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AMHU Feedback Friday Review Mar 3rd

March 3, 2012 1 comment

So how are you all doing with the MouseHunt Birthday Event?
Here is the FBF-R this week!

MouseHunt Birthday Related

What are these Fancy Confetti?
You will learn what they are on the actual date of MouseHunt Birthday.

Do “Dents” have any future use?
No, they are just collectibles.

What about Tiara?
They are also just collectibles.

Coming Soon Releases

Egg Hunt
New Contents
Bigger Team Capacity (Can be “Unlocked” and add more friends to the team)
More functionality for the captain of the team

(There are still no set date for the release of Living Garden)

Interesting Fact

How many horns are there each day?
Approximate 6 million including trap checks!


That’s it for this week, hopefully we get more spoilers and updates next week!

Live recording links are below if you feel like watching them yourself.
Part 1 | Part 2


Asia Mouse Hunt Union – Admin Dex D. Akio

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