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MouseHunt 5th Birthday Event with Ronza 2013

March 7, 2013 22 comments


Note: This guide is subject to possible changes and new contents will be added frequently over the event. Please check back frequently to get updated!

Last Updated on 09/03/2013
– Updated Crushed Birthday Cake Drop
– Ways to obtain all birthday bases

Event ends on: 18th of March

First HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY MOUSEHUNT! Would of bored to death without you for the past 5 years! 😛

The very first thing you should do is press “TRAVEL” and you will see the following screen:


Without doubts you will press “Yes! Let’s Go!”

Arriving at Ronza’s store you will find some sparkling and powerful traps and trap upgrades. Let’s analysis them below!

Trapsmith Analysis


First impression you will be like “WTF A GUNDAM?” , anyway it’s a relatively weak physical trap for low rank hunters. However it’s definitely worth collecting just from the looks of it.

Checking the side you will see it requires some trap parts, the first 5 colored robot parts are obtained from hunting mice in the event area. (more detail on that in the event guide later) and the Repurposed Robot head can be purchased from the General Store for 100,000 gold.


This is a very interesting trap/skin set for hunters that are currently hunting in Tribal Isles. This set contains 1 trap and 2 skins listed below:


This trap comes with the basic skin with in total 3 different skins with this box set!



So why is this interesting? The interesting thing about this trap with 3 different skins is that each skin has magical effect towards each of the area in Tribal Isles, where mice will drop double the crafting loots!

  • Basic Skin – Effective with Derr Dunes Mice – double Delicious Stones Loot
  • Isle Idol Hydroplane Skin – Effective with Elub Mice – double Seashells Loot
  • Isle Idol Stakeshooter Skin – Effective with Nerg Mice – double Savory Vegetables Loot


This is a GREAT substitution for the ABT. Hunters that are doing Acolyte Realm should totally priorities this trap! (Tho it requires 2m more points to equip compare to ABT)


Now comes the BEAST!!! This is a MUST get for those hunters that have the Sandstorm MonstroBot in hand. This Upgrade Kit ultimately improves your MonstroBot in every stats. Let’s look at the improvements below!

Comparison Sandstorm MonstroBot Chrome MonstroBot
Power 8,000 8,500 (+500)
Power Bonus 20% 22% (+2%)
Attraction Rate 5% 10% (+5%)
Luck 27 30 (+3)

Note: Don’t worry if you happen to miss out on this expensive trap upgrade this year, Dev had hinted that this upgrade will appear again with Ronza. (Source Here)

How to use the upgrade kit?

  1. Go to Inventory > Crafting and smash your Sandstorm MonstroBot
  2. Craft your Sandstorm Monstrobot parts with the Chrome MonstroBot Upgrade Kit
  3. Here a legendary physical trap had being born!

General Store Analysis

  • Repurposed Robot Head
    • Core item for building the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap
  • Blue Double DewDrop Powder + 2 Aleth Essences + 1 Flawless Orb = 1 BlueDouble Sponge Charm
  • Yellow Double Dewdrop Powder + 2 Ber Essences + 1 Divine Orb = 1 Yellow Double Dewdrop Charm
  • Red Double DewDrop Powder + 2 Ber Essences + 1 Divine Orb = 1 Red Double Sponge Charm
    • The above 3 charms can help with the mini games at Living Garden/Twisted Garden.
  • Extra Coarse Salt + 2 Ber Essences + 1 Divine Orb = 1 Super Salt Charm
    • Double the hunts against the King Grub

Charm Shoppe Analysis

  • Party Charm (Optional)
    • Used to attract additional “event mice” (does not increase attraction to the “Force Fighters”)
  • Mining Charm (Optional)
    • Extra effective against Digby Dirt Dwellers
  • Tarnished Charm (Recommended)
    • Each successful hunt will convert the charm into a Chrome Charm giving 3% attraction and 5 luck bonuses. (Consumption Upon Encounter for the Chrome Charm)
    • High resell-ability according to last year
  • Safeguard Charm (Optional)
    • Shields off the Cursed and Corrupt mice in Cursed City/Lost City (However always consumed)
    • For a always consumed charm, it’s way too expensive!
  • Grubling Bonanza Charm (Optional)
    • Triggers a Grubling Stampede upon successful catch with this charm armed. However make sure to de-equip it after starting the stampede. (Used for Sand Dunes)
    • However expensive

MouseHunt 5th Birthday Event Guide


Now as been talked about before you need each of the robot body parts to build the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap.

These parts can be collected from each color “Force Fighter”! The following is a list of what each “Force Fighter” drop as loot:

  • Force Fighter Pink
    • 1 Pink Leg Robot Scrap
    • 10-20 Force Fighter Pink Figures
  • Force Fighter Green
    • 1 Green Arm Robot Scrap
    • 10-20 Force Fighter Green Figures
  • Force Fighter Red
    • 1 Red Chest Robot Scrap
    • 10-20 Force Fighter Red Figures
  • Force Fighter Yellow
    • 1 Yellow Arm Robot Scrap
    • 10-20 Force Fighter Yellow Figures
  • Force Fighter Blue
    • 1 Blue Leg Robot Scrap
    • 10-20 Force Fighter Blue Figures
  • Repurposed Robot Head can be purchased from General Store in the Event Area (100,00 gold)


Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap

Power: 2,250
Power Bonus: 5%
Luck: 8
Attraction Bonus: 15%
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Trap Type: Physical

Boss Fight

After purchasing the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap, a new HUD will appear

boss HUD

So as the HUD says, you need to arm your Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap, after arming the trap another new HUD will appear

boss_HUD with trap

Now you just need to keep hunting with the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap and catch the boss mouse Super FighterBot MegaSupreme. 

Each attack will deal 10 damage and the boss has a total of 100HP. So in 10 successful catches the boss will be defeated.


Upon defeating the Boss it will drop a Crushed Birthday Cake Base

Power: 185
Power Bonus: 3%
Luck: 5
Attraction Rate: 15%
Cheese Effect: Uber Stale

AMHU Made Fight Animation (All pictures belongs to MouseHunt)

Note: This animation is just for illustration, might not be exactly the same as the real animation.


(If you are going to share this, please make sure you credit the creator and the origin of the images)

Getting all birthday bases

  • Cheesecake Base – Drop by Sleepwalker/Pintail Mouse/BucketHead Mouse
  • Birthday Cake Base – Drop by Birthday Mouse
  • Chocolate Birthday Cake Base – Drop by Terrible Twos Mouse
  • Carrot Birthday Cake Base – Drop by Dinosuit Mouse

Trap Setup

These fighters can be caught using your strongest trap available (recommends tactical power type). Again follows the same old event trap setup rules: with sufficient power then take the following priorities :

Attraction > Luck > Power


The reason that I recommend hunters to have just enough power then stack up luck and attraction is because the luck will compensate the lack in power, while most low power trap/bases has great amount of attraction rate. (e.g Wooden Base with Target). Having setup like so will help hunters attracting more of the event mice.

Cheese Choice

Normal cheese is fine (e.g Brie, Gouda), however SB+ will have a way higher chance of attraction the “Force Fighters”.

Collect and equip Rockforth Cheese from mice at Ronza’s Traveling Shoppe to draw out the elusive Rockstar Mouse.


Note that arming Party Charm will have the following additional mice available to be attracted:

  • Derpicorn Mouse
  • Elven Princess Mouse
  • Cook Mouse
  • Pie Thief Mouse
  • Bear Mouse

Using Valentine Charms here would be a great help, since the base power needed to maintain effectiveness is rather high, so low end event traps like tacky glue/2012 Big Boom Trap are not so effective here. So the extra boost of Attraction Rate with Valentine Charms will be useful.

Side Notes

Like and Share this guide to your hunter friends and help them to get started with this awesome event!

Trap Setup Comparison in Iceberg

Trap Setup Comparison
  • Now you have crafted the final Steam Laser Mk. III, what you now might want to work on is getting all 3 chests. In order to do that you need to maximize the amount of distance you go down on each hunt. As being mentioned before getting all the new bases will help significantly in advancing through iceberg to get the 3 chests. Here is an example list that compares all the trap setup with how much they could possibly help you go down the ice per hunt.

MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 5.83
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 5.97
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 6.05
MK1/Magnet/Super Luck: 7.45
MK1/Magnet/Wax: 7.39
MK1/Magnet/Sticky: 7.52
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 6.37
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 6.51
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 6.48
MK2/Magnet/Super Luck: 8.06
MK2/Magnet/Wax: 7.98
MK2/Magnet/Sticky: 8.05

MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 2.94
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 3.19
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 3.31
MK1/Spiked/Super Luck: 3.34
MK1/Spiked/Wax: 3.65
MK1/Spiked/Sticky: 4.00
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 3.42
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 3.68
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 3.66
MK2/Spiked/Super Luck: 3.73
MK2/Spiked/Wax: 4.04
MK2/Spiked/Sticky: 4.27

Bombing Run:
MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 5.31
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 5.26
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 5.34
MK1/Remote/Super Luck: 6.87
MK1/Remote/Wax: 6.80
MK1/Remote/Sticky: 6.99
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 5.87
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 5.81
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 5.81
MK2/Remote/Super Luck: 7.54
MK2/Remote/Wax: 7.44
MK2/Remote/Sticky: 7.56

Mad Depths:
MK1/Dragon/Super Luck: 2.07
MK1/Dragon/Wax: 2.19
MK1/Dragon/Sticky: 2.29
MK1/Hearthstone/Super Luck: 2.56
MK1/Hearthstone/Wax: 2.78
MK1/Hearthstone/Sticky: 3.22
MK2/Dragon/Super Luck: 2.41
MK2/Dragon/Wax: 2.55
MK2/Dragon/Sticky: 2.55
MK2/Dragon/Chrome: 2.62
MK2/Hearthstone/Super Luck: 2.96
MK2/Hearthstone/Wax: 3.19
MK2/Hearthstone/Sticky: 3.51
MK2/Hearthstone/Chrome: 3.18

Original Forum post
Constant update data
Special thanks to Chad Moore for providing these datas and the model.

  • From the above table it’s clear that using the specific bases that my guide said will improve how far you can dig down per hunt in each area. The best setup is highlighted with green, and so far the data collected by Chad Moore is only up to Mk II, but from the look of the data Mk III will surely make a bit better progress then Mk. II due to the additional luck and power bonus.
  • Conclusions:
    • Best Trap: Steam Laser Mk. III
    • Best Base: Specific Base of each area mentioned in the trap setup sections above
    • Best Charm: Sticky Charm
    • Best Cheese: SB+ (But Gouda is good enough)

Note: All of above information are also added to our Iceberg guide.

MouseHunt B’day Info & Guide

March 1, 2012 2 comments

It’s the time of the year again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOUSEHUNT!

It’s being FOUR years already, can you believe it? As a mousehunter I think this is such a dedication 🙂


Can jump to:
-> Event Details
-> Event Guide


Background Info

So what’s going on, on MouseHunt 4th year Birthday?
Well the King would like to thank all his follow hunters by making a GIANT cake to share with us. However little poor mice can never resist to SUGAR, especially this time it’s a GIGANTIC SUGAR. So the King now gathers all the hunters to help the him rebuild the cake and celebrate MouseHunt 4th year Birthday!



Event Detail

Dev’s Gift

MouseHunt officially turns four years old on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012. Remember to join us on that day for a special treat! The celebrations will end on Friday, March 9th, 2012.


Cake Mix

Head over to Birthday Party Celebration and hunt for the following ingredients to complete MouseHunt Birthday Cake:

15 Blobs of Cake Batter, 15 Dollops of Icing, 4 Birthday Cake Candles, and 4 Sparks of Candle Flame


Party Charms

These charms can be obtain from most of the mice in Birthday Party Celebration area. Find these charms and equip them to gain a small power and luck bonus, and to better attract mice carrying birthday cake ingredients!


Nanny Charms

In order to bring out some of the more troublesome mice, the final phase of cake-building will need an extra fiery feature. Hunt any mice in the Birthday Party Celebration area during the final build step in order to obtain Nanny Charms, then equip them to finish off the cake!


Dinosuit Mice

Some of the mice have put on party hats for this birthday celebration. These little mice, however, have gone the extra mile and dressed up as their favourite animal: the dinosaur. They want to be dinosaurs when they grow up, and we just don’t have the heart to tell them otherwise. Be wary of these little troublemakers; dinosaurs have voracious appetites, and mice love sugar. Put it all together and your cake won’t be safe for long once it’s fully built!



Event Trap/Base/Mice

Carrot Birthday Cake Base

That cake you built sure looks tasty, doesn’t it? I bet the mice would like a slice, too! Build the MouseHunt Birthday Cake and you’ll be able to sneak a small slice to use as a new celebratory base for your trap.

Detail Stats:

Carrot Birthday Cake Base
Power: 175
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 3
Cheese Effect: Fresh

This base is actually a slab of cake sneakily sliced from the carrot cake constructed to attract the Dinosuit Mouse during MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday. In addition to attracting mice, it also attracts the occasional rabbit, whose passing feet have lent this base a +3 luck bonus, making it the luckiest birthday cake base yet!


Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza

This one-of-a-kind trap was drawn live and created entirely by suggestions from hunters, and will be available only during MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday event. The Trapsmith will require concrete proof of your Mandatory Birthday Party Participation, so get to making that cake!

Detail Info:

Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza
Power Type: Physical
Power: 2,500
Power Bonus: 35%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: Stale 

This trap is an amalgamation of celebration for MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday! This fun-filled piñata is sure to cause a big bang at the party! Armed with rainbows, party favours, unicorn horns, and even lasers, this purple animal is stuffed with explosive excitement!



Elven Princess Mouse

Four-year-olds love dinosaurs, of course. But they also love princesses, and the Elven Princess Mouse just couldn’t stay away from a birthday party. Catch her and maybe you can convince her to hand over the Tiara she had made especially for this event!


Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse — attracted to the idea of obtaining more SUPER|brie+ — has kindly offered up his services for the birthday party. In addition to a pile of tricks and toys, he also carries birthday cake ingredients and Party Charms. Catch him for a real boost to your celebrations!



Special Tournaments

What’s a birthday without some party games? Check out the birthday tournaments and celebrate MouseHunt’s Fourth Birthday in a more competitive way!
Check them out here!



Event Guide

Recommended Trap Setups

A minimum of 26 luck for all stages is recommended!

1st – 2012 Big Boom Trap + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

2nd – Chrome Tacky Glue Trap + Dragon Jade Base + Brie Cheese

3rd – Nutcracker Nuisance Trap + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

4th – Ancient Spear Gun + Wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

5th -NVMRC Forcefield Trap + wooden Base with Target + Brie Cheese

Note: The above trap setups are recommended but not must. Equipping Party Charms will increase the chance of encountering the event mouse and the cake making ingredients.

Mouse Populations

Gnawnia Standard Cheeses (GSC), Gouda, and SB+ will attract different mice populations.
*White Cheddar and Mozzarella have the same attraction effect as Gouda*

~~Cake Stage:
GSC: (With & Without Party Charm)
Elven Princess

Gouda / S|B+: (With & Without Party Charm)
Magic (S|B+ only)
Party Head
Elven Princess

~~Icing Stage: 
GSC: (With & Without Party Charm)
Elven Princess

Gouda / S|B+: (With & Without Party Charm)
Magic (S|B+ only)
Elven Princess

~~ Candle Stage: 
GSC (with & without Party Charm)
Scruffy Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Buckethead Mouse
Steel Mouse
Party Head Mouse
Pintail Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Birthday Mouse
Sleepwalker Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With & Without Party Charm)
Buckethead Mouse
Pintail Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Ninja Mouse
Diamond Mouse
Birthday Mouse
Longtail Mouse
Sleepwalker Mouse
Pirate Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only)

~~Spark of Candle Flame Stage:
GSC (With Nanny Charm)

Terrible Two Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With Nanny Charm)
Terrible Two Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only)
Elven Princess Mouse

~~Dinosuit Mouse Hunt:
GSC (With or without Party Charm)
White Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Steel Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Dinosuit Mouse

Gouda/SB+ (With or without Party Charm)
White Mouse
Dwarf Mouse
Steel Mouse
Elven Princess Mouse
Dinosuit Mouse
Magic Mouse (SB+ Only) 

Main Goals

  • Collect all the required ingredients to remake the cake for the king, the list of ingredients needed is listed below
– 15 Blobs of Cake Batter
– 15 Dollops of Icing
– 4 Birthday Cake Candles
– 4 Sparks of Candle Flame (Require Nanny Charm)
  • During the final phase of cake making, you will encounter some Terrible Two Mice, for you to attract them you are required to equip the Nanny Charm. If you are out of stock, just hunt normally with the charm and some of the mice there drops the charm as loot.
  • After remaking the cake you will obtain the Carrot Birthday Cake
  • After the cake making you need to continue hunting at the area to catch a Dinosuit Mouse that drops Cake Polaroid along with several other items
  • Make sure you go check out the Trapsmith in Birthday Party Celebration area to purchase some of the event traps and bases.

Happy Hunting Everyone!

Asia MouseHunt Union

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