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[AMHU] Feedback Friday Review 3rd May 2013

May 3, 2013 5 comments

This week is the first Feedback Friday (FBF) of May sadly there weren’t any spoilers this week, but just mainly Q&A.

Recent Tweaks/Updates

  • This week the inventory had updated with new tabs for the special and collectibles sections. Check out our news post for full descriptions of all the features. 


  • Trap rendering upgraded – the mini animation effect when changing trap setup. This upgrade had also improved the performance of setup change process. Now you won’t get a mice shaking its head when changing setup and it’s rather instant now. (Note: when opening up the trap/base list, the loading time is still there)

Question & Answers

  • When will we get something more than just open all or one?
    • Due to the complexity of the code for inventory right now, it is rather hard to implement, so it’s not going to be worked on till later
  • Will we get individual mouse scoreboards?
    • Right now we are using the older systems
    • We had found smarter systems tho
    • However improving game performance and new contents have top priorities so this will not be worked on yet
  • When will the rest of the Rfitwalk set be coming?
    • It’s not currently in production, it will be worked on in the near future

Franco’s joke of the new content?

  • “We are building the ship today, you will be buying parts to build it. It will take you to the new island!” 
    • The devs over reacted when Franco said it like a spoiler (Just think this is worth mentioning)

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The live stream recording can be watched with the link below:

Happy Hunting!

[AMHU] Feedback Friday Review Art Edition 26th of April 2013

April 26, 2013 3 comments

This week’s Feedback Friday Art Edition, Jacob continue on drawing another mouse for the upcoming WILD WEST area. Last week he drew the Bounty Hunter, this week he decided to give the undertaker a go.

Let’s start with a little description about the undertaker. He is a mouse that carries a ruler and look for mice that lost their lives either to hunters or misfortunes. The undertaker measures the body size of a dead body and design a perfect fit coffin for it. Rumors says he is probably thousand years old and had made coffins for billions of dead mice. (Non-official description)

I had taken a few screenshots of the completed drawing from Jacob’s recording (the blurriness is due to the video quality, it’s on max already)

undertaker2undertakerThanks for reading AMHU guide’s Feedback Friday Art Edition Review. Subscribe the blog or like our facebook page to get updates on more MouseHunt news and FBF next week!

The live stream recording can be watched with the link below:
(This is only the first part of the video)

The list of all the videos is here:

Happy Hunting!

[AMHU] Feedback Art Friday Review 19th April 2013

April 21, 2013 3 comments

This week’s Feedback Art Friday from MouseHunt, Jacob drew a nice mouse for the upcoming new area, which he revealed to be the “WILD WEST”. Jacob also talked about ideas of new mice will be in the new area during the beginning of the stream, here is a list that he generally mentioned:

  • Front Tier Doctor
  • Bounty Hunter
  • The Drifter Mouse
  • The Undertaker Mouse

During the recording he drew a sort of “bounty hunter” style mouse, but the name of the mouse had not yet being determined. Anyway aren’t you excited? I know I am! I took a few screenshots of the completed drawing in the live stream below.

Bounty Hunter

bounty hunter 1

Thank you for reading Feedback Art Friday Review by AMHU Guide.

The live stream recording can be watched with the link below:
(This is only the first part of the video)

The list of all the videos is here:

Happy Hunting!

[AMHU] Feedback Spoiler Friday Review April 12

April 12, 2013 2 comments

This week was tough and rough for MouseHunters and MouseHunt Devs, server was acting up since Wednesday. All the Devs had being sleeplessly working on getting it back up, so hold your rages and be patient and understanding. To further compensate the wait and frustration, FBF this week have tons of spoilers! YAY!

Server Issue Update

  • The server is being attacked by DDoS, to put it simple, it’s an bot attack that keep hitting certain pages over million and billion of times very frequently and cause the server to overload. If you want to know more about this google it up!
  • Devs are working on getting the server back up. In fact they are going to throw in the money to get the server security upgraded and the server should be back to normal in a couple of hours (from the time the FBF live stream was online)
  • PLEASE DON’T SPAM REFRESH ON THE MOUSEHUNT PAGE, it will cause more trouble for the server. Either wait till MouseHunt or AMHU fan page make an announcement or at most refresh once in 10 minutes to check if it’s back up. Thank you for your cooperation!

Upcoming Update Packages

Tournament Pack

  • Tournament Team leaders will gain the option to make their team open (public), so that hunters can simply self add themselves to the team without invitation, by just going to the team page and press “join”. 
  • Tournament Team Emblems are being worked on, these emblems will need to be “crafted”, where the leader can choose from ranges of symbols and background combinations drawn by Jacob.
  • More tournament updates are coming in a whole pack

Cool Tweaks Pack

  • Updates for inventory pages
    • adding tabs instead of all at one place
    • introducing groups and categories to be more organized

New Contents Pack

  • Ideas of new contents have been generated and worked on, prototypes were planned to be done next Wednesday (Seems like it’s not LG additional content, it’s something brand new!)

Mobile Pack

  • New features and updates on the mobile MouseHunt app will be coming soon, sadly due to the DDoS attack to the server, Dave had to put this aside and the progress is slowed. 

Treasure Pack

  • As promised and talked about before, new treasure maps with more challenging and fun features are already being worked on. The codes are done, but the contents are still lacking. 

Alright that’s it, be patient and show some love to the endless working Devs that try to fix the server for us!
If you want, the recorded video can be watched in the link below
Happy Waiting!

AMHU Feedback Friday Review Oct 19th

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Here is a summary of this week’s Feedback Friday!

General Mailbag

How easy are maps to key, would it be a simple job to create a new map when new mice are release or the harder ones?

  • Easy! They are easy to make but the difficulties come to the balance. We do want mice being added to new contents as soon as possible.

So the crown page changed!?

  • Yes!

How about introducing the 1k catches for the final crown?

  • Jacob had that on his to do list. They have living garden in the way and they want it to be out ASAP. So when Jacob got the time he will get the art done and the coding part isn’t that hard. So it will be done once there is time!

Can we get a sub-page to the skins?

  • Go check right now it’s there! (On your profile page)

Is the Terrifying Spider Trap Upgradable?

  • No, when you get it it’s already the full length, it looks the way it looks.

When will be the images for the Sphynx Wrath and Monstrobot trap skin be fixed for smaller base?

  • Very soon, most of them are already being fixed. Sphynx Wrath should be fixed.

Is there any way to make the group location list static when you are viewing the mice stats in the profile page or lost first.

  • It’s not possible due to the setup of the page right now

Point planning and testing a site, how simple is it to program a tournament?

  • Very simple it’s just copy paste, but we still have to go and tweak stuff.

Now the celebration of the Leprechaun is over how much price mice are being released daily? 

  • The encounter rate gone back to normal but the release rate had never changed, so same amount running around the kingdom. There will be a few hundred  running around in the kingdom each month.

When are you going to add the send back gift button?

  • The button itself is very simple, it’s a couple of hour of work, but it’s not going to be happening anytime soon since we have a lot a work lining up like Living Garden and Christmas coming up very soon!

So certain mice like Icewing invasion are arrange strangely in region’s tab for Gnawnia and Rodentia and some event tabs as well, especially the latest 3 mice.

  • I am sorry, we ordered the mice very manually. I think Iceberg should be fixed now, but I will take a look at that and we will take a look at the event mice as well in the list.

Can the Stream Lazer MK II and III moved higher in the trap selector?

  • It’s very simple to do and we can do that.

Any thoughts about creating a system where players can create a map and send it to a friend?

  • It’s a good idea but we need a good system, maybe allow the creator to supply the rewards? It a neat idea indeed!

Would you ever consider going back to the old way of showing effective of mice base on the cheese freshness?

  • Some old area is not comparable and some area are just have some special things that mess up the system.

Will there be eventually more event mice more the normal mice, like some kind of crazy jumbled up event with all the event mice comes back for the hunters to catch?

  • We like that “like a event event”, “it’s event friday!”, “it’s the weekend event”. So one day!

Will there be any chance there will be a upgrade for the Venus Mouse Trap upgrade for the Living Garden, doesn’t have to be better than the WUT, I just want to use the Venus Mouse Trap. 

  • Venus Mouse Trap already have the most variation and it’s not sorta related to the new area. So no.

Is there anything scheduled that will let players in the tournament see the total counters of competitive mice without having to repeatedly loading everyone’s page?

  • Nothing scheduled and we need everyone sit down to chat about it

Halloween Mailbag

Swamp Thang mice had a huge 32500 points and it’s coming from Living Garden, does that mean Living Garden had to be Count/Countess or above?

  • We wont be telling.

Does the Halloween / Spooky Map had to be completed before the event ends?

  • Yes and yes!

How long will the event stay?

  • 2 to 3 weeks, we will announce an ending gate.

The last 2 years the halloween cheese have very high attraction rate outside of  Haunted Terrortories, will this happen this year too?

  • Yes!

If we have an extra Halloween Scroll Case stay and can be used for next year?

  • No, but when the event ends the Halloween Scroll Case will be changed to regular scroll cases.

Why aren’t the tier 2 and 3  not available this year purchasing with candies?

  • We just copy the rewards from last year, we will check on it.

Halloween Tournaments?

  • Yes, we just didn’t want to do them on day one. Just do the event first we will get to it.

The Swamp Mice type has equal effectiveness towards all power type traps, does that mean it won’t be appearing in Living Garden?

  • Yes, it’s a event guy.

Are the themes permanent?

  • YES! You can attach it all year around. Even if you missed it this year, you can get it next year.

Does prize mice appear in Haunted Terrortories?

  • Yes they do except Meadow.

Will the Springer and Sphynx skin stay here forever or be gone after the event?

  • They are here for good, will be available even after event.

AMHU Feedback Friday Review 8th June


Any of the Iceberg content that hasn’t been discovered yet? What is the alternative way of catching Living Salt? What is the Secret Tunnel?

  • Plans for all these will come very soon!

Sniper Mouse exist in Iceberg or it’s an overlook?

  • It was an overlook, he is only in the Shoreline.

Why does the update causing problems in the Mobile Website of MouseHunt?

  • It’s due to the JavaScript update the Dev made, as there are so many different types of browser out there, they could not make the site to fit them all. However as reports are being collected showing which type of browsers are having problems, fixes will be made.

Mousehunt crashing on Ipod Touch?

  • Dan had notice that Safari seems to be crashing a lot for other websites, so it could be the mobile browser issue, but the Devs will keep an eye out for it.

Any plans on adding the Gift & Supply baskets to the shops on for paypal payments?

  • Plans are underway and they also like to add other items you can donate for.

Any upcoming plans for tournament updates?

  • Current not at top priority, Devs would like to wrap up the Iceberg first and make sure it’s stable. The next tournament update will be quite big and requires the whole team.

Is it possible to increase journal size to 5 pages instead of 3?

  • The journals are the biggest data stored in the server, so to keep everything manageable it will be kept as 3 pages. Devs have an idea on how to increase it alternatively, but no plans are running at the moment.

Shout out!

  • The Dev announced they are looking for anyone living in the Toronto area to come down to the HitGrab office to have an interview to talk about MouseHunt. Keep in mind this is not exclusive for anyone in Toronto but if you are not in the area you can also apply. Preferably you must be around the Union station area in Toronto. Dev will decide by Monday and have you come in on that Wesdnesday.

*What will be the next coming update?

  • The Devs haven’t finish releasing all of Iceberg, so it will probably be the Iceberg.


This is a summary of the catchy points of the recording, for all information of the FBF, check the recording from the link above!

Dex Akio

AMHU Feedback Friday Review March 30th [Art Edition]

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment


Where do your inspiration come from? Do you look at objects or let your imagination run wild.
– It’s hard to not gather inspiration from something, generally we will have a theme and then I will try to think of the idea that fix that theme. So I just draw from back of my head, unless if it’s really difficult I would go out there and do some research.

 Any plan for new custom for different events this year?
– We might, but usually most of the mice already fit the event itself, however when the next event comes we might add in something extra such as new customs which will makes it a little better.

Any plan to redraw the starting area HUDS (banner)?
– Yes that’s one of our plan, we sure do want to do that probably as part of the art feedback friday. The huts would most likely help the new players to get to know the places. So maybe you will hear more about this later.

Are you nervous when you are drawing with us?
– Yes, but I feel like it’s a good challenge and keeps me on my toes and let me connect with you guys. Lesser when I am drawing but more nervous when I am actually just talking.

Do you take roughly the same time drawing the mouse live or drawing it yourself?
– It’s actually faster, but it’s kinda more tiring. Maybe because I always try to put out 100% effect while if I sit in my office I kind of just relax and take it easy.

When you drawing through the day, do you ask your follow colleges for ideas or feedback?
– Not really, generally I just draw what I feel like.  So usually we come up with a new idea together and I go off to draw how I want to draw and they go code how they want to code. At the end we just put everything together and they works out perfectly.

Do you come up with the ideas or they ask you to draw specific things?
– Some times I do ask to draw specific things, but usually I just draw what I feel like.

New areas are in work, how are they coming up?
– They are defiantly in production, but right now it’s just behind the spring egg hunt stuff, so then that gets out of the way I will go 100% on new content. However there are already some arts done for the new content.

Are you going to continue the banner design?
– Yes I am going to continue on the Tribal Isles etc. I kind having it as a long term project, do one once in a while and eventually will finish them all.

Any new cheese for the next area?
– That is the detail that we are deciding for it, so can’t say.

 Why do you take suggestions from the community?
– We do that to get connected with our players and it’s more fun that way, we also get to know what everyone works in the game.

Will the cheese be placed back on the column stand for the Sphynx Wrath?
– It should be on it already, if not it’s probably a glitch

Have you started drawing the winner’s pictures?
– No I haven’t and it’s not going to be today but will be coming up very soon. I really loved the competition and I am definite that I want to do a recap of the comp I will probably scale it down to one picture per person.

What Jacob drawn during the art section! It’s awesome 🙂

Link to the video recording:

Thanks for reading

Asia Mouse Hunt Union FBF Review

AMHU Feedback Friday Review March 16

March 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy St Patrick’s Day! GO GREEN! 😀

Mail Bags

How long  until what’s next?
When it’s done! We are currently working on some tournament updates and bug fixes.

Any update for St Patrick’s Day?
There will not be any price mice on the weekend, but there will be something gun.

Why was the Birthday Cake Kaboom just made LE before the event?
This is because what we decided to do is we release a new LE trap in each birthday event, so that you can collect very special trap each year which you can show that you were there for that year’s birthday event.

Any progression on the last 5 new location banner?
Jacob said he hasn’t done any yet.

Easter will be similar to last year?
Yes mostly the same, “the same thing” of fun excitement will be there!

Will the Living Garden require the highest rank to enter?
Yes, we can’t say what rank specifically but we try to fill up in the progress.

Will our eggs from last year’s Easter event be the same as this year?
Yes, mostly.

Why aren’t there tournament kits for seasonal garden?
We are planning to release new little kits to help you out in special areas.

Currently are there any new library assignments in the pipe line?
Currently no,  we might try to priorities it later.


Random Questions

How about this, egg seeds and random eggs grow up?
Probably not, the whole point of the event is for hunters to hunt down specific mice. So if we have random egg grown you might get your way around the challenge by getting lucky.

 Will there be a egg scoreboard shown?
Yes most likely, but it will be limited time only. It will be gone after the event.


This FBF Review is brought to you by AMHU Guide

Please check out the live recording if you are interested:

Bye! Happy Hunting!


AMHU Feedback Friday Review Mar 3rd

March 3, 2012 1 comment

So how are you all doing with the MouseHunt Birthday Event?
Here is the FBF-R this week!

MouseHunt Birthday Related

What are these Fancy Confetti?
You will learn what they are on the actual date of MouseHunt Birthday.

Do “Dents” have any future use?
No, they are just collectibles.

What about Tiara?
They are also just collectibles.

Coming Soon Releases

Egg Hunt
New Contents
Bigger Team Capacity (Can be “Unlocked” and add more friends to the team)
More functionality for the captain of the team

(There are still no set date for the release of Living Garden)

Interesting Fact

How many horns are there each day?
Approximate 6 million including trap checks!


That’s it for this week, hopefully we get more spoilers and updates next week!

Live recording links are below if you feel like watching them yourself.
Part 1 | Part 2


Asia Mouse Hunt Union – Admin Dex D. Akio

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