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Inventory Tweak Update

April 29, 2013 1 comment

As mentioned before in April 12th’s Feedback Friday, Dev was going to upgrade the inventory to make it more organized, with the addition of categories and multiple tabs all together in one place. Not long later it’s finally here! I will take you all through the new features added in this update.

Last updated: 4th of May 2013

  • Firstly as can be seem from the screen shot below, now all individual sections under the inventory is all in one place with the use of multiple tabs on the top. Where as before we had to go down the inventory menu at the top to visit each place.
  • The first 5 tabs range from “cheese” to “special” remains the same user interface, how ever you will notice big changes had being done to the “Collectibles” tab. Now all collectibles are divided into categories, additionally you can click the category tabs on the left side to see the collectibles in specific group.

New Inventory

  • Recently they had also added tabs for the special section, makes it much easier to browse the specific items are you checking out.


  • Another interesting feature would be the hover over feature where you can do specific actions to some of the collectibles by hovering your mouse over it and click the button. 


Personally I really like this minor changes to the inventory. Now it’s much easier to navigate and for the collectors, it’s much easier to browse their lovely collectibles! I was hope there will be categories added for the trap section to separate different types of trap types. Well the changes so far is pretty neat.

Anyway hope you all enjoy the changes so far! Happy Hunting!

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