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2013 MouseHunt Great Winter Hunt Event Guide

December 11, 2013 11 comments


Gnawnian Advent Calendar!

The advent calendar is back, each day click on today’s or the past date to claim prices. If you click on the date of today, you get extra gifts. As you claim gifts each day the picture hidden in the back will be slowly be revealed.

advent calendar open

Advent Calendar gives 1 Advent Chocolate and a random gift if you claim it on the day.

advent reward

Collecting Cheese from friend’s Profile

If you click on the shield and go to your hunter’s profile you will see a special event HUD. If you haven’t done so, you will need to setup your table first, so that when your friends visit your profile they can collect the Gingerbread Cheese. So what you do is click on “Visit another friend” to jump to one of your friend’s profile, then click collect cheese, each collection will give you 2 Gingerbread Cheese. You can collect 10 times per day, which is 20 Gingerbread Cheese per day.


If your friend happen to be inactive and haven’t set up the table, you can click on “Chip Ice” and send them a request. After you will get 1 Ice Coin. You collect a maximum of 30 Ice Coins from here during this entire event.


Great Winter Hunt Guide

This year’s GWH event area is Festive Snow Fort.  Click travel it will have a picture that ask you if you want like to go to Festive Snow Fort. Click on it to quickly move to the event area.

Festive Snow Fort

1. Farming the Event Cheese

To start off the event you first need to collect the special event cheese, Snowball Bocconcini. To collect these cheese all you need to do is arm you best physical power type trap setup. Physical is recommended because of the three troublemakers that is only affective on specific power types:

  • Gladiator Mouse – only power
  • Hydra Mouse – Hydro/Physical/Tactical
  • Vinetail Mouse – Physical/Tactical

For cheese use Brie or Gouda is great to get started, but the following will help attract more of the GWH mice that drops Snowball Bocconcini:

  • Seasonal Gouda
  • Festive Feta
  • Gingerbread Cheese
  • Super|Brie+

Almost all the mice here drops Snowball Bocconcini, so you should able to collect good amount of them in no time.

2. Collecting the Snow Blocks

After collection fair amount of Snowball Bocconcini, you can start collecting Snow Blocks. Start by arming the Snowball Bocconcini and again use the same best physical power type trap setup.

As you hunt with Snowball Bocconcini, you will get one progress point per successful. This is displayed on the bottom of the HUD as tiny snow balls. As you can see along the progress there are 3 bigger balls and 1 locked at the end. So far the three bigger balls would be the 3 mini bosses and the last locked is the S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse, it should be unlocked as soon as you had built your snow fort.


3. Building the Fort and upgrading the expansions

The reason for collecting the Ice Blocks is for building the fort and building the weapons to fight down the boss, S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse. The fort can be built with 80 Ice Blocks. Next are range of perks you can have by building the expansions and upgrading them. You can see the full description of each extension and what perks it give by clicking build in the HUD.


More guides will come as more of the secretes are revealed! Keep in touch with this guide for the latest updates!
If you found out anything feel free to comment below to let me know!

Happy Hunting!

Something Sinister is Rising…

September 12, 2013 Leave a comment

The King’s scouts have spotted a disturbing sight to the west of the Town of Gnawnia…

Could it be what they fear most? Is there a foul evil creeping across the land this Friday the 13th weekend…?

This seems like another weekend event, could it be King’s Gauntlet this time? From the mouse in the picture it’s Necromancer from King’s Gauntlet. What do you expect going to be? I think double potion drop will be wonderful!!

MouseHunt Spring Egg Hunt 2013

March 25, 2013 59 comments


This event is new and it’s subject to change, please come back frequently or follow our facebook page to get updated! 

Last Update – April 12th 2013
– Upaded the extended end date
– Added Sustainable High Charge Egg Hunt Strategy

As we approach towards Easter, The Chocolate Factory had again reopened this year in Kingdom of Gnwania! This mean this year’s Spring Egg Hunt festival starts now!

No surprise like Clockwork last year, some trouble-maker had came to mess up the party, and hatched a plan to sabotage the Eggcavator, making it impossible for hunters to track down eggs!

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get “hunting”, before the event ends on Monday, April 22nd (extended due to major server issue since the April 11th)!

Steps to successfully start the egg hunt!

Step 1 – Travel to the Chocolate Factory!

Note: Got the Eggscavator from past years? If no go to General Store to buy one, else move to step 2!

Step 2 – Check if you have any remaining Marshmallow Monterey

YES? – Arm them and go to step 4!

NO? – Move to step 3!

Step 3 – Arm any cheese that you can afford using (Recommends at least Brie) and hunt in the area with a trap that has high luck and attraction to collect Marshmallow Monterey.


Step 4 – Arm your Marshmellow Monterey and hunt with your highest luck/attraction setup to collected the first 9 eggs illustrated in grey in the HUD (Head Up Display). Eggs are drop by Egg Painter Mouse. (Recommends you hunt with Dark Chocolate Charm,though it does attract harder mice, but does not increase drop rate as far as I tested, in fact it gave more FTA/FTC)

Note: You need to switch to your strongest Arcane/Forgotten Trap Setup if you are using Dark Chocolate Charm.


Note: The Gift can either be hunted or obtain as a gift!


Step 5 – After obtaining the first 9 eggs, you will need to defeat the Scrambler to collect the last Golden Egg. (Highly recommends you to use a Eggstra Charm to get 2 Golden Egg instead of one, since this egg drop SB+)

Note: Eggstra Charms can be smashed to get 20 Dark Chocolate Charms, if Dark Chocolate is what you after, you can get them that way instead of spending gold.

Step 6 – After collection all the eggs you should able to recalibrate you Eggscavator once again! Now you can go around the whole kingdom to hunt down mice for eggs!

Egg Hunt Tips


As you may have notice, there is this Eggscavator Charger Charm in the shoppe.  The effect of the Eggscavator Charger Charm is that on each successful hunt, it will be used and give you +1 Charge. Base on the total charge you have, you will have chance to get Low, Medium or High Charged Egg.

The charge meter:

1 – 12 charges will get you low charged eggs

13-17 charges will get you medium charged eggs

18 -20 charges will get you high charged eggs

Upon reaching full charge at 20 charges, there are two things you can do:

1) Disarm the Eggscavator Charger Charm and the charges will be decreased 1 by 1 base on your successful hunts. As your charges decrease you will start getting from high charged eggs to medium to low charged eggs base on which charge range you are in. (This way is to save your Eggscavator Charger Charms)

2) Continue arming the Eggscavator Charger Charm, this way you will main at full charge at all time and only get high charged eggs.  (This way requires a lot of Eggscavator Charger Charms, might not be economical)

Recommended Method

Disarm the Eggscavator Charger Charm at full charge, arm it back once it drop below the range you are aiming for. Let say you only want high charge eggs, once the charge drop to 17, rearm the charm until regaining full charge. Likewise you are aiming for medium to high charged eggs rearm when drop to 12 charges.

Sustainable High Charge Egg Hunt Strategy


  • One of the good place could be Chocolate Factory, the reason is that you can collect MM cheese while you are doing the cycle there
  • Else you can go to any area that give you high catch rates


1. Charge to 20 charges (full)

2. Arm your Eggstra Charm and continue hunting till charge drop to 17

3. Arm back the Eggscavator Charge Charm and charge back to full (20)

4. Repeat 1 to 3 until you runs out of Eggscavator Charge Charms and go to step 5

5. When you are out of Eggscavator Charge Charms, let the charge drop to 12 with or without Eggstra Charm (It’s up to you to have Eggstra Charm on hunting the medium charge egg or not) This process will get you some medium charge eggs

6. When reach to 12 charge, smash all your medium charge eggs to obtain supply of MM cheese (Each medium charge egg drop 2-5 MM). Then go purchase back some more Eggscavator Charge Charm in Chocolate Factory.

7. Now go back to step 1 

Note: Before you go to sleep it’s best to leave it at full charge (considering you are only sleeping for 6 – 7 hours) However you need to consider that friends do take you on hunt for the first hour when you are still online in the system. So totally “number of hours of sleep + 1” = “trap checks + 1”. Taking those into account to adjust the charge you should be at before you go sleep to maintain yourself at the bottom of medium charge when you wake up.

Egg Info

Event Egg Loots

Note: The quantity of each loot can varies within a range, and the contents are not finalized expect to have something else as well in the eggs.

– Ultimate luck charm, 20 superbries

Green Plaid
– Flawed orbs, Simple orbs, 1 superbrie

– Luck charm,  6 superbrie

Stripy Red
– Lucky rabbit 2 superbrie

– Fawless orb, 6 superbrie

Wavy Purple
– Umbrella, 3 superbrie

Scalloped Pink
– Ultimate power charm, 4 superbrie

Blue Argyle
– Chocolate bunny, 2 superbrie

– Scrap metal, 6 superbrie

– Gnarled potions, Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions

Charged Egg Loot

I received 2 Flawless Orbs, 2 SUPER|brie+, 17 Wealth Charms, 2 Satchels of Gold (10,000 gold) and 2 Eggstra Charms from 2 High Charge Eggs.

I received 1 Flawless Orb, 5 Marshmallow Monterey, 6 Wealth Charms and 1 Satchel of Gold (5,000 gold) from 1 Medium Charge Egg.

I received 1 Simple Orb, 4 Gouda Cheese, 4 Wealth Charms and 1 Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold) from 1 Low Charge Egg.

Other Egg loots?

Check this Egg Tracker 2013 made by Horntracker!


Special thanks to info contributors  that helps me in the comment!

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