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How to probably judge trap setups

October 24, 2012 1 comment

A lot of hunters are judging the traps and bases combinations incorrectly. This way a lot of hunters are claiming this and that trap/base are weaker while they are already using the best possible trap setup they could.

How inexperience hunters judge trap setups

  • Fail to catch/FTA streaks
  • Base on less than 20 hunts
  • Only look at the effectiveness regardless of the luck (as luck does not counted in the effectiveness, but it does make a difference to the catch rate)

This is a terrible Malady spreading among MouseHunters, the name of this Malady is called Small Sample Size Syndrome or S^4.

The Symptoms of this Malady are:

  • Hunters claim that a certain trap setup is bad or weak base on a number of misses in a streak. (base on <20 hunts)
  • Hunters claim that a certain trap setup is better than all the other trapsetup , due to they fail to catch or FTA using the other trap setups. But switching to that certain trap setup it caught the mouse (base on < 20 hunts)
  • Hunters complain and whine about not able to catch a particular type or group of mice in a particular area. (e.g JOD, Sensei) Where mice there are designed to be hard to catch. Then they start to complain the traps or bases are too weak.

Important notes to straighten up your logic

  • Hunts are often on streak, especially for powerful mice.
  • There are times when even the best setup will fail, and weak setup can catch mice that are normally not able to catch.
  • Changing your setup from time to time will not reset your luck/streak. In fact changing your setup will lower your chance of  catching the mice
  • In a long run of 100, 200, or 500 hunts, these good luck or bad luck streak will even out and the end result will be clear that the better setup will win.
  • Many hunters are rather impatient, however you all need to know MouseHunt is a game of patience. DHU streak will end eventually, you just need to be patient. The mice will come eventually!

How should you judge your traps?

Special thanks to Richard Allan Lim as this is base on his post in the forum. 

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