic +10 luck to your trap.
      • “Dozens, no of tiny spiders must have created this huge cocoon, but why? Perhaps equipping it in the Haunted Terrortories or the Seasonal Garden during Fall will reveal”So the trap will have the effect enables in HT and Seasonal Garden Fall Season.
    • [EDITED] Trap discussion
      • From the look of the stats of this trap, it’s better than the trap we got last year the Soul Harvester. Unfortunately again this trap is same as Soul Harvester, requires a total point of 29 million before you can arm it. Sorry bad news for the hunters that are looking for a substitute for COT.
      • From testing this trap will have the same special bonus luck as Soul Harvester, you will have a +10 luck if you arm it in Haunted Terrortories and Seasonal Garden during Fall. 
      • This LE trap will have no upgrade, it’s at its final form once you obtained it from Swamp Thang
      • Overall this trap is just amazing, the look is awesome along with it’s fantastic stats. Such a great Halloween gift! I say it’s must have! 🙂
Note: All information given above is assuming the the system of the event is same as last year, any changes known will be made according as time goes.

Strategies and other information

  • If you have a good shadow/arcane trap and you have a good supply of both Hallowe’en cheese, then you can buy Spooky Charms (600 gold + 1 Candy Corn + 1 Ghoulgonzola) from Charm Shoppe
  • Here is a very good table showing you how the spooky charm makes an difference towards the attraction rate of the mice in pumpkin patch
  • Note that some particular mice might require Spooky Charms to attract like last year.
  • Go and surf around the shoppes to check out the new skins, charms, and crates that are available this year.
  • For recommendations on what are best to be bought and take advantages from this event’s shoppes, check out MKHAS’s purchase recommendations.
  • Something special had being added during this event, if you click your shield and go to your profile you will notice there is a “change theme” button after your statistics. By clicking it you may change from your original journal skin to Golden Shield or Halloween Skin. Obviously the Golden Shield skin is only available for hunters that had the LGS. However the Halloween Skin can be obtain from crafting, one of the crafting part can be found in Haunted Terrortories’ General Shoppe for 5 Cobweb.
  • Now you should also check your free gifts, you will notice a item call “Pumpkin Treat Basket”, you may ask friends to send you this gift each day. It contains random loots, but includes Halloween special cheese, spooky mask, and Whisker Woods Wicked Hat.
  • Location of all the skins –

Special Thanks to tehhowch‘s guide on providing some of the information.

MouseHunt Olympics – Great Gnawnian Games

August 1, 2012 5 comments

Note: This guide is subject to change as more information is collected and confirmed

Last Updated (2012/08/07): 

  • |NEW| Added suggestions on what to do after the run (Jump to suggestions)
  • Under Event Rewards:
    • Athlete Charm Stats outside of GGG
    • Race Reward Update (Complete pattern updated!)
  • Adjusting Trap Setup
    • Step 1 – trap setup changed from Chrome Tacky Glue Trap to 2012 Big Boom Trap, since I find that I collect more Runny Cheese over time with BBT.
Like our fan page to keep track of updates.

Event Description

The King is proud to announce the Great Gnawnian Games of 2012! This summer sports event is host to the “100 Mouse Dash”, a challenging run of 100 hunts (and mice!) over hurdles and obstacles. Race against your friends to the finish, catch as many mice as you can along the way, and win rewards!

Head to the Great Gnawnian Games, hunt mice to collect Runny Cheese, then compete against hunters in the race! Rewards are given based on performance, so hunt well, MouseHunters, and good luck!

Event End Date

The Great Gnawnian Games will end on Monday, August 13, 2012.

Event Goals

So what are the main goals of this event?

  1. Collect enough Runny Cheese
  2. Hunt in Great Gnawnian Games with Runny Cheese
  3. Catch as many mice with above setup within 100 successful “Dash” (hunts – while each successful hunt give you a +1 m progression, but Fail To Attract will not give you a progression distance, though Fail to Catch will give you a +1 m). This means you need to catch as much mice before reaching 100 m.

Event Rewards

  • Athlete Charms 
    • Obtain as reward at end of the race (after 100m reached) or get them from either the Training Gift Basket or the Athlete’s Kit
    • +10 luck bonus while hunting at Great Gnawnian Games
    • Power and luck reduces after event, but can be used anywhere in the kingdom
    • Stats Outside of GGG (Most likely same as after event ends)
      • Power: 120
        Power Bonus: 1%
        Attraction Bonus: none
        Luck: 3
        Consumed Upon: Encountering a Mouse
  • King’s Medallions
    • Can be obtain if hunters caught at least 60 mice before 100m reached
  • Catch Reward in terms of catches over the 100 m: 
    • King’s Credits
      • Catches/10 without decimal places (e.g 86 catches = 86/10 = 8.6 = 8 KCs)
    • Athlete Charms 
      • 60~64 catches – 22 AC
        65~69 catches – 23 AC
        70~74 catches – 24 AC
        75~79 catches – 25 AC
        80~84 catches – 26 AC
        85~89 catches – 27 AC
        90~94 catches – 28 AC
        95~99 catches – 29 AC
        100 catches – 30 AC

Event Guide

Step 1 – Farm Runny Cheese

There are debates going on about where is the best place to collect Runny Cheese over the entire kingdom. I would highly recommends you travel to Great Gnawnian Games to collect your Runny Cheese and the reasons for this suggestion are:

Trap Setup

2012 Big Boom Trap* Cheesecake Base** Gouda***
LE Trap Birthday Base 600 gold/piece

* Can substitute the trap with any physical/tactical trap (recommend with high attraction rate and luck)

** Can substitute the base with any base (best with high attraction rate and/or luck – e.g. wooden base with target)

*** Can substitute with any other cheese, a more budget cheese would be Brie with still fairly good attraction

Main Goals

  • Collect 100+ Runny Cheese 

Step 2 – 100 Mouse Dash

So now you have enough supply of Runny Cheese, let the GAME BEGIN! Travel to Great Gnawnian Games if you are not already there, and use the following recommended trap setups to start the game!

Trap Setup

Sandstorm MonstroBot* Magma Base** Runny Cheese
2,195,400+ gold LE Base Event Cheese

* Can substitute with your best physical trap (Recommends with high attraction and luck)

** Can substitute with your best base (Recommends with high luck and power – e.g. Dragon Jade Base, Spellbook Base, Aqua Base)

Note: You may arm the Athlete Charm to improve the results

Main Goals

  • As being explained in the “Event Goals” section, each time you have a successful hunt with Runny Cheese armed you will go forward by 1 meter(metre)
  • So all you have to do is catch as much mice as possible before you reach 100m
  • If you catch 60 mice within the 100m, you will get a King’s Medallion 
  • Beware of the following three “Competing Mice”:
    • Hurdle Mouse – encountered every time you come across a Hurdle on the event HUD. If missed they steal your bait (Runny Cheese), and they are relatively harder to catch.
    • Trampoline Mouse
    • Extreme Everysports Mouse
  • Obtain Athlete Charms as reward after finishing the run (reaching 100m and the amount you get as reward are listed under “Event Reward” section above)

Note: More information on what you will get if you catch more within the 100m will be added as they are released/confirmed

|NEW| What to do after finishing the 100 meter run?

There are two things that you can take advantage over this event till it ends:

  • Continue collecting Runny Cheese, and there are two different things that you can do with them:
    1. You save as many as possible runny cheese, then 2 days or so before the event use them all at the area that you are normally hunting on. Since Runny Cheese has the same attraction rate of SB+ during the event.
    2. Keep running the event and collect as many Athlete charms as possible and use them after event.

Anyway hope this guide will help you in this event, Good luck running everyone!

For the official event post check out the link below:

Crystal Library Guide Added

Guide for Crystal Library had finally came together, hope it will help you all smash through all the assignments in Crystal Library!

Go check it out now!

Stage 25 – Crystal Library

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