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[AMHU] Feedback Friday Review June 7th 2013

June 7, 2013 2 comments

This week is the chatting and mailbag Feedback Friday!


Is Rift base a requirement to the next area?
No – but if you mean the next rift related area, then we “can not say”.

The update of 3 bosses mice in Living Garden and the related area introduce a lot of story lines. Will this happen only once or there will be more story lines in the future areas?
We strive to add lots of game lore to the appropriate areas. Not all of them will have the same amount of “backstory” as LG has, but we do want to continue adding new Plankrun pages in the future.

If we can possibly get a confirm button for the LG poor mechanism, it is very near the map drop down menu and we can easily miss click it or click twice by mistake.
We will ask Andrew when he is back and he is the Java script kinda guy and see how easy it is to fix this and let you know.

Who came up with the original concept of a game base on catching mice.
Brian storm into the old closet of an old office we had, “how about a game you have mouse trap made!” The very first idea was having a trap with a perk like a secondary trap. The ideas was sent to Jacob (and he wasn’t working with HitGrab at the time) and he sent back the drawings and they were surprisingly awesome! Actually before the horn, it was just purely real live trap and just click it and see what happens!

What next and when?
Something cool AND soon!

Will there be new stuffs added to the tournament store and the price shops?
We do want to add more stuff into those shops, but right now we had to work on new contents first. We want to but it’s not on the schedule right now.

A picture of new mouse was posted to the Facebook page on the 25th of April, according to the post the King scout had spotted the new mice. When will we be able to catch one?
Not right here just yet. haha~

Any teasers about mouse 400?
The original idea was having a 400th mice and doing something special on it and back then we were working on crystal library and then a lot of contents were worked on. So right now we are still working on new content so it might not happen soon.

There is a former discussion on ghost point or double hunts, any idea of eliminating on the ghost points?
We had several passes at the fix, we tried different things and had different ideas. To really fix the main core of the issue it’s right in the main game code which we really don’t want to edit or do often. Right now we are working on the new game content, we really don’t have the Dev hours and do long hours of testing to make sure it’s working. It is actively on our mind right now, but just don’t have the hard fix yet.

Mousehunt API, toolbars and script maker’s blog and such for public?
We have something like that, but we have no intention of making them public.

Chat Question

How is your MouseHunt progress?

Then Dave shows off his rumble cheese.

showoff lol

Are you encouraged to play MouseHunt at work?

There isn’t a policy for that, but we all naturally enjoy playing it at work.

Dave: Let’s give you a preview of what is coming to MouseHunt mobile next.

mobile spoilers

This shows up when you click the setting button.

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Happy Hunting!

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