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AMHU Feedback Friday Review Feb 17

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Tournaments Related

Will solo tournaments be returning?

  • Yes, eventually. However rule sets need to be developed and the schedules need to be adjusted to accommodate them.

Valentine Day solo Tournaments caused some issues on the servers

  • However it was very valuable feedback that allows us to see and find solutions for the problems associated with small tournaments where a lot of tournaments are going on.

Improvements are coming to the team pages

  • Team pages will soon have special functionality, versatility and usability.

Will there be a way to allow teams to join consecutive tournaments?

  • We are working on a way to do so, how this will be done is up in the air and when is also unkown

Upcoming Event

Is there anything big planned for MouseHunt’s 4th Birthday?

  • Of course! BUT plans are keep as secrets

Will the Birthday Cake Base return for the 4th Birthday?

  • We are not saying anything on that

Will there be a new trap available during the Birthday event?

  • Yes! 😀


Will bigger, better trap components be added with new areas?

  • Yes, the current BEST traps have the potentials to be surpassed by new traps in new areas

Will there be an S.S. Huntington III or IV?

  • Mice are crafty, so it’s possible but unlikely.

Why is the Huntington designated S.S when it is cearly not a Steam Ship?

  • S.S stands for “Secret Service” because the ship is a spy or maybe “Sinkable Ship” since the first one didn’t sail too well.
  • Perhaps can be “Super Ship” since this one is unsinkable or it just means “Sailing Ship” XDD

Will there ever be a Platinum Crown for 1000 catches?

  • It is on our to-do list, but on a low priority. We want to do the introduction of a new crown on a right time.

How do the Leprechaun mice currently work?

  • Few in release under normal conditions. They are the rarest of any current mouse and a bit more common during the King’s Give-away events.

Will the Winter Charms return to the Marketplace?

  • Yes, if they are ever released again they will return to the Marketplace.

What’s up with Hi-5 and getting donations items transferred to Facebook?

  • We are working very hard to make this happen and trying to smooth out the process. MouseHunt leaving Hi-5 the doing of Hi-5 not HitGrab.

Spoilers Next Week

Next week will be Art Feedback Friday with Jacob! He will be soliciting community feedbacks and suggestions as he paints a SPECIAL TRAP for MouseHunt BIRTHDAY EVENT!

Jacob will also be announcing details for an Art Contest

This is it for this week! Check out the recorded video from the below link:

AMHU- FBF Review

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